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Katy Perry Pop

Katy Perry Pop lets you a chance to build your career with the help of Katy Perry. The game combines the elements of Music and Rhythm. Your ultimate objective is to develop and record your music and rise to the top of the charts… read more
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12 Katy Perry Pop Alternatives & Similar Games


1. Band Stars

Band Stars is a Music video game and supports Single-player mode released for Android and iOS by Halfbrick Studios. The game takes you on an epic journey of music where you have a chance to become a superstar and open your studio.

There are a series of levels, and different characters are available to play and enjoy. Each character has a unique personality and abilities. Your primary objective is to create your studio and start recording to become the top singer in the charts.


2. World in Audition

World in Audition is an Addictive, Dancing, and Music Simulation. The game combines the elements of the virtual world and MMO game and includes a variety of characters to play.

To get into the world, you need to choose your character with your style and customize it using different accessories and dresses. The virtual world is full of thousands of other players around the globe, and you can interact with them, make new friends, and hang out with them.


3. Rock Band

Rock Band is a Rhythm Music and Single and Multiplayer video game created by Harmonix and published by MTV Games. It is the first entry in the series of Rock Band and revolves around four players to simulate the performance of famous songs by playing bass guitars, drums, etc.

The player receives experience points as a reward based on his skills to match scrolling notes while playing musical instruments. It contains a set of levels, and the player must score the highest points in each level and defeat rival singers to become the best.


4. SingParty

SingParty is a Party and Music video game created by FreeStyleGames and published by Nintendo. The game has two different modes, such as Sing and Team. There are hundreds of hits available in the massive song library, and the player aims to earn experience points by singing a song through different levels.

Select your songs and sing with the game by repeating lyrics display at the bottom of the screen. There is a chance for the players to test their singing skills and become the master by offering their best. Use different musical instruments and dominate the levels.


5. SingStar Dance

SingStar Dance is a Dance, Music, Rhythm, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by SCE London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game introduces a massive collection of hit songs and focuses on traditional vocal gameplay for a fresh experience.

In the game, you can sing famous songs and learn about dancing tricks. It features the best classic pop tunes as well as a collection of sizzling new music. The player uses the PlayStation Move motion controller to perform dance moves. SingStar Dance offers a chance to compete against up to four friends to see who makes the best dancing moves and singing duo.


6. Performous

Performous is a Music and Dancing Simulation released by Loud Arts. It has both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes the player on the journey to make the world rock. The player will earn points by singing a song and matching the pitch to the original song.

The game shows lyrics and correct notes like Piano Roll. Several people can play simultaneously by attaching multiple microphones to the sound card. Thousands of famous songs are available in the music library to play and enjoy.


7. Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke Revolution is an addictive video game for those who love playing Music and Rhythm video games. The game supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes developed by Biltz Games and published by Konami.

The game focuses on the famous television Musical TV sitcom offered by 20th Century Fox. The player is selected as a protagonist performing at a public venue. There is a huge library of songs and the words scrolling from right to left at the bottom of the screen.


8. Karaoke Joysound

Karaoke Joysound is Music, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Hudson Soft. The game gives you access to a massive library of songs to enjoy.

It displays the pitch of your voice while you’re singing, and you can sing solo using a guide vocal. There is a variety of levels, and the game includes different instruments like guitar, drum, and a Microphone. It shows your progress on leaderboards and your scores.


9. Lego Rock Band

Lego Rock Band combines two famous game franchises to offer a unique, friendly music experience that will take families, teens, and tweens of all ages on an epic adventure to rock stardom to make the Universe Rock.

The game mixes the authentic, multiplayer music experience with customization and accessibility. It enables players to create their unique rock style and customize their avatars, band members, managers, and more. The game rewards the player with Lego stud hat can use to unlock further stuff in the game.


10. The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band is a Rhythm, Music, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created by Harmonix and published by MTV Games. It is the third massive release in the series of Rock Band games, in which you can simulate different songs by playing controllers like musical instruments.

The game includes hundreds of popular songs and lets you play with friends with six players. There are several music instruments available that you can use, such as guitar, microphone, and a drum. Show off your singing abilities through a variety of levels and win the hearts of the crowd.


11. Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 is a Single-player and Multiplayer Music and Rhythm Simulation developed by Harmonic and published by MTV Games. It is the third marvelous entry in the series of Rock Band.

The game includes various musical instruments for players such as Drums, Bass Guitars, Vocals, etc. There are up to eighty-three songs available to sing. It lets one to seven players to play different instruments for brilliant music.


12. Michael Jackson: The Experience

Michael Jackson: The Experience is a Rhythm, Music, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Ubisoft. It includes lots of Michael Jackson hit songs such as Billie Jean, Black or White, Beat it, Bad, and more.

It revolves around dance style gameplay and includes three different modes, such as Classic, Duo, and Crew. You must follow the interesting character Michael Jackson’s moves in Classic Mode. The second mode is used for duets while in the third mode, the game includes two backup dancers and enables you to select one of three to dance.

More About Katy Perry Pop

Katy Perry Pop lets you a chance to build your career with the help of Katy Perry. The game combines the elements of Music and Rhythm. Your ultimate objective is to develop and record your music and rise to the top of the charts.

Travel around the world to perform musical shows and gain hordes of fans to get fame. Select your virtual character and customize its look with hundreds of unique options such as hairstyles, dresses, glasses, shoes, and more.

The game allows you to experience the world through the vision of Katy and become the best singer around the world. Earn points by offering fantastic performance and use them to buy a musical instrument and more.

Make music videos, record your songs, and perform for tons of fans around the world. Katy Perry Pop includes prominent features such as Develop your Career, Record Music, Experience the Music World, Play with Friends and more.