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Games Like Kingdom Rush for PSP

Kingdom Rush is a Challenging Tower-Defense video game available to play on multiple platforms. The game mixes the elements of Strategy, Action, Tactical and Single-player developed and published by Ironhide Games Studio. It offers an exciting story and lets you a chance to become a hero. Get ready to assume the role of the warrior and go on an epic adventure to defend your Kingdom against trolls, wizards, devils and orcs. The game takes place in the fantasy world consists of forests, wastelands, and mountains. Use a massive variety of towers and spells and command the army to fight against vicious creatures and defeat them to win. You can unlock other levels by progress through the game. Score the highest points and unlock mighty towers, spells and troops. The game is played from an isometric view and included exciting features that you enjoy. Over 50 Achievements, Extra Modes, Tactical Skills, 12 Stages, 12 Heros, two mini-campaign, etc. are the key features of Kingdom Rush. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

1. Fieldrunners

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Fieldrunners is an Engaging, Strategy, Action, Tower-Defense, and Single-player video game created and published by Subatomic Studios LLC. The game takes place in the world of Fieldrunners and allows the player to protect his base and fight against enemies. The game consists of three different types of gameplay such as Classes, Endless and Extended. In Classic Mode, there are limited number of rounds in which the player must defend to…