Jelly Jump


Jelly Jump Alternatives on Steam

#1 Knightmare Tower


Knightmare Tower is an Arcade, Action, Puzzle and Single-player video game by Juicy Beast Studios. In this competition, the player can take on the role of a warrior who starts his epic adventure to rescue the princesses from the deadly evil. It allows the player to break through the ceilings, slash all the enemies and escape in order to progress. The game offers two different gameplay mode such as Survival and Campaigns. In Survival mode, the player aim is survival as far as possible between the massive wave of enemies and campaign mode of the game consists of series of levels. In each level, the player can face different kinds of enemies, and the game allows the player to use his sword and slash all the enemy creatures. Be careful during each enemy has its own abilities to defeat the player. If the player hit the enemy when the player can produce attack in that case the player will lose his life. Knightmare Tower offers core features such as up to 70 quest, epic boss fight, rideable rockets, different kinds of monsters and tons of upgrades, etc. The game offers immersive and quite impressive gameplay, excellent visuals and addictive gameplay.