Leadpipe Alternatives


Leadpipe is a lead generation automation tool that helps B2B companies generate high-quality sales lead and close more deals with minimal effort, resulting and higher revenue. With this automated lead generation capabilities, users see their lead generation-related workload decrease while the quality and creativity of their messaging and offers soar… read more

14 Leadpipe Alternatives & Similar Software


1. SALESmanago

SALESmanago is an advanced level cloud-based online sales and marketing software that provides a complete suite of solutions and capabilities of marketers. Among these tools, it gives website visitor identification and tracking, dynamic content, an email with personalized products, and direct sales channels.

SALESmanago comes as the alternative to DueDil, and starts with a very basic level, know it has thousands of users around the world who can use it to increase their business. Its web beacon technology makes it possible to monitor the behavior of the website audience more accurately, and you can track whether a user saw, pointed, or clicked on interactive elements such as images, sidebars, and buttons, etc.


2. Sales and Marketing Pro

Sales and Marketing Pro is a Sales and marketing software that can help the company close more sales and send your marketing messages to the right audience. From seasoned sales staff that is looking for an edge to those who have a small size of businesses who need an effective marketing plan, this is the solution that helps you to grow your business.

It is a simple yet complete solution that comes with all the primary tools and features. With the help of this solution, you can easily plan and execute outstanding sales strategies with the pro by your side. It offers expert advice to guide you through crafting your marketing plans and then putting these companies into the motion.


3. Copper

Copper is a cloud-hosted CRM software solution designed to simplify and reinforce marketing and sales processes. Mostly the software is trusted by reputable companies across the world such as Uber and Peugeot for its stunning interface and comprehensive set of relationship management tools.

It is developed with usability and flexibility in mind and companies the productivity features, collaboration, and analytics tools in one convenient interface. These three functionalities will helps you automate core operations, including enhance your overall system, respond to market trends quickly, increase productivity more.


4. Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is a highly preferred e-commerce solution designed for modern businesses. Regardless of your business size, the software brings some great features to the table, which makes it better than others. The solution offers high user feasibility and convenience and provides services to some of the most renowned businesses all over the United States.

Miva Merchant’s best part is that it is highly customizable and responsive; its interface is highly flexible. With the help of this software, you can also maintain your customer’s accounts for quicker transactions. Integrations with top payment services will make it easier for your customers during an online transaction. Inventory monitoring enables you to look into the availability of items.


5. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a sales and marketing platform aimed towards three specific users, such as Thought-Leader, Knowledge Managers, and Content Marketers, all these curate content, but their purpose varies. The solution comes to a complete solution for all types of content curators that allow them to develop personal brand among their networks that generate leads and enhance SEO to discover and distribute information across organizations.

It is also known as a Lean Content solution for marketing built for the needs of small to medium-size businesses. The solution lets marketing professionals set and document their goals and manage their content marketing strategy, including sourcing content, planning, and publishing content.


6. Rocket Bazaar

Rocket Bazaar is an advances level sales software created with Magento 2 and comes with multiple seller facilities. The software offers users a platform where buyers and sellers can initiate and engage in transactions effortlessly. At the same time, all the marketplace owners create income out of commission, promotions, and order fulfillment.

With this sale software, you have ready-made solutions to quickly and painlessly launch your marketplace. It lets you concentrate on creating vendors, deterring the price, setting up logistics and policies with ease and speed.


7. A101SFA

A101SFA is a sales force automation software designed to support field sales staff with their daily tasks by using their mobile phone. All the functions your field sales staff perform are reflected in real-time and tasks includes tour program, logging daily call reports, making expense statements, and more. With this, you can track CRM activities along with approximate returns.

It is created primarily for companies that deliver pharma or FMCG goods and offered in SaaS Service editions. Its SaaS version is hosted on the cloud while the on-premise edition hosted on your company’s cloud. This all-in-one solution provides you with a rich set of sales force automation tools to give your businesses that definitive edge over the competition.


8. Talech

Talech is a cloud-based point of sale solution. It assists in different types of businesses, from retail to restaurants and bars that simplify their operations. The software supports various kinds of establishments, and it features that are relevant to the client to avoid bulky solutions. That is why it is customizable to fit the way a particular business runs.

The best thing about this sales solution is that it has rich analytics design to provide a clear view of trends, this allows proprietors and managers to pinpoint items they need to sell more and employees that have to be re-trained for productivity enhancement. It is a user-friendly and secure to use the application, and it does not take long to set up the mobile POS.


9. Aloha POS

Aloha POS is a popular restaurant point-of-sale system created to help users all their operational requirements. It is a comprehensive solution that boosts customer experience, enhance service and management as well as ultimately grow your business using the technology and equipment specifically designed for restaurants.

It is created specifically for all types of dining establishments, including casual dining, fast service, and fine dining. Aloha POS is known as one of the most innovative, cutting-edge POS software and hardware available for dining establishments.


10. DueDil

DueDil is a complete Business Intelligence Software with an online tool that integrates comprehensive information repositories to help them find and discover business opportunities while controlling the perceived risks.

With the help of this software, businesses treated to the platform that enables teams to gauge multiple data points and comprehend the context which surrounds the data. It allows teams to discover and understand data on any business of their stakeholders.


11. Blueprint CPQ

Blueprint CPQ is a leading cloud-based enterprise-based CPQ solution deemed as robust, accessible, and engaging software that enhances the whole lead to order process and allows organizations of every size to adopt modern practices easily and quickly.

It enables modern techniques to be employed to enhance business processes and even the most complicated product services to be streamlined in days, thus giving users a return on investment that can be measured in just a matter of weeks.


12. ClearSlide

ClearSlide is a sales communication application that offers web-based service designed specifically for the communication needs of the sales team. It gives salespeople peace of mind because it has complete control over your content.

The software can update the content, expire the content, require contact information when forwarded, or even restrict forwarding. ClearSlide is known as a leading integrated sales engagement solution that completely transforms the way sales teams engage with customers on the phone or through email.


13. Adthena

Adthena is a competitive intelligence solution that helps search marketers analyze their competitor activities in both paid and organic search. It is the only solution that uses machine learning to deliver a dynamic search landscape and tailored to your brand as well as your campaigns. It monitors millions of search terms to give you a full image of your competitor’s activity.

Adthena introduces Machine Learned Whole Maker View, a unique and patented solution that delivers an unrivaled view of your market without keyword or competitor limitations, updates daily, and monitors every hour. On the top, Adthena also provides a high level of human interaction, premium-level service, and delivering an enterprise.


14. POSist

POSist is a pioneer cloud-based POS (Point-of-Sale) software to provide a comprehensive suite of restaurant billing and complete management solutions. The solution is designed with a wide range of tools to help your business grow and outgrow completion.

It provides you with a unique application marketplace where it can seamlessly integrate with various external systems to further extend its abilities, such as customer feedback, inventory, and food aggregator, etc.

More About Leadpipe

Leadpipe is a lead generation automation tool that helps B2B companies generate high-quality sales lead and close more deals with minimal effort, resulting and higher revenue. With this automated lead generation capabilities, users see their lead generation-related workload decrease while the quality and creativity of their messaging and offers soar.

It delivers all the top quality SaaS companies contacts straight to the user’s system. Accurate filters help enhance the search result’s efficiency that ensures leads are specific and easy to target. The software comes with ready-to-use built-in integrations to streamline existing processes and workflows.

Leadpipe is a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need for the collection and prepares all the customer data manually. Traditional data gather processes are time-intensive, and especially if you have tons of customers you need to work on and multiple sources of data to deal with.

The best thing about this demand generation solution is that it speeds up the whole data collection processes and provide you with all the essential information on SaaS companies and the contacts of their decision-makers. On top of that, all the information are stored and displayed in a single, convenient location. To make it stronger than others, it includes core features such as contact information, API integration, Google Spreadsheet, CRM integration, and sales alerts, etc.