JEDI VCS Alternatives


JEDI VCS is an open-source version control software that lets you keep track of changes made to be the project and to compare modifications between versions. It has integrated bug tracking, time tracking, to do management tools and lots of other key benefits to control your basic needs… read more

11 JEDI VCS Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Subversion

Subversion is a full-featured Version Control System that boasts of model, interface and design that is said to be more advanced than other Concurrent versioning solutions. The open-source revision control and software versioning platform’s main solution include interactive conflict resolution, merge tracking and file locking with the most recent updates containing features for path-based authorization, LZ4 compression and shelving. With this software, no part of the commit takes effect until the entire commit has successes. Revision numbers are pre-commit, not per files and commit’s log message is attached to its revision, not stored redundantly in all the files affected. One of the latest models of Subversion introduces merge tracking that automated assistance with managing the flow of changes between lines of development line and with the merging of branches back into their sources. It is a compressive and reliable solution that also includes as file locking; the executable flag is preserved, apache network server, option, symbolic links and intuitive designed and changelists that make it better than others. Subversion is an excellent version control systems for everyone.


2. Mercurial SCM

Mercurial SCM is a free to use source control management system that is the preferred version control management tool for many open source projects including Facebook, Mozilla and other projects of any size. The system is designed with an easy to use, and intuitive users interface and hard to break, the software allows developers to perform an action that is local, fast and convenient that provide them with the capability to access their project’s history from each cloned repository. Mercurial SCM is a reliable solution built with workflows and working practices that aid developers in handling their projects efficiently. These workflows include merging and conflict reconciliation, usage of multiple working trees and cloning of the repository to backup commits. They can also build their own workflow that they can scale to meet the needs and requirements of their projects. Just like all the other similar platforms, it also has a dashboard that is completely customizable and allows you to design with own style and needs and enjoy it all features without any limitation. Mercurial SCM key features including, easy to use, modern tools, easy to use, open source, fast, extensible and distrusted and much more. Try it out, if you are looking at an advanced level application development software.


3. Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server is a code sharing, work tracking and software shipping solution that comes with all the major tools, services and features. With its integrated suite, you can enjoy collaborative software development and cross-functional work on any size project. The solution lets you create unlimited private repositories where you can store code and work on them with your teammates. With this, you can even utilize Git for distributed version control, or you can opt for Team Foundation in order to centralize the process, Other than that, you have the ability to control access to your repositories in order to ensure security. Just like other VCS also equipped with agile tools like Kanban boards, scram boards and customizable dashboards. These lets you take note of and prioritize tasks for the swift completion and rapid delivery of a project that allows you to to be transparent with work items as well as to foster accountability among your employees. Team Foundation Server has REST APIs and OAuth 2.0 that lets you connect it with your existing tools and services available in the marketplace of extensions. It comes as the alternatives to OpenKM and offers all the key features with some advanced features that make it better than other. Its most prominent features such as connect to code, migration, deployment to VMs, direct Git repository connect, brand visualization, Java support and much more, Team Foundation Server is a commercial platform and offers different price plans that depend on your needs.


4. Beanstalk

Beanstalk is a simple yet powerful version control software designed to remove the hassle of managing deployments and hosting codes, ultimately enable development teams to concentrate on creating smart software. It is a comprehensive workforce solution that permits developers to keep codes in subversion or Git repository. The platform also allows organizations and independent developers to write, review and deploy code to their server with ease. Beanstalk is also known as a hassle-free hosted solution that performs all complex configurations in order to simplify version control while ensuring all codes are safe, readily available and backed up. The package enables you to restrict permissions to critical repositories and offers read and write or read-only permissions to codes. As compared to all the other similar platforms, Beanstalk is quite simple and easy to use as well as control all the major tools that make it stronger than others. It’s most prominent features such as subversion and git, preview and shares HTML and images, code review tools, in-browser code editing and email and chat control etc. Overall, Beanstalk is one of the best version control software solution as compared to the others.


5. Veracity SCM

Veracity SCM is a reliable version control software and bug tracking system designed by SourceGear LLC for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS users. It is open-source software and contains all the major premium services and tools to deliver a complete and reliable solution. The software is designed with the features that appeal to the corporate users, unlike all the other DVCSs, such as Git and Mercurial that are designed with an eye on the open-source community that make it better than others. It is robust software that tasks that distributed model a notch higher. The solution leverages the distributed techniques to tie a bug tracking system to the specific version of the repository artefact that allows you to easily maintain a bug tracking database which is perfectly synchronized with the items in each clone of the repository. All the bug data is automatically merged when the user updates the bug status. This version control software also includes core feature such as new tools, auto-merging wiki, integrated bug tracking and much more. Veracity SCM is a cross-platform solution and supports English language only.


6. CA Harvest SCM

CA Harvest SCM is an all-in-one robust version control software specially designed to help organizations manage development teams with agility. This is a reliable program that automates source code versioning, changes management lifecycles and streamline the multifaceted workflows while facilitating comprehensive auditing, storage and protection for all software assets. CA Harvest SCM enforce the existing corporate compliance initiatives and governance policies such as stipulated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The best part about CA Harvest SCM is that it optimizes the development resources with standardized processes and defect tracking procedures. It also delivers a standard and reliable process that scale to meet the demands of globally collaborative application development projects. The solution helps developers utilizes multiple platforms in order to handle software change request, then review, marge and promote the changes via the development lifecycle. Unlike all the other similar VCS software it also has offers lots of tools that help you to manage all the development system easily. CA Harvest SCM is a commercial solution has different price plans, each one has its own features and cost.


7. IBM Rational Synergy

IBM Rational Synergy is a complete solution configuration management program that merges distributed and development teams from different parts of the world in a centralized platform. This task-based application allows software and systems development teams to collaborate more quickly and conveniently using specialized productivity tools for managing complex worldwide teams. IBM Rational Synergy is a complete solution that provides baseline and releases management capabilities that enable users to plan and centrally administer multiple projects and release throughout an organization. It technology help users to easily identify all the files and logical changes that are within the specific release with the automatic detection in order to ensure complete and consistent builds. With the help of IBM Rational Synergy, the user can remove a high-impact change safely and incorporate it into the subsequent release. IBM Rational Synergy’s processes and task automation solution present a universal language which enabe teams to interact in a consistent manner. Parallel development is simplified as work assignments, and the task can be added to the multiple release streams. The program’s task-based approach customizes the standard workflow to an organization’s preferred methodology. With this users can also choose customization for advanced development, agile, hybrid or industry-specific which realizes process maturity and capability. Unlike all the other VCS solutions it also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out.


8. Kallithea

Kallithea is a free source code management program that enables developers to view their projects including its contributions in the best way. The solution is part of the projects being managed by Software Freedom Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that provides nonprofits home and infrastructure support for FLOSS or free, Open Source projects. It can work along with the Mercurial and Git, two of the leading version control systems known to many developers. Kalthe lithea is designed with an easy to use web-interface, the source code management software offers cool features such as the ability in order to track user activities, integrate the software with the authentication systems, fork and review source code easily and more. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with some advanced features such as code review, easy to integrate, VCS visualized, contribute online and built-in push etc. There is also an edit source code and contribute online system that enables developers to edit their source code online using the web-browser. Overall, Kallithea is one of the best VCS systems as compared to the others.


9. Vesta Configuration Management System

Vesta Configuration Management System is a Software Configuration Management solution created by Compaq to streamline the development of application systems of any size. It’s a program that was initially designed for pro software development but has demonstrated the flexibility and capability required for hardware development. The portable platform is utilized by Intel for all the Microprocessor development and distributed to the public under the GNU LGPL License. The software is used by Alpha Group to authenticate the hardware description languages files and create simulators and other derived objects using the Vesta’s build. The great fact about this platform is that it comes with robust repository tools that make it better than others. Vesta Configuration Management System has other notable capabilities such as the shared build cache that allow multiple developers to share a single pool of previous build work for re-use in upcoming incremental builds. There is also a list of core features that make this SCM is stronger than others. Do try it out, it best for all size of application development systems.


10. SourceAnywhere

SourceAnywhere is a leading enterprise-grade version control solution that is considered as the best perfect replacement for Visual SourceSafe; discontinued source control programed created by Microsoft. It is an all-in-one solution that contains almost all the major tools and features to enhance team collaboration and ensure security. The software uses a centralized approach when it comes to version control that allows developers to advantages of the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server for managing and storing their data. As compared to the others, it is a high-performance version control software that only uses TCP/IP protocol, so that network package round trips are kept to the minimum and files data are transmitted fast and reliably. The solution also has the capability to manage up to 500 concurrent connection which makes it a very effective version control software. SourceAnywhere is a cross-platform solution and has Java client on top of its Windows client, making it possible for users to easily access their server form any device that supports SWT or standard widgets toolkit. Build automation, multi-database support, IDE integration, delta transfer and password protection these are the key feature of the solution. If you are looking an advanced level version control software then try it out, it is an excellent option for you.


11. OpenKM

OpenKM is an easy to use powerful version control system that enables businesses efficiently and systematically capture, store, secure, manage, maintain and distribute corporate information assets with the goal of facilitating knowledge creation, optimizing business processes and enhancing decision making. It integrates features and tools for document, record, knowledge and enterprise content management into one single easy to use solution. The solution allows users to collect information and content from digital sources and capitalize on them through the advanced search. Furthermore, it equipped with administration tools and access control feature that permit them to define various roles within their organization and set rules and policies determine how each document or record should be managed. OpenKM is also known as document and record management system that also includes workforce monitoring and management capabilities that help users accelerate the way they share and exchange information and content associated with their transactions and business processes and track each task and actions of every person involved in such processes. It is a complete solution that also comes with lots of new tools, features and services. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful version control system.

More About JEDI VCS

JEDI VCS is an open-source version control software that lets you keep track of changes made to be the project and to compare modifications between versions. It has integrated bug tracking, time tracking, to do management tools and lots of other key benefits to control your basic needs. With these, you can increase the efficiency of development and delivery of the project faster. It is also has a change tracker system that finds which lines may be causing the problem; it can do this with its history tools. Moreover, it also has a diff tool that you can customize for an easy pinpoint of modifications that make better than others. Instead of rigid permission, you can have flexible rights for your users with this solution. As the software support project-based rights management, you can configure access controls every time. With this, you can rotate the leadership key roles that depend on the project and the skills required. Bug tracker, time tracker, to-do manager, customizable diff checker, project tree view of repository, command line application, project-based rights management and additional backup these are key features of the solution. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this robust solution.