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Liferea is the web-based reader/news aggregator that unites the majority of the substance from your most loved platforms into a straightforward interface that makes it simple to sort out and read relevant data only. Its GUI is a desktop mail/news client, with an installed graphical program… read more
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21 Liferea Alternatives & Similar Software



Infrequently, does it feel that perusing stories in your RSS channel peruser resemble attempting to take a taste of water from a flame hose? Wouldn’t it be decent to disengage stories from your most loved sites that are just centered on the points you like or are composed by the creators you appreciate the most?

Google Reader

Google Reader was an RSS/Atom encourages aggregator worked by Google. Google Reader developed in fame to bolster various projects which utilized it as a stage for serving news and data to individuals.

Curata Reader

Curata is one of the cleanest feed readers. While different readers may be great at giving you a ton of substance on one screen, Curata offers a reviving measure of white space, with only a couple clean lines going about as separators.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source online news sustain (RSS/Atom) peruser and aggregator, intended to permit you to peruse news from any area, while feeling as near a genuine desktop application as would be prudent.


GreatNews is amazingly quick. Indeed, even with several RSS channel memberships, GreatNews’ reaction is constantly immediate. You can pick to show news from all channels in agreement. What’s more, you have full control over what number of articles can be shown without a moment’s delay.


We live in the data time. Data is open to totally everybody that needs to get it from numerous points of view: productions sound and video shapes and…obviously, the web.


Vienna is an open source extend. That implies that each and every detail of its usage is unreservedly accessible. Download it, take a gander at it and tinker around with it!

RSS Menu

RSS Menu is intended to keep running in your Mac’s status ban from where you can get to it menus and get to the most recent articles. RSS Menu likewise accompanies a down to earth notice framework that gives discourse notices notwithstanding the visual ones.


Feeder is an application for making, altering and distributed RSS channels on OS X. Whether it’s a podcast or news for your site, Feeder makes it simple. Feeder 3 gets a fresh out of the brand new look with thumbnails and reviews in the rundown, Markdown altering, and autosaved drafts.


Gorgeous, natural, adaptable and light-weight, BlogBridge is a gigantically noteworthy newsreader bundle. BlogBridge means to keeps you educated about the condition of your memberships while adhering to a fundamental, clear framework.


Canto is a terminal based aggregator for online news. It bolsters all real news designs, and additionally bringing in from and sending out to OPML. The news substance is downloadable and in that capacity Canto likewise, has constrained podcasting support.

Good Noows

Google Reader may have the imposing business model on RSS readers, yet for those of you who would prefer not to hand your whole web life over to Google, we have some uplifting news for you.


FeedBurner was popular RSS feeds tool at that time when Facebook was in its early years and Twitter was just a new idea. It was the faster RSS feeds tool until its shutting down in October 20, 2012.


FeedBlitz is a mega pack solution for social media marketing and RSS feed and subscriber integration. Its features make it rightful to be the top best alternative to FeedBurner. Reach your readers anytime if they have enabled email subscriptions, social media updated and RSS feed tracking.


Being a FeedPress member, you will be able to get 24/7 best support emails. FeedPress is an advanced tracking tool that offers you to know who listened to your podcasts, downloaded your videos and clicked your feed.


FeedCat is a free to use feed boosting service that provides public catalogue of feeds like RSS and ATOM. First benefit of this tool is that you can placed feed button anywhere on the website and the readers who are currently viewing your site can be monitored through the button.


RapidFeeds is an RSS manager that is gaining popularity day by day. You can easily create the RSS feed, can edit RSS feeds, can manage and publish RSS feeds. You can do all this by your FeedManager account and no download required.


Aweber is a simpler, faster email marketer and monitoring tool for your business. Either you want to support your customers or want to get support from the Aweber; all is equally provided by the Aweber.


MailChimp is designed for those web owners who have to send large number of mails to their subscribers and members. With the help of MailChimp you can keep all your contacts in one place with its subscriber profiles feature.


In spite of the fact that GetResponse has constraints in customization and altering of its layouts, it is a decent decision for startup proprietors as a result of its showcasing help for your email crusades.


RevResponse empowers advanced Publishers to viably adapt all types of B2B activity by means of automatic promotion advances, local publicizing, and the biggest stock of expert substance. Your Analytics Dashboard and Audience Intelligence Reports incorporate point by point demographic bits of knowledge on your Audience.

More About Liferea

Liferea is the web-based reader/news aggregator that unites the majority of the substance from your most loved platforms into a straightforward interface that makes it simple to sort out and read relevant data only. Its GUI is a desktop mail/news client, with an installed graphical program. Since the requirement for data is developing, users require a decent, solid method for getting the data they think about. RSS channels can carry out the occupation well, yet dealing with those encourages is another story. There are some incredible online administrations like Google Reader, yet there’s a possibility you’re not continually going to be web based, contingent upon where you are with your machine. Like this, a desktop customer would be ideal. Be that as it may, for Linux, which client is ideal? Liferea will effortlessly carry out the employment. The program is anything but difficult to utilize. When you open it, you are as of now inside the fundamental program window, and it will be as of now be redesigning the few default bolsters that it has designed. Here you can tap on a source in the left sheet and view singular articles from that source in the right sheet. If you look down a bit, you’ll discover a meta-folder of every new thing, so you can rapidly read all the new articles as opposed to scanning for them in every individual news source. A useful tidbit for the people who might be confounded by this – at startup, Liferea needs to compose a ton onto your hard drive since it is redesigning a rundown of sustains when it begins, and it will take longer if you have more nourishes in Liferea. The plate action may back off your framework until it is done, so know about that as opposed to shouting and kicking at your PC. Simply recollect, the sooner it’s done, the better.

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