Lego Loco


Lego Loco Alternatives for Xbox One

#1 Bomber Crew


Bomber Crew was developed by Runner Duck and published by Curve Digital. It is an Adventure-based, Strategy and Single-player Simulation. In this game, the player’s ultimate task is to prepare his crew for the most dangerous mission which is a sky-bound expedition in this challenging survival game. At the beginning of the game, it allows the player to choose his crew and train them with different skills. After creating his team, the player can get into the game world to manage everything for battles, such as ammo, fuel, and many other things that a player needs during the battle.

Bomber Crew consists of multiple missions, and each mission is a high-risk expedition where the danger comes from every angle. Low Oxygen, flak guns, poor weather, enemy fighter, and lots of other danger wait for the player when the wheels are up. During the battle, the player controls a unique aircraft and battles against the enemy aircraft. Bomber Crew includes core features such as lots of resources, unlockable achievements, power-ups, increase crew members, excellent game setting, smooth controls, and brilliant visual details.