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Job Search Alternatives for PC

#1 MobiAudit


MobiAudit app helps users in creating a schedule of surveys so they can collect all the data and save it right on their handheld devices and send the files to the relevant colleagues with a single tap. The app features an inbox section through which users can view the proposals for new jobs, and it shows the complete details about the job, including date of survey, job ID, the total number of files attached, rate of the job, compensation value of the job, and the days left till the deadline of the survey, etc.

MobiAudit app enables users to collect and save the data without using an active internet connection as well as can integrate the survey data with other field workers to help them. You can apply various filters such as the due date of the survey, the scheduled date of the survey, and the rate of the job to find the perfect job according to your needs.