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Level3 DNS is one of the fastest DNS servers that provide you with the best performance while browsing the internet. The server will help you to load websites quicker and safer. It provides a network-based service that requires top-notch hardware in order to function in an optimum manner… read more
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11 Level3 DNS Alternatives


1. OpenNIC DNS

OpenNIC DNS is a user-owned and controlled top-level network information centre offering a non-national alternative to traditional Top-Level Domain registries such as ICANN. As of January 2017, the server recognizes and peers all existing ICANN TLDs, for compatibility reasons. However, OpenNIC DNS has not yet evaluated and does not hold a formal position on future ICANN TLDs. In order to resolve the hostnames in the ICANN root, the DNS also resolves hostnames in the OpenNIC-operated namespaces, as well as within namespaces with which peering agreements have established. Some OpenNIC recursive servers are known for their high speeds and low latency, relative to other more widely used DNS precursors as well as their anonymizing or no-logging policies. Overall OpenNIC is one of best DNS that covers all the major services and features to deliver a comprehensive solution.



DNS.WATCH is a cloud-based service that integrates with your Firebox. It monitors DNS requests through the Firebox in order to prevent the connection from knowing malicious domains. Just like OpenDNS it also protects users from the malicious clickjacking and phishing domains regardless of the connection type, port or protocol. When users try to visit a malicious web domain, the Deny page appears in the browser that includes a short interactive training module to help users to identify pushing attempts and all the other unsafe content. When the DNS denies a DNS request, it generates an alert which includes information about the source of the DNS request and the kind of the threat. It is completely free to use DNS and does not require any installation. DNS.WATCH prominent feature includes free to use, does not log your queries, fast, accurate and powerful. Try it out; it is an excellent DNS solution as compared to the others.


3. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a free DNS (Domain Name System) service offered by Google to internet users around the world. It is a free, simple and effective replacement for your own ISP’s name servers. The best thing about this server is that it is constantly evolving and the DNS information is almost instantly updated all around the world. This ensures that you are always reaching the website you are trying to access. Google Public DNS does not offer any dashboard or configurable setting and provide basic security in order to protect users from all kind of malicious websites and threats. Moreover, it also compliant and has full support for DNSSEC protocol. Completely free, quite fast and accurate these three things make it better than others. Overall, Google Public DNS is one of the fastest and reliable DNS services as compared to the others.


4. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is a free public DNS service introduced by Symantec Corporation that claims to offer the reliable web browsing experience while blocking undesirable websites and acts the first line of defence during the internet browsing. The program is not intended as a full security system, but as an additional layer of protection to keep your device safe. Norton ConnectSafe service works well for preventing your system for getting virus or malware. Most of the websites have embedded browser hijacker and another nasty program. The service does an excellent job of detecting these and preventing you from clicking on the wrong things. One of the best parts about this DNS server is that it is 100% free to us use. It has only three options for security level and then you are set to browse the internet. As like other, it is not a complete solution to computer security. You will be required to have a full security pack for the best protection. It does, however, add an extra level of protection to an area that many anti-virus programs are weak in. One nice feature is that it protects almost all the devices which can be used for web browsing, even video game consoles can be protected with Norton ConnectSafe. Overall, it is one of the best free to use DNS service as compared to the others.


5. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is a faster, reliable and safer domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through its worldwide network of redundant DNS servers. It provides the much faster and more reliable internet browsing experience than using the DNS served offered by your ISP and did not require any hardware and software installation. When you use this service, your computer’s network setting will be changed so that all application that accesses the internet will use Comodo Secure DNS servers. your computer default DNS setting may be changed in order to set. As compared to OpenDNS and all the other similar DNS service providers, it is smarter and known as highly structured DNS system that guide pages get you where you want to be, when you inadvertently attempt to go to the site which does not exist. Unlike all the other similar platforms it also has lots of security features with some advanced tools that make it stronger than others.


6. GreenTeamDNS

GreenTeamDNS is an all-in-one advanced level Domain Name Service that is completely cloud-based and known as a cyber-fileting service, protects you from malware and phishing websites, and all the unpatented or offensive content – all based on simple but powerful filtering policies you set. The DNS work similar as like all the other similar services but its new level security, setting, and all the other features make it better than others. It also makes it simple to switch on routers, computer, tablets or mobile devices will enable you and your employees to avoid accidental or deliberate exposure to gambling sites, adult content and any kind of malware sites. GreenTeamDNS is a cloud-based service and comes with advanced malware protection that protects homes, schools, businesses from access to millions of dangerous websites. The service comes with two different account levels such as Basic account and Business/ Premium account. Both have different advantages, features, and price plan to choose from. Overall, GreenTeamDNS is one of secure and powerful DNS service as compared to the others.


7. SafeDNS

SafeDNS is a fast, secure and reliable program to detect and filter suspicious content and maliciously coded websites, advertisements and prevent them from entering and damaging your system. Its developers can provide blocking of malicious internet sources including bad bots, malware and more. SafeDNS is a complete solution that gives your system the best protection against all kind of malicious internet sources, it is an ideal solution for any type of internet environment, whether at home for personal use or at the office where computers and other devices connect to the internet contain critical business and personal information. The best thing about this DNS is that it gives your family total protection, especially to children who are prone to click recklessly and accidentally accessing inappropriate sites that are created to steal information such as bank details and personal emails etc. SafeDNS can also cover you internet-connected devices such as mobile phones, tablets and even game console etc. From a business perspective, the program helps you to boost your employees’ productivity and efficiency as the system prevents them from accessing inappropriate and insecure websites. Malware and botnet protection, content filtering, zero cost implementation, support static and dynamic IPs, detailed report and admin action these are the core feature of the service. SafeDNS offer multiple enterprise plans to choose, each one has its own cost and core benefits.


8. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a service that extends the domain name system by adding features such as optional content filtering and phishing protection etc. It is also touted as faster, reliable and having zero downtime because of its global network of DNS servers that ensures that, if one or two servers are down, and the other can still carry the slack. OpenDNS is also known as a company that provides DNS service with a step above those being offered Internet Service Providers around the world. DNS is an integral part of the WWW (World Wide Web) that enable both humans and machine to understand each other when it comes to web addresses. OpenDNS is a complete and reliable domain name system that comes with all the major service as well as extends the DNS service by improving the efficiency of the system by adding more servers around the world that can detect the nearest servers to the users and use that to serve the user’s requests, which improves the efficiency since regular ISP-driven DNS servers are few and normally far away from most users. In order to make it better than others, it adds advanced level security layer through PhishTank that take the guesswork out of distinguishing phishing websites from the originals and also offers a cloud delivery network security. OpenDNS is a powerful DNS service for all the kind of internet users.


9. FreeDNS

FreeDNS is a most popular dynamic DNS service that allows you to share your domain with the member and use the other domains shared by other members. It offers web-hosting and mail hosting services and strives to ensure the best security and highest quality. The service also makes it easy to manage a massive list of domains with plenty of information provided to make it simple to get the work you need to do done efficiently. It is an excellent choice for those developers who want to use name server branding to name on its name servers, and high bandwidth connects they reside on. FreeDNS is an alternative to OpenDNS and offers all the similar services with some new features and tools. Its most prominent features include free, dynamic and static services, free subdomain hosting, unlimited numbers of the domain, support every TLD on the internet and much more. Do try it out, if you need a comprehensive DNS solution.


10. UncensoredDNS

UncensoredDNS is free of charge DNS that consists of two servers, and both servers are available to use for everyone. The service is operated by a Danish man Thomas Steen Rasussen. It is a complete solution that comes with all the major services, tools, and features. Unlike GreenTeamDNS, it also uses an advanced level security feature that protects you and your staff from all the malware, adult and any kind of dangerous content. There is also a set of tools and features that improve your overall internet performance and offers a more suitable way to manage your tasks. UncensoredDNS key features include free for everyone, two different servers, shared hostnames, dynamic DNS support, URL cloaking redirection, web developers tools, and all updates go live instantaneously, etc. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this powerful DNS platform.


11. DtDNS

DtDNS is a complete package to provide DNS hosting and management services that focus on versatile DNS and IP address management. It hosts the service if you have a static IP address and also provides DNS service for your domain with its trusted and distributed network that matches web-based management, and that allows you to manage the DNS list effectively and rapidly.

You can take advantage of DtDNS functions such as dynamic IP address and robust update propagation. If someone already has a DNS solution in the system with both primary and secondary servers, then you can consider a Secondary DNS service. It allows you to remove a single point fault and provides you continued activity at your primary DNS server.

More About Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS is one of the fastest DNS servers that provide you with the best performance while browsing the internet. The server will help you to load websites quicker and safer. It provides a network-based service that requires top-notch hardware in order to function in an optimum manner. Rest assured, when you start using this server, your internet experience and speeds are expected to be one of the best around you. Level3 DNS has a massive range of unique products such as Content Delivery Network, Adaptive Network Control, Data Center, Ethernet, Managed Network services and lots of professional services etc. Unlike other, it also has security tools and features that make it better than others. Level3 DNS provide a scalable and flexible network platform wherever you are connecting employees, partners or customer across the world. Try it out; it is one of the best and fastest DNS as compared to the others.