Jitbit Macro Recorder


Jitbit Macro Recorder Alternatives for PC

#1 Briskine


Briskine is a tool for a better product that lets you create templates for emails and newsletters. It can also be used to add keyboard shortcuts on Gmail and Outlook. Drag and drop a template from the dashboard or start from scratch, edit the content, add images and videos and share it with your contacts. You can also use a custom email signature to let people know more about you, such as your location and other social networks.

The Briskine extension and browser plugin allow you to work smarter by creating tasks based on templates and eliminating the need to copy and paste. Using the extension, you can create tasks based on templates and tools. Additionally, you can cut down your time by assigning tasks to others, creating subtasks, and checking off completed tasks. This can help you stay effective with your daily tasks. Briskine adds keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts so that you can access your favorite email functions without leaving the keyboard.