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Jackal is a Run and Gun, Single-player and Multiplayer video game published and developed by Konami. It requires the player to jump into the setting and explore lots of objects from a side-scroll view. Lots of elements enable the player to perform his tasks successfully… read more

5 Jackal Alternatives & Similar Games for Linux


1. Rochard

Rochard is an Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling Platform, and Run and Gun video game set in a Sci-Fi environment. The game lets you be the main protagonist named John Rochard, a Commander of the Astro Miners.

Because of his research, gun, and leadership skills, a mega-corporation known as Skyring Corporation approaches Rochard and hires him for an Asteroid Exploration and resource collection. Rochard accepts the task given to him by the Skyring Corporation, gathers up his team and reaches to the Asteroid.


2. Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a fast-paced Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling, Platform, and Sword fighting video game that lets you be a skilled Ninja who embarks on an epic journey to defeat enemies who attacked his DOJO.

The story of the game kicks off with the protagonist sitting quietly in His DOJO when a strange force attacks and defeat all of his fellow ninjas and leaves the protagonist half dead. Unable to move, the protagonist fades out and wakes up on the voice of a female Ninja named Ora, who tells him all about it.


3. Outland

Outland offers a beautiful combination of Action, Platforming, Run and Gun type Hack and Slash, and Side-Scrolling game elements. Created by the famous developer Housemarque, Outland provides you with similar gameplay and mechanics to the top-notch games such as Rochard, Metal Slug 3, Treasure Ikaruga, and Silhouette Mirage and mixes up Platforming elements with the beautifully designed Polarity System.

The game allows you to be an unnamed protagonist who has dementia and sees the bizarre dreams and visions from the far future and past. He tries hard to control his Dementia with drugs but fails and decides to meet a Shaman, who will inform him about it along with a story of two horrible ancient witches and a courageous hero. The story starts almost 30,000 years ago when a hero tries to put Witches behind bars deep in the dungeons but fails to resurface and dies.


4. GunLord

GunLord is a Hardcore Action, and Thrill-filled Side-Scrolling Run and Gun and Platform video game developed by NG: Dev Team. There are nine main modes and stages, introducing thrilling and quite action-packed gameplay along with 40 equally equipped enemy characters.

The game features insane and epic boss encounters and allows the player to experience a well-written storyline. During the gameplay, you control a protagonist to explore the world, interact with NPCs and objects to reveal secrets. Embark on epic journeys, quests, and adventures, go against several different types of enemies, defeat the bosses and loot the resources to earn points to buy upgrades and unique power-ups.


5. Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is a brilliant combination of Action-packed Side-Scrolling Run and Gun and Platforming video game elements by Tribute Games. The game is available to play on multiple platforms, such as Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Steam.

The game offers a similar environment, mechanics, and gameplay to Metal Slug. It allows you to walk, jump, and blaze your way through numerous levels while fighting against hordes of enemies and their bosses. Using the crafting system, you can craft several objects, weapons, and armor, to use in the completion of objectives such as rescue the hostages, defeat the enemy bosses and individual units, etc.

More About Jackal

Jackal is a Run and Gun, Single-player and Multiplayer video game published and developed by Konami. It requires the player to jump into the setting and explore lots of objects from a side-scroll view. Lots of elements enable the player to perform his tasks successfully.

During the gameplay, the player must maneuver a weapon-equipped jeep and attempt to save numerous prisoners of war trapped in the territory where massive waves of deadly enemies rule out their lives. According to the storyline, the player needs to control a team of four soldiers and try to survive in any harsh environmental conditions.

At the start, the player can team up with several characters, such as Colonel Decker, Corporal Grey, Sergeant Quint, and more. While playing, the player has to complete lots of challenging quests and missions and struggle to drive two jeeps into hostile territory to extract and save the prisoners of war. The game lets two players partake in the gameplay simultaneously.

The second player is capable of joining the fight at any time, and two jeeps numbered on hoods are available that indicate which player is going to drive it. There is a set of transport helicopters that drop lots of vehicles into the coast of enemy land. Jackal offers significant features, such as Smooth Controls, Lots of Levels, Excellent Soundtrack, Challenging Stunts, Great Graphics, Visual details, and more.