Paid is an all-in-one software for gathering or collecting the IP data. This software is available in both free and paid versions. It offers both free and paid API tokens to put ASN, mobile carrier, IP geolocation, and hosted domains data over the hands of more than 100,000 developers, freelancers, and both small and large size organizations.

Indeed, is the fastest IP data providers in the market, and it is handling more than 12 billion API requests each month. Being a member of is much easy and safe. You can become a part of this platform just by paying some amount. Another exciting thing is that it is 100% certified, and none of the reports is against them.

Multiple businesses are using this platform to reach the maximum people to promote their products. The biggest advantage of is that you can easily detect anomalies to prevent scam, can send highly-targeted emails based on a specific location, can run different ads, and can send notifications to different people when they are near a physical store.


#1 Mtr


Mtr is a network diagnostic tool that helps you to combine responsibilities of ping and trace-route programs using a single network. The main focus of the tool is to investigate the whole network connection between the user-defined destination host and host mtr. It delivers the sequence request of ICMP ECHO to identify the machine’s link quality.

Mtr provides the network addresses of hop after connections between machines quickly. It can print the statistics of machines in real-time and gives the graphical version with the compatibility of a wide range of the operating system by using the Autoconf. It allows easy compiling but sometimes it acts differently because of system misconfiguration.

One of the core features of the Mtr includes a bug tracking system that fixes the bugs instantly and it using GitHub now. The tool allows you to eliminate the spam mails with the help of customer support by submitting the bug request.

It can work on the FreeBSD port links with the updated version. An additional feature of Mtr is binary distributions that make it efficient by using binary packages.



0 is an informative tool that gives the complete and authentic information of any IP address for free. It is compatible with the web-based platforms and you can access the IP address details through APIs integration efficiently with ease. It gives the details of IPv6 or IP v4 addresses as well as Geo IP that handles the addresses country wise.

It is easy to use , visit the homepage and put your IP address on a specific area given on the website and get a bunch of IP details quickly. The tool allows you to use APIs that handle the services to get IP info for free and uses the Software as a Service system.

The Core features of include IP information to locate visitor info and countries, detect TOR users, free for both business and personal users, Integrate with one line of code, and many others. It resolves the IP visitor queries and forgets the complex libraries using simple algorithms.

One of the prominent features is lookup host-names that detect the same IP addresses of websites and contains the information approximately 20 million sites.

#3 IPTools


IPTools is a fully-featured tool that helps you in analyzing the network queries and resolves them efficiently. It has the most widespread and popular utilities that assist you with updated IP addresses information. It is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms such as Windows and Linux.

It gives the authentic and complete information that is necessary for websites or IP addresses quickly. IPTools has a simple interface that allows you to identify the current IP and web addresses, and pro services offer the connection information with ease. The tool provides information regarding ports such as port scan and netstat etc.

Core features of IPTools include the details about any site owner, see IP addresses and connected network info, check the possibility packets to pass like ping, encoding and decoding URLs, and many more. Additional features of IPTools are Traceroute, IP calculator, DNS Lookup, and Wake on LAN.

The tool is AmazingByte product and free to use that ensures authenticity and security as well. It support the alert system that gives connection information such as there is no internet.



0 is an IP address finder that gives the IP address details and the host-name of any website quickly. It provides a clean and straightforward homepage in which you can enter your domain name and get a bunch of related information quickly. The tool allows you to check the recently viewed domains list and the number of IP addresses on a single domain. provides the IP address report by eliminating the complexities of command prompt like screens. Once you enter the domain name, it will identify the IP address counting with the host-name and give the existing search details as well.

The tool offers you the most viewed domain names to identify the top websites in the world, as well as the idea to scale up your businesses. It also handles the suggestion block in which top host-names and top IP addresses included.

One of the core features of includes Website monitoring to consider the domain and host-name in ranking on website. It is completely free with no extra and hidden charges.

#5 IP Sidekick


IP Sidekick is an IP geolocation API that handles the information of any IP address with ease. It allows you to customize the content according to visitor location. It supports the cross-origin resource sharing and description of data fields quickly.

It provides the usage limit of 1440 requests per day, and then its alert system will show the HTTP status code of 429 that identifies the exceed limit. IP Sidekick integrates with the google spreadsheets add-on to eliminate the dependency easily.

IP Sidekick offers the facility of zapier app that can create IP sidekick lookups and zaps with a search for API while editing the zap. It gives free, pro and higher tier pricing plan to unlock the extra features according to your desire.

It works with a straightforward procedure such as you can request with an IP address, then it will auto-detect IP address form request and cross-origin resource sharing allow you to access the IP using the JavaScript in the browser.

#6 IP Address and Domain Information


IP Address and Domain Information is an online ultimate investigation tool that helps you to see the details of Hostname, IP addresses, Domain name as well as provider’s information. It is available as a Chrome web extension that handles the information of current sites, and it is a product of

The tool monitors the websites and the gather information form website that can be used for SEO purposes and online investigation as well. It is compatible with web-based platforms such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others. It provides the authentic IP info of IPv4 and IPv6 with location, routing, ANS information and blacklists, shortcuts to IP address and whois data etc.

One of the core features of IP Address and Domain Information is that you can see domain Alexa en Quantcast ranking, social media activity of domain, raking of WOT, page rank and DMOZ info, and many more.

It offers the provider info such as begon subnets and whois data, detects the number of spam hosts, hosted domains and name-servers, and connected peers. The tool gives the spam database and blocklist lookup that allow you to remains up-to-date with domain.

#7 Ipapi


Ipapi is an online and secure API that helps you to track the location information of any IP address with ease. It supports multiple output formats such as JSON, YAML, and CSV. It can handle the IPv4 and IPv6 that allow you to find your external IP address quickly and easily.

It can convert the multiple IP addresses to their locations if you want to perform the activities of bulk lookups with a single click. Ipapi provides the API for IP address geolocation for mobile app and website with the facility of complete information in JSON and specific field for an IP address.

One of the core features of Ipapi includes the IP address locator that is blazing fast API to serve multiple requests, encrypted payment handling, provides customer support & satisfaction, delivers the companies all over the globe, etc. It offers the demo in the form of API Documentation and updates regularly.

It can handle the IP geolocation cases such as detect and display the time zone, country, city, and other details automatically. It provides secure and transparent pricing plans with Instant setup.

#8 Ipregistry


Ipregistry is an advanced threat data and IP geolocation API that help you to personalize content, enhance the analytics, ensure compliance, and customize the experience with target ads. The API covers approximately 3 million different locations in bothIPv4 and IPv6 because of dual stack-ability.

It serves multiple reputed companies such as coin base, UpGard, Accenture and many more. It can block and detect the proxy and prevent form free trail abuse by blocking the countries as well. The API is a scalable solution with low latency infrastructure that increases the request rate with ease.

The core features of Ipregistry includes threat intelligence data, regular updates, seamless integration with JSON and XML API, perform redirections, enforce the GDPR compliance, and many more. It allows you to pay on a per lookup basis that depends upon your usage of service.

Ipregistry has an extensive dataset that finds out the IP type, time zone, currency, user location and many other aspects. It can accept the digital currency in the form of bitcoin and alt-coins that eliminate the payment problems. It has secure and easy paid plans with lookup by lookup.

#9 SmartIP


SmartIP is a threat intelligence and IP geolocation API that designed to access potential risks, hostname information and enrich IP addresses with the help of geolocation data features. It is compatible with web-based platforms such as windows and supports the Software as a Service (SaaS) system.

It uses cloud-based hosting with no self-servers that improve the performance as well as increases the SLA. It allows the intuitive and straightforward dashboard that can monitor the API calls and also manage the API keys.

Core features of SmartIP include building your own geodatabase with geolocation data, currency data, time zone data, crypto data and much more. Additional features are IP addresses blacklist, REST API and IP geolocation facility. It offers a free version and paid plans to use the pro features with secure signup facility.

The solution has a secure data facility that exposes the proxy data to detect the proxy anonymizers, TOR data to identify the exit note identifier, and Crawler data to discover the crawler company for the sake of authenticity.


0 is an OSINT threat intelligence tool that helps product managers, enterprises and IT departments to identify the abusers as well as public blacklist with ease. It supports the extraction process that extracts the information in real-time and keeps all the information up to date on a regular basis. settles multiple IP, domains, and email blacklists to check the source reliability. It has threat intelligence to analyze the domain, based on algorithms and blacklists and ensure the security with cyber-security analysts. It handles real-time alerts with the help of an autonomous system network to know blacklisted IP addresses quickly.

There are many features of such as customizable blacklist search API, latency to closest servers, email verification, IP geolocation, blacklist monitoring and many more. The tool has GDPR data processing compliant that processed personal information and other data safely. integrates with google spreadsheets add-on, AWS CloudFront or Cloudflare workers integration, command-line interface of Window or Linux, python client API for internal development, and many other seamlessly. It supports web-based platforms such as Windows, and it is a freemium tool with many pro features.


0 is a fast and reliable IP geolocation API that gives information regarding users directly from a device, browser or any server quickly. It handles the IP data such as time zone, postal code, country, city, ISP and other information by using the anonymous VPN/proxy or a mobile network. It can work with the hostname, IPv4 or IPv6 and support HTTP requests to resolves the queries.

It allows multiple formats such as JSON, XML, Newline, and CSV. It follows simple procedures to identify the query, you need to add parameters, then it will do a quick test automatically and API returns the related fields and values with success or fail status.

Core features of include Data Correction, Batch API, DNS API and go for the pro version that enables you with the unlimited HTTP request and queries, commercial usage & support, and SSL encryption. works on the REST API platform and it is a freemium tool with secure and easy signup. It blocks access to API at once on exceeding the 45 HTTP requests which show the usage efficiency.

#12 FindHostName


FindHostName is an IP checker and a host-name that help you to manage websites on hosing with security. It has strong and robust integrates with Google, SiteLock, WebsiteBuilder, WordPress and many other reputed organizations. It gives web hosting services for business, online company and you can avail services for personal use.

The solution allows you to design a suite that includes the drag-drop builder, blog tool, and others. It enables you to advertise yourself to manage the web site with the help of analytics. It offers free domain name registration with all hosting for a year.

Core features of FindHostName include plenty of disk space, WordPress Installation with one click, interactive marketing tools, set up unlimited email address, and many more. It gives the featured-packed cPanel to ensure the 24/7 availability of the control panel.

FindHostName allows creating online stores to sell products by using the e-commerce plans. The solution offers the authentication seal, site analytics software, SEO tool and tips and many others. It has secure and straightforward pricing plans to upgrade the pro features.

#13 Country Flags & IP Whois


Country Flags & IP Whois is an open-source and handy add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE Edge Web Browsers with which you can check the server’s flag in the toolbar portion, providing the physical location of the current webserver. It performs its duties by comparing the IP range with MaxMind’s GeoLite offline database.

The benefits of knowing the server location are that the browsing is completed by an additional awareness layer and is helpful for offering information about the legal jurisdictions and languages that the area may be subjected to. You can retrieve extra details regarding Whois or geolocation by simply clicking the toolbar icon. Other core features and highlights of the add-on include HTTP Headers, SSL Checkers, Google Cache, Ping, Virustotal, Check Server Status, WOT Scorecard, Copy IP, Wave Report, TinyURL, intoDNS, DNS Lookup, and Alexa.

#14 Flagfox


Flagfox is a powerful Firefox extension that shows a flag icon that provides you with information about the physical location of the current webserver. This is a highly useful tool as you get knowledge of the server with which you are connected and can find the applicable native languages and legal jurisdictions. You can fetch more information through external lookups and implement custom actions without restrictions.

Adding actions is simple, and you can set them to keyboard shortcuts or icon click for instant access. When the flag icon is clicked, the Geo tool, which is the default action, will be loaded, showing an in-depth map of the server’s location along with beneficial information like the ISP and local time. You can also accomplish other goals like Page code validation, malware checks, and site safety, quick URL shortening, automatic translation to your native language, searching for similar reviews and sites, and DNS and Whois information.

#15 IP Map


IP Map is a great extension for the Google Chrome Browser that displays your IP information as well as of the site you have opened. It is easy to use, and you only have to click on the extension icon, and it will load with detailed information showing your IP, country and the same details will also be given for the website you are on. A map is provided in the popup window indicating the user’s and the website’s geographical location for better clarity. The extension’s popup window is divided into two portions displaying information on a side-by-side layout, which makes it easy to compare the details.

#16 DomainFlag


DomainFlag is a simple, lightweight, and multilingual chrome extension that shows the present location of the website’s servers along with the Alexa and MozRank. It is easy to use and loads just like any other extension. With a single click, the user will be able to get a glimpse of useful information such as the current website ranking based on stats shown by Alexa and MozRank and the country in which the website’s server is residing.

Clicking the icon also shows expanded SEO data paired with website-related links. The core features include Custom Quick Actions, Domain Authority and MozRank, Quick Access Bar, History Graph, and Alexa Rank and Server Location. Lastly, it can be used in the English or Chinese language.

#17 geoPlugin


geoPlugin is the best tool for the purpose of geo-targeting and utilizing the full capabilities of your site. Reverse IP geocoding and IP geolocation technologies on the web are highly useful for checking the requests sent by website visitors and finding their physical geographic location like their city, using only their IP Address. It is easy to use and enables website owners/administrators to display geolocalised content that fits the corresponding geographical location of the visitor.

The use cases or applications of the solution include taking visitors to pages showing information in their native language, allowing the visitor to find product prices in their local currency, and more in less time and without hassle. Another great feature of geoPlugin is that it offers a free-of-cost geolocation API that supports a variety of programming languages in a single API call. You won’t have to worry about any API key or install software and can use the desired programming language. IP Geolocation works on IPV6 and IPV4 addresses utilizing the exact same API request format with zero problems. Furthermore, it automatically detects whether IPV4 or IPV6 is being used.

#18 uDomainFlag


uDomainFlag is an open-source browser extension/add-on for Firefox and Chrome that enables you to view information about a domain while you are browsing a website. It displays the website’s physical location directly in the browser without needing to move to another page. The add-on collects the information of the website server automatically, and you can expand the details regarding a location by simply clicking the displayed flag.

The data contains useful details like the city, state, and country of the IP address and a few text lines of the IP network. Moreover, clicking on the “Additional information” option will reveal extra details. The best feature of the extension is that it informs where the browser is communicating along with the country of the connection. It frequently updates the country information and only sends requests when necessary.


0 is an IP Geolocation and Proxy Detection API that gives you the opportunity to Lookup the location of any IP Address for the purpose of localizing your target ads, website content, enriching forms, analyzing logs, blocking countries, enforcing GDPR compliance, and more. It is trusted by some of the popular businesses in the world, like Adobe and NASA. The platform offers a smooth, high-performance IP Geolocation API featuring accurate data.

One of its features is Proxy and VPN Detection that allows you to identify anonymous users to secure your business from abuse and fraud, ensuring maximum protection. All the data is updated every 15 minutes so that you won’t have to work with outdated data. The major benefit is that makes it easy to check if an IP Address is a part of any of the 200+ OSINT Threads feeds in no time at all. Above all, you can find if an IP Address is using a certain Business, ISP, or Datacenter/Hosting.

#20 Ipstack


Ipstack provides one of the best IP to geolocation APIs and global IP database services all across the globe, making it easy for you to locate and identify visitors on the website by entering their IP addresses. The extracted details include zip, IP, city, type, region_code, region_name, continent_code, and continent_name. The real-time geolocation API service is used by many large corporations, developers, and SMBs worldwide. The reason for its huge reputation is because it provides information about visitors accessing the website and lets you customize user experiences using their IP.

The API includes more than 2 million unique locations in hundreds of thousands of cities across the globe and is currently under a partnership with big ISPs to maintain accurate and consistent data, no matter the data. In case of issues, customers can reach out to the support team and get help to fix the problem instantly. Other advantages include Bank-Grade Security, Powerful and Scalable, XML or JSON, and World-Class Documentation. Use the provided Location Module to apply geographic restrictions on a personal website, improve ad targeting or deliver customized user experiences based on visitor’s location.

Another benefit is that you can make use of the Currency Module to get accurate and instant details regarding the primary currency utilized in the location returned for the processed IP address. Determine the time zone for every visitor on your website without asking them to fill any forms via the Time Zone Module. Leverage useful information about the hostname and ASN of the ISP used by website visitors through the Connection Module. Lastly, the security module comes in handy for securing the website and application against potential threats by identifying tor users, proxies, and crawlers instantly.


0 is an online website that reveals your IP Address along with other crucial information related to it such as the User-Agent, Language, Referer, Method, Encoding, MIME Type, X-Forwarded-For, and Charset. You can access the site from your preferred web browser and from any device as well. lists several commands under the “Command Line Interface,” describing the command and the response generated by executing it. All-in-All, the site is a great way for fetching important IP address details from anywhere and anytime.


0 provides one of the leading IP Geolocation API to provide fast response and accurate data and is free for use in small projects, meaning up to 10,000 requests can be generated each month without any fees. It can be integrated without hassle, depending on your choice. The IP location API is able to deliver results in CSV, JSON, and XML format. The provided real-time geolocation API service is trusted by many developers worldwide. Whoever subscribes to the service will be able to experience fast performance, thanks to the distributed servers worldwide, which ensures security, speed, and reliability.

The requests are directed to the fastest and nearest node by using GeoDNS, which offers a fast response from any location worldwide. The service is Powerful and simple at the same time, thanks to the availability of a user-friendly and fully functional APU interface. You can use the IP location API instantly without needing to register and input the data. The entire process just takes minutes to complete. employs a self-learning neural network responsible for updating the database in real-time. You will be able to use the precise geolocation data for each API request.

This eliminates the worry that arises when thinking about the need to update the local database. The offered IP API Stack supports multi-lingual responses in various languages, including Portuguese, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and French. The best feature is that the service can be used for free for a maximum of 10,000 requests each month. Also, security is taken care of by implementing 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the data processed by the servers.


0 offers a public HTTPS(S) API to facilitate users in finding the geolocation of IP addresses. It does its work by utilizing a database of IP addresses linked to cities, paired with valuable data such as longitude, time zone, and latitude. A maximum of 50,000 queries can be made per hour for each IP address. After crossing this limit, any request that is made will result in HTTP 404, forbidden for as long as your quota is not cleared. The service can be used without any payment.

#24 Geo IP Tool


Geo IP Tool provides GEO information and other valuable data for any entered IP address or organization. View relevant information about your own IP as well as any other IP. You can lookup multiple details associated with an IP like country, latitude, city, and region. The best feature is that the detailed information can be viewed without paying any fees, as there is no such option that requires you to do so. Just open the website on any device, insert the IP, and get details. It is that simple.

#25 Clearip


Clearip is a discontinued service that is used to provide the best fraud detection and IP intelligence API in the industry. It benefited a great number of SMBs, developers, and other individuals during its tenure, and this was the major reason for its popularity at the time. The user was able to detect risks early and took quick action against them to stop them from spreading. The website offered almost all the same information provided by competitors. The data enabled the user to prevent mishaps from occurring.


0 is a fast and real-time IP Geolocation API that enables you to check IP locations with high accuracy. You can easily locate and identify visitors on your website based on their IP addresses. It assists you in avoiding fraud, delivering a better service, and customizing web experiences.

It has reinforced security policies in which you can prevent API calls from being made outside of your internal network by keeping an eye on the IP addresses of users and establishing permissions and rights depending on the location. protects against cyber fraud by fortifying your infrastructure and giving you the ability to evaluate potentially dangerous scenarios by taking into account the proxy, or Tor usage, originating country, and assigning a score based on these credentials.

This ensures better protection and stops the classified and confidential content from leaking. Another awesome feature is Content Personalization that lets you customize the website by utilizing dynamic banners in the local language of the user along with their IP address, enabling you to offer the best personal experience to those who are visiting the website for the first time.


0 is a powerful API and a Database containing accurate IP addresses. It provides sunset and sunrise time, country, ISP lookup, state, time zone, city, moonrise and moonset time, company detail, latitude and longitude from any IPv6 and IPv4 address in XML, REST, and JSON over HTTPS. It is trusted by many popular brands worldwide. An IP address consists of details that are more than just Domain, geolocation, ISP, and ASN information. It retrieves important insights each month using its IP Intelligence Ecosystem. The features include User-Agent Parser API, Accurate IP Geolocation API, Time Zone API, Astronomy API, and IP Geolocation Database.

Via the Astronomy API, you can extract the correct moonrise, moonset, sunrise, and sunset timings from GPS coordinates or an IP Address. The User-Agent API comes in handy for extracting device manufacturer, browser name, device name, and version, and several details of the operating system from the device user agent string. You can fetch accurate local time and date-time information from GPS Coordinates, time zone strings, and IP addresses.

The platform offers a 99.99% Uptime SLA powered by a redundant infrastructure, and this is available on all paid plans. Another useful feature is Multilingual Response, allowing you to get a response in many languages, including Italian, English, French, Russian, and Czech. Special emphasis is placed on security, and thus each and every API node has unlimited DDoS protection from Cloudflare. Other core features include Blazing Fast IP Lookup, Globally Available, and Accurate and Updated Database.


0 is an open-source and one of the leading online tools for finding your IP address, as well as all the details associated with it. The extracted information includes Country, User-agent, ASN, Latitude, Longitude, City, Postal code, Region code, and Region. The features include a simple domain name that is easy to remember, port testing, supports HTTPS, and IPV6, JSON output, High-performance, ASN, city, and country lookup through the MaxMind GeoIP database, and support for frequently used command-line clients like fetch, curl, wget, httpie, and ht.

#29 IP2Location


IP2Location is a smart IP geolocation service provider that only works for an online cloud-based system and gives you a separate module for databases and proxy services. It has a sophisticated interface and provides tools that let you derive geographical data. It enables the user to detect any country, region, city, or latitude with the IP address. It also gives you information on zip code, ISP, domain name, connection speed, and much more.

The software is used in databases as internal lookup references and does not require any external network connection to detect the geolocation of the IP address. IP2Location also identifies mobile network codes, mobile country codes, mobile carrier elevation, and use-types.

The main functionality includes geolocation support IPv4, and IPv6 provides integration with a seamless software platform to retrieve IP geolocation information using database REST API and SDK (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and many more. The multiple granularities come with different IP database packages that vary from levels to levels and do not disclose and information.

IP2Location not only deals with the geolocation tossing a view of proxy detection module but includes a database, anonymous detection, web server integration, and software integration. The interface is user-friendly and provides a structural layout for easy navigation.

#30 WIPmania


WIPmania is a company based in Dublin, Ireland, that provides IP-geolocation database and services to clients from all corners of the world. It has a wide range of products and services that can be used for free and are based on the WorldIP geolocation database. The organization enables you to identify the accurate location of an IP address and is highly professional in its work, meaning you will never be left unsatisfied. WorldIP frequently shows several results from similar services, and the reason for this is that it collects data from key routers worldwide.

The current stats indicate that presently the number of routers stands at 1.9 million, with 5 million networks on the Internet along with 45 monitoring points all across the globe. You can get the real-time geolocation information whenever desired in API form. Clients can test server availability and network load by using the Trace and Ping service offered by WIPmainia.

It also provides a Firefox WorldIP add-on, which is based on the WorldIP database that offers updated information regarding the real physical location of the webserver and the data center. WorldIP is highly beneficial for fighting spam, fraud, and geo-targeting in eCommerce and securing servers against different attack types on the geographical indication. You can read more about the tools and service at the official website of WIPmania.