Koikatsu Party

Koikatsu Party, developed by Japanese H-game Company, is an Adventure, Anime, Casual, and Single-player video game. All through the game, the player controls a protagonist who keeps a keen interest in girls, and the mission is to make relations with pretty girls. The game features a character creator letting the player customize a character randomly and take snaps.

The player can modify the character’s color, hair, outfits, dimensions, and other things to give him an attractive appearance. Koikatsu Party offers plenty of characters, but the player needs to unlock them and choose the desired character. NPC interaction is possible through a set of dialogues defined in the game.

The game offers many girls to whom the player can contact, and each one has different humor and a sense of reaction. As the player gains progress, the sensitivity level gets improved, and the player’s personality will get enhanced.


Koikatsu Party Alternatives

#1 Maggot Baits


Maggot Baits is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game developed by CLOCKUP. Throughout the game, the player steps into the shoes of an unnamed character whose mission is to navigate through his town, known as the town of ghosts. One night some supernatural force rambled the city, and the town was starting to turn into a dark place.

After a while, the witches appear and turn the people undead. The state of the city has declared the town as a metropolitan area. The game has multiple characters such as Tsunuga, Carol, Gloria, Wilma, and many others with various attributes.

Tsunuga is the main protagonist, a perfect battler with strong and huge muscles. The main objective is to destroy the organization that is ruling the town. Carol acts alongside the main character, Tsunuga, and helps him in gaining success. The game has core features such as Metropolitan Area, Ghost town, Many Characters, and Dark Horror Adventure.


#2 In Search of the Lost Future


In Search of the Lost Future is a Visual Novel, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Trumple for Windows. The game features a beautiful cast of characters, and each one has unique abilities and characteristics. It comes with a blend of adventure and visual novel game genres with a small twist of romance.

In the game, you control the protagonist, named So Akiyama, who is a female protagonist and will spend lots of her time in reading the narrative and dialogues of the storyline. During the gameplay, the text is helped by character spirits, which represent who the protagonist is interacting with, over the background.

Throughout the game, you need to discover CG Artwork at specific points in the storyline. The game features four different plot lines that you need to experience along with one of four heroines. It features six playable characters, and you can select one of them to start your adventure.

#3 Camp Buddy


Camp Buddy is an Adventure, Anime, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game published for multiple platforms. The storyline sets you on an adventure where you meet your school fellows and start camping at different locations and have fun and joy. The version is an interactive drama in which you interact with dozens of people, listen to their stories, and relive the moments while on the journey.

Discover a lot of maps, create new memories with old friends, get a special chance to explore the world, and complete a huge number of scout-themed camping objectives. The game features different side-quests, mini-games, and many challenges to complete, play games with your friends, and make special bonds with your fellows. Other core attributes like the inclusion of new locations like school voyage, love and romance, and special in-game purchases are also available. Experience the core hallmarks like 3-dimensional graphics, amazing soundtracks, and alight motion, and mesmerizing story-driven gameplay.


#4 Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth


Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth, developed by Otomate, is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game. Throughout the game, the player controls an unnamed female protagonist living on an isolated island located in a steampunk world. The main mission of the player is to fulfill his father’s dream and complete the story.

The player has a dangerous poison spread across his body that can melt everything that touched his skin. The player’s father has disappeared as the player is in compliance with his orders. The father has ordered her not to fall in love, but it happens, and the female falls in love with Lupin. It is the main objective of the player to find the father by advancing through the story.

It’s all about exploring, finding clues, and making decisions at the right time to come to a proper outcome. The game has core features such as Addictive Gameplay, Story-Driven, Female Protagonist, etc.

#5 Root Letter


Root Letter is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game brought to you by Kadokawa Games for Multiple Platforms. The game introduces enriching graphics and a beautiful cast of anime characters. It releases with some additional content, including Live-action Sequences and more. The game plays like a visual novel, in which the player struggles to figure out what actually is happening to the character of Aya, who is a girl, and suddenly disappears after having a particular letter.

The primary gameplay spans two different parts, such as the Adventure and the Simulation. The adventure part involves the player investigating characters who had interaction with Aya to find more information regarding the case, while the simulation part puts the player to relives and plays through the interactions with Aya. Root Letter includes brilliant features, superb gameplay, and fabulous visuals.

#6 YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World


YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World comes with a combination of Adventure, Choice-matter, and Visual Novel game elements, developed by Mages, Inc. The game has only a Single-player mode, and it features a protagonist whose love awaits him beyond this world. During the vocation, the player receives a package from his deceased father, containing the mysterious reflector device.

After having the device, the player becomes able to travel between parallel worlds. With the assistance of his buddies, lovers, and teachers, the player must reveal the mystery of the legacy of his father to fend off a calamity invading to envelop reality.

There are several locations to explore, and the player has to complete challenges by making decisions and reading dialogues. YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World has prominent features such as Love beyond Worlds, The Power of the Reflector, Clues of Father, and more.

#7 Our World is Ended


Our World is Ended is a mix of Anime, Visual Novel, and Single-player Adventure video game developed by Red Entertainment and published by PQube Limited for PC. The game features a well-written storyline with catastrophic consequences and revolves around a team, named Judgement 7. The group contains young developers who are working on a brand new gaming engine, known as the WORLD Program.

Upon equipping an Augmented Reality headset, the program turns the landscape in real-time to experience. As the game starts, you find yourself in a world between fiction and reality. Navigate the beautiful land to fight against enemies who invade the people to smash the district.

Our World is Ended includes exciting features such as Splendid Artwork, Beautiful World, Soul System, Playable Characters, and more. In the game, most of the time, the player spends reading the conversation between characters and making decisions to proceed with the storyline.

#8 Dark Miasma


Dark Miasma is an Anime and Single-player Simulation developed by Uncommon Potential Games for PC and Mac OS. The game introduces a beautiful cast of characters, and it lets you choose your favorite one to start his career. It includes some RPG aspects and lets you experience the turn-based battle where you face off enemies and other deadly creatures for in-game points.

The game takes place in the stunning environment where the player requires to craft recipes to build powerful tools and grant them to characters for defeating enemies. In the game, you experience the time-management gameplay that incorporates the visual novel and storytelling game elements, along with deck building twists.

At the start, you have a limited time before vicious demons overrun the village, and it’s your responsibility to rescue each one and drive out demons to win. There are multiple endings available, and each one depends on your feats, stats, and more. More than 125000 words are available to interact with others.

#9 Sweet Fuse: At Your Side


Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game released by Idea Factory for PSP. The game offers a perfect mix of Otome and Visual Novel game elements, taking place in a beautiful world where you find an impressive cast of anime characters. In the game, you control a character named Saki Inafune, a female character who navigates a world through seven days of death games.

Most of the gameplay requires the player to read the narratives of the story and dialogues to proceed with it. In the game, the player will be advanced to further stages to pick what he is looking for and unlock additional content. During the game, selecting the correct responses will help you in earning affection points for the specific character, which increases the affection level of the character. The game features several playable characters, and each one has unique objectives and tasks.