Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench is a complete system design platform and development environment for a visual programming language for National Instruments. It offers a graphical programming approach that helps you visualize all the aspects of your application, such as hardware configuration, debugging and measurement data, etc.

The visualization makes it much simpler to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor, represent complex logic on the diagram, build a data analysis algorithm, and design own custom engineering user-interface. LabVIEW is a feature-rich solution and comes with almost all the primary tools and features that help you test your application more correctly. It is a commercial solution, and you can install it on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.


LabVIEW Alternatives

#1 ATEasy


ATEasy is an easy to use yet professional level text executive and rapid app development framework for functional tests, data acquisition, ATE, process control, and much more. The software development studio of ATEasy contains a dedicated software development environment and many integrated solutions in the shape of customizable test executive for sequencing, execution, debugging and fault analysis of tests as well.

The comprehensive simulation capabilities of ATEasy accelerate the test program for both deployment and development purposes. The user interface generation area of ATEasy contains essential elements like event programming, form editor, menus, and controls as well.

One of the best things about this open architecture solution is that it supports external software and hardware interfaces like C header files, DLL, NET, ActiveX, Function Panel Drivers, Serial, and much more. The integrated application builder of this program will allow you to generate royalty-free runtime executable files and libraries, as well.


#2 Agilent VEE


Agilent VEE is easy to use and a simple graphical language environment that offers the easiest and understandable way to measurement and analysis systems that replace the traditional testing and controlling tools.

The main advantages of using this program are that it offers complete and advanced scientific outcomes for both labs and business. Agilent VEE is not a standalone program at all. It contains the family of multiple products that are designed to meet all requirements of the users.

Multithreading and multi-core programming are the two basic elements that make Agilent VEE best above all. The greater ease of use is the next advantage that you will get by using this program.

It offers more sample programs for the latest Keysight instruments like Keysight 33500 arbitrary and function waveform generators and much more. It widely supports for latest industry standards as well as integrated LXI support and integrated database support as well.

#3 R&S QuickStep Test Executive


R&S QuickStep Test Executive is a real-time test executive software designed to enhance the test development efficiency and minimizes the efforts of the engineers and program testers. The main advantage of using the R&S QuickStep Test Executive is that it meets the demanding performance requirements of production tests. It delivers a higher amount of flexibility for test automation, research, development, and the verification process as well.

The key facts that make R&S QuickStep Test Executive best among its competitors are its performance-optimized design support for low overhears test execution. Then comes the intrinsic parallelism for efficient use of the test system resources.

Then comes the role-specific graphical user interfaces along with excellent usability for maximum testing and controlling. The main highlighted features of the R&S QuickStep Test Executive are its graphical test procedure definition, automatic generation of source code templates for new test functions, availability of MS Visual Studio based test function development with leading programming languages, etc.


#4 ATS -Engineering


ATS -Engineering is the studio of test executive and development programs that contains several other tools in the shape of integrated, customizable test executive and development environment for execution, sequencing, analyzing, and controlling purposes.

The main programs offered by ATS -Engineering in the single pack are ATEasy, DIOEasy, DtifEasy Series, WaveEasy, CalEasy Series, and ICEasy. All these are designed to offer services like semiconductor test, reliability services, failure analysis services, turnkey solutions, and much more.

Most of the programs mentioned above widely support the automated calibration and verification of Marvin Test Solutions instruments. These also include the driver support for standards instruments highly required for calibration and verification purposes.

It also supports the creation of customized calibration certificates, automatic generation of calibration log, multiple operation modes verification of both single and combined calibration and verification, and much more.

#5 CodeWarrior


CodeWarrior is the name of an advanced level of the embedded program development studio and a complete integrated development environment that offers a visual and automated solution for all means. The program provides the visual and mechanical framework to accelerate the development of the most complex embedded applications.

CodeWarrior contains an integrated development environment, so it gives high quality and full-featured development environment. It also comes as a complete integrated development environment designed for each stage of the development process from the board to bring up via embedded application development.

Then comes its state of the art debugging technology that is the simplicity of intuitive development environments and robust run control hardware board bring up and C++ and C embedded application development to a new level. The unique features of the CodeWarrior are classic IDE system, universal assembler, and support of GNU compiler, integrated flash programmer, profiler availability, code coverage, and much more.

#6 DASYLab


DASYLab is a data acquisition system and laboratory system that offers real-time acquisition, analysis, control, and the system to create the custom graphical user interface. As compared to most of the GUI programming tools that need a week of training to get a perfect hand, this program has a very short user learning curve.

Many programs and tools can be customized in a few minutes rather than days or weeks. The advanced acquisition and control tasks using this program can easily be solved with this program without the requirement of additional programming at all.

The users only need to insert the appropriate module blocked into the worksheet and connect them by virtual wires with some mouse clicks. The main highlighted features and functions of the DASYLab are creating complex programs quickly without programming requirements, real-time data acquisition, standard real-time displays, a complete library of computational functions, state machine function for complex state-based scenarios, availability of more than five hundred channels on multiple devices, etc.

#7 Octopus Deploy


Octopus Deploy is an automated release management tool for the modern-day developers and developers and operations teams for managing all development and programming process.

This program will take you over where your continuous integration server requirement and allowing you to automate even the most complicated program deployment and much more. Make it the part of your development process, and it starts taking care of your development, quality assurance, and acceptance testing and production deployment process.

It allows its developers to deploy each and everything from deployment to production. It ensures releases have been tested first, schedule deployments for later. For each version, it supports for repeatable and reliable deployments.

The way this program model the deployment process ensures that deployments are as consistent as possible between environments so that when developers are ready to go into production, they will be confident that it will just work.

#8 CloudTest Lite


CloudTest Lite is a testing tool for the developers and seasoned tester used for testing web apps and websites instantly. With it, the developers and webmasters can quickly check the performance of their website and can also monitor the users’ information in real-time mode as well.

This standalone software means a lot of professional developers and programmers, as with it, they can optimize their entire load testing requirements. CloudTest Lite is a scalable, easy to use, super-fast, and affordable load testing tool making performance optimization more transparent and efficient than it is ever.

If you want to get the real user experience from multiple locations, then CloudTest Lite is specially designed for people like you. It is going to give you a lot. With the usage of this program, you will be able to get complete testing flexibility from development to production and much more.

#9 Test Automation Platform Developer’s System


Test Automation Platform Developer’s System is a test sequencer program with a timing analyzer, result viewer, and high amount of other useful tools for testing and automation development. This unique program is used for controlling the execution of tests and much more.

With this, users can quickly discover the defects immediately upon making a change when a test shortly requires changing at the moment. By this feature, this program offers a common platform for the automation engineers as well.

The powerful key features of this program are fast execution and test flow visualization system, graphical user interface to construct and optimize the test plans from start to end and scalable modular software architecture.

It also offers integration of MS Visual Studio along with .NET programming, visualizing the overall test plan and execution timing, quickly visualizing test plan results, viewing multiple data sets to instantly comparing results across various test runs and much more.

#10 TestStand Test Executive


TestStand Test Executive is an industry-proven test management program that assists the engineer’s test and validates the building and deployment process making it automated and faster than before.

The main advantage of using this program is that it contains a ready to use and test sequence engine that offers excellent support for multiple test code languages, getting flexible result reporting, and of course, multithreaded and parallel testing.

For every engineer who is building a new automated system or updating the existing test system, it is highly vital to understand the cost of the total testing. After that, the testing process starts. TestStand Test Executive is a program offering solutions to the engineers.

The main reason for choosing this test software is that it contained a lot of features and functions and designed to be highly extensible. Users can get the training and certification in this software.

#11 TestEZ Development Suite


TestEZ Development Suite is a single pack of multiple programs that contain all those programs highly required for getting a complete, efficient, and cost-effective solution for test development and execution purpose. First of all, it features an easy to use operating system and then a software coding tool like Code Assist.

The availability of additional support tools is also part of this program for getting picture probing, archive management, and even test documentation. One of the best features of the TestEZ Development Suite is that it instantly configured to any bus controlled rack and stack, windows based test stations using a simple and easy to use setup program.

For the new users, it contains extensive help so that they can get detail information about how to this program. Multiple tools part of this software toolkit is tested executive, archive file manager, code assist, and probe assist.

#12 SigBase


It is a software testing and controlling program that supports the simulation, automatic test resource allocation of more than one thousand, and five hundred test strategies. SigBase is an ITAR controlled product that has replaced ATLS as the test language as a means for test systems supplied to the military for testing their hardware and equipment.

It is an advanced IEEE 1641 complaint signal based test environment supporting the visual organization and execution of many kinds of strategies from necessary signal components and test signal frameworks for all types of reasons.

It contains a unique level of capabilities like scanning, analyzing, managing, capturing, and reporting the real-time spectrum automatically and unattended in a way that no other similar program is capable of doing so. The technology behind SigBase is also capable of offering the front end RF analysis for a host of those third-party systems that rely on real-time spectral data.

#13 PAWS Developer’s Studio for ATLAS


This simple to use program offers its users an advanced and robust solution of compiling, debugging, and stimulating the operation of the ATLAS test programs from the Windows operating systems. If you want to get the visual development capabilities for the ATLAS TPS development, then PAWS Developer’s Studio for ATLAS is a program specifically designed for you.

With this, you will get the full support for the widely used ATLAS language subsets. The toolkit of this program is also capable of modifying the ATLAS language subset to meet the specific ATE configuration.

The output of PAWS Developer’s Studio for ATLAS is all set for execution purposes on the connected Debugging RTS/PAWS Run-Time System or can be translated to run the specific, unique, and existing runtime system as well. It also contains the tools like ATLAS Compiler, Developer’s Editor, Review Editor, Test Station Utilities, Device Database Processor, Switch Database Processor, etc.

#14 ActivATE Test Management Software


ActivATE Test Management Software is a newly launched testing and debugging software that allows the engineers and programmers to easily create and run the robust test programs in automated test systems for the semiconductor devices.

It is designed for the leading engineers for the other engineers so that they can get solved the automated test complications with elegant simplicity. The unique feature of this powerful and highly efficient program is that it contains an integrated development environment, an advanced device manager, and a test sequencer.

With this, the tests engineers can focus on the create and deploy the test programs deploying standard production languages. It is also an excellent means for delivering new products faster than before and can be used for running three dozen programs at once and independently to detect defects, streamlining the operations, and reducing the cost of the test too. Overall, ActivATE Test Management Software is one of the best products for checking the performance of the semiconductors of all types.

#15 DIOEasy


DIOEasy is an advanced digital I/O vector development program for the test engineers using which they can enjoy the functions like developing, debugging, and executing digital test vectors for the Marvin Test Solutions products. It supports importing and converting VCD, WGL, and VCD file formats, as well.

It offers the test engineers with an easy to use and efficient tool for developing and debugging. The software provides two methods for creating and editing digital test vectors such as graphical user interface environment and scripting environment.

Digital in and out systems are very complicated and typically need a substantial amount of programming effort to define data vectors. If the engineers need to simplify the vector development process, then Marvin Test Solution is offering the Windows-based DIOEasy system that provides the engineers with an easy to use interface. The integration of menus and toolbars provide quick access to vector editing and viewing tools.

#16 ICEasy


ICEasy is an add-on module that accommodates the programming of Marvin Test Solutions Dynamic Digital boards for multiple tests like semiconductor and other hardware and programs too. This program cannot be used as a standalone program at all.

The users of ICEasy first need to have ATEasy version nine installed on their device, and after that, they can start working with this program. In a single pack, ICEasy contains a lot of features and functions. This comprehensive and accomplished suite of multiple programs and tools designed for the semiconductor test applications.

The streamlined features of the ICEasy are it contains a library of device test development tools for creating both test programs and characterizing devices. The file import tool of ICEasy lets its users import and convert the WGL, STIL, VDC, and ATP files to any of Marvin Test Solution digital instrument file format. It also contains digital waveform editing and display tools that facilitate the development and debugging of digital test vectors, editing tools, etc.