Just Cause 3

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Just Cause 3 Alternatives for Nintendo Wii

#1 Bully


Bully is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Perspective, Open World, Exploration, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver. The game takes place in a fictional town of Bullworth, and the story revolves around a student who wants to raise his rank in the school system.

The game lets the player assume the role of a high school student named Jimmy. The main goal is to explore the world from a Third-person view either by go-kart, scooter, skateboard, and bicycle or on foot.


Just Cause 3 Reviews

written on June 11, 2020

Just Cause 3 is an Action-Adventure and 3D video game that takes place within a fictional Mediterranean island. I have to get into the role of the protagonist and execute multiple real-time actions. I need to traverse the caverns and try to scale my buildings more realistically and effectively. The game introduces five major biomes, and each of them offers many unique landscapes. I am capable of making use of a large variety of tools to achieve several objectives. Such a game allows me to glide across the entire map in a much faster way. The use of wingsuit lets me draw myself back up in the air to perform actions.

written on May 29, 2020

Just Cause 3 is a superb video game that permits me to perform different activities, including attach and even tether lots of objects together by utilizing a grappling hook. I have to deal with lots of objects and NPCs to complete different missions and quests. The game lets me stand on top of different moving vehicles and even move around the world freely to perform various activities. I have to liberate a large number of hostile military towns and other bases to get a victory. Such a game becomes a great place for me to kill my leisure time by involving interactive gameplay and an excellent storyline.

written on May 18, 2020

Just Cause 3 is a brilliant video game that requires me to destroy lots of military structures, police stations, buildings, and other bases. It proposes multiple communication facilities and allows me to hijack numerous kinds of vehicles. I must traverse an entire Island, such as BASE jump, Skydive, Creative New Ways, and more. Such a game offers some key features, such as visuals details, enhanced mechanics, interactive gameplay, and much more. I need to perform different activities and tasks, including blow up, pull down, and even shoot on opposing players.

Yagher Valmuc
written on March 7, 2020

Just Cause 3 is a Third-person Shooter and Action-oriented video game that permits me to take control of the protagonist named Rico Rodriguez and follow the story. I jump into my birthplace named Medici, which is a fictional republic and execute different real-life actions. I need to traverse the entire world, get into interactive gameplay, and complete multiple challenging missions. I have to make use of lots of weapons, including firearms and grenades. I have to perform different activities, such as run, jump, walk, and much more. I can move all around the map either on foot or by my vehicle.

written on February 13, 2020

Just Cause 3 is a great video game that allows me to experience Action-Adventure gameplay and execute numerous real-life actions. It obliges me to follow the role of the protagonist named Rico Rodriguez and return to my homeland, an island country. I have to navigate the island, gather various kinds of objects and items, and fight off multiple enemies. I contain a wingsuit that permits me to glide across the entire land in a fast way. Such a game is a marvelous place full of combat, driving stunts action, exploration, and many more elements. Try this game out to get more fun and enjoyment.