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Kaymbu is a leading document sharing and family engagement software that brings class back to life and helps teachers make early childhood learning more visible. It strengthens school communities and makes it easier to share documents and almost everything else from the classroom… read more
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5 Kaymbu Alternatives & Similar Software for iOS


1. SchoolMint

SchoolMint is an all-in-one online student enrollment and school choice software specially designed for parents and school administrators. It also delivers a unified application and enrollment process in your city to give families more suitable options for where they can enroll their children.

SchoolMint streamlines all relevant student enrollment procedures and admin work without need to install anything. It is a simple and powerful cloud-based platform that you can access anytime, anywhere around the world. The platform developed to cater to different types of school environments, including districts, charter, and private schools, etc.


2. SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors is a leading talent management solution that offers functionalities that are rich, beautiful, and versatile and can allow the users to maximize their workforce and prepare them for tomorrow. It is at the center of the technology revolution of today.

The market leader, when it comes to entries application software that program helps companies address the damaging effects of complexity that offers new opportunities for growth and innovation and stay ahead of the competition. SuccessFactors is also known as the worldwide cloud-based business execution software provider and part of the powerful SAP productivity suite.


3. Litmos LMS

Litmos LMS is a world’s best leading corporate learning system and traditional Salesforce partner for sales and service training and secure data exchange. The platform is also known as the world’s purest and most accessible learning management system that requires neither dedicated training nor expensive installation.

It offers lots of advanced tools for both teachers and students that make their teaching and learning system fast and straightforward. With the help of this powerful tool, users can easily create interactive courses and implement leaderboards, points, and all the other gamification features.


4. Itslearning

Itslearning is a leading digital learning management system designed for both lower and higher degrees of education. It is created with a focus on the daily needs of teachers and students as well as offers all the major tools services such as clear and simple overview, messaging system, dashboard, easy access to the calendar and access to your courses, and all the other related content.

Itslearning is a commercial platform and requires registration with verifying the email address and all the other information. After completing the registration process, you need to choose your one f four different and start your learning. Just like all the other platforms, it also has multiple categories, and each category has its courses and other services.


5. onEdu

onEdu is a modern level Campus Management solution specially designed for colleges and universities with logins for Management, Administration, Students, and Parents. The software built using the web services and integrated with onEdu ERP that allow faculty and students to view information related to their daily schedule quickly, attendance, profile, and receive a notification sent by the university.

Your institute provides its login before you can use this software. The software offers a simple dashboard where you can access all features without any limitations. onEdu Campus Management includes core features such as interact with other users, send and receive alerts, easy to use interface, and much more. It is a great solution size of institutions to manage their essential needs.

More About Kaymbu

Kaymbu is a leading document sharing and family engagement software that brings class back to life and helps teachers make early childhood learning more visible. It strengthens school communities and makes it easier to share documents and almost everything else from the classroom.

The school documentation solution is designed specifically keeping needs for early education programs in mind. Kaymbu offers a comprehensive set of features and tools such a photo sharing, documentation, visual assessment, private visual messaging, anecdotes, and much more.

This user-friendly platform also comes with iOS and Android applications that allow educators to communicate, share, and interact with parents more effectively, even when they are navigating the classroom. It supported all communication methods, such as text messaging, emails, and recorded calls.

With the help of this software, schools can alert staff and family members via SMS and emails to communicate important messages. It aligns class observations with the curriculum and also helps track the overall performance and development of all students at every phase.

Sharing the development and milestones with families is easy using the standard assessment tools. Document and file sharing, visual assessment, private visual messages, rich learning stories, documentation panels, attendance tracking, and school portraits are key features of the solution.