Linked Ideas


Linked Ideas Alternatives for iOS

#1 Marked 2


Marked 2 is a platform that offers a smarter tool that uses to help the writers in increasing productivity and capability. The platform keeps everything safe and saved as the writer is writing so that even if the system crashed, the content stays safe. Moreover, It is fast to use and picks up the changes that users are making quickly, and it can keep the users’ attention on their most edited items.

The platform also comes with a plain text feature in which they can edit the text’s font size, shape, and color. Moreover, users can export the files produced through this software in any format, such as HTML, PDF, Word, etc. It allows users to create files, and they can keep similar files in the same folder for easy access.


#2 Scapple


Scapple helps users work roughly on their ideas, and they can create a whole chart of their ideas in this way. The platform also works on creating a rough mind map, and users can draw lines to understand the whole model. Moreover, it enables users to write everything like they are doing some rough tasks.

The platform also allows users to make connections, and users can attach data to each other through arrows. Furthermore, users have complete freedom over their ideas, and they can edit and move them anywhere they want. The software is easy to use, and users can move their notes and the text in them anywhere on the page.