IntuiFace Alternatives for iOS

#1 ScreenCloud


ScreenCloud is another cloud-based digital sign platform created to simplify the display of content on any screen. It is available to use on all the commercial hardware platforms, devices, and players and compatible with Google’s Chromebit and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. With the help of this software, users can send their content to smartphones along with Windows and Mac computers to maximize audience outreach. All screens can be managed remotely from anywhere around the world supported by offline functionality. Just in case if power cuts off, the synchronization will begin automatically once it resumes.

There is also a feature that allows users to upload content to its centralized content management system and directly send unlimited computer-based media, including images, videos, documents, websites, etc. Its features include display fonts, colors, and layouts that can be customized without any limitations. Unlike most of the leading solutions, it also integrates with a social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Digital menu board, remote control, playlist management, world clock, digital content management, multi-screen support, and complete application management are also features of this solution.