JDiskReport Alternatives for PC

#1 TreeSize


TreeSize is a quicker disk space management platform to determine the free space and the possibilities of freeing space in the hard disks. It is free to use for exploring and cleaning the free area to gain more control over the drive and disk spaces. The advanced disk analyzing system of TreeSize provide the users with the features and systems of finding the free spaces and clean up the hard drives within few hits, monitor the free space all the time even on the smartphone as well, a quick overview of file information and also the disk management as well.

The two main sections of TreeSize are the context menu and explorer-like system. Its context menu allows the users to get the size of each file and folder while exploring like system provide the system of even viewing inside the subfolders as well. In addition to seeing and exploring the single files and folders, large folders can be easily displayed and identified by using TreeSize.