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Litmus makes you see precisely how your designs do appear on every platform, across every famous web browser. As soon as you concluded testing, one click publishes a complete compatibility report ready for review by your client or boss. Litmus will display precisely how your email is seen through the eyes of your readers, whether email organism they might be using… read more

11 Litmus Alternatives & Similar Software


1. BrowserShots

BrowserShots helps web designers and developers to view how do a website look like in various browsers with different resolutions. Instead having installed every browser and altering decision many times, the usage of this tool is a good option to test a website on various operating systems and browsers. Users are offered to choose Linux, Mac, Windows as an operating system, sired browsers with their versions, color resolution depth, enable or disable JavaScript, enable or disable Flash and more. It supports checking in various versions of Internet browsers. BrowserShots makes screenshots of your web outline in different working frameworks and programs. It is a free open-source online web application giving designers an advantageous approach to testing their site’s program similarity in one spot. When you present your web address, it will be added to the occupation line. Various appropriated computers will open the site in their program. At that point, they will make screenshots and transfer them to our dedicated focal server for your audit. In our fantasies, the web searches useful for all clients. So we let web creators view screenshots of their pages in various programs, at different screen resolutions and with different modules. This anticipates worried about a most loved issue of web originators: sites look changed in various programs. Testing another site in numerous programs can be very tedious. Not everyone has a ranch of legacy machines with more established OSes and programs. There are online administrations that offer screenshots of sites in various programs for extensive charges. For the specialist and open source extends, these expenses might be restrictive.


2. IETester

IETester helps web designers or owners to check or test a website in various versions of Internet Explorer. The user is facilitated to text using different operating system version: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and test how a webpage is rendering in IE10, IE9, IE8, IE7, IE6, and IE5.5. If you are vital to web developer or necessary concept of the web, one enormous stresses which you would owe to overcome is the similarity of your website with every single accessible guide. The dark creature of all is IE6. IETester is a free guide permitting to test your locales on various variants of IE that is beta IE8 1, IE7, IE 6 AND IE5.5 on XP and Vista. You don’t need to introduce one in one these distinctive versions; you just have just to launch IE7 form with the goal that project works. An intriguing element of IETester is the implicit “Top Picks” list that contains several many sites you can use in your similarity tests. On top of everything, designers get an exceptionally helpful arrangement of apparatuses, including a source code viewer and a few utilities to handicap store, media content or different additional items. Amid our tests we found two or three issues with some Java sites, yet incapacitating the motor tackled the issue.


3. BrowserStack

BrowserStack is an effective online utility that offers users to check their website from various browsers. The supported browsers include Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. BrowserStack allows you text every aspect of your websites like Flash, CSS, Java and more. BrowserStack Automate gives a stage to run mechanized program tests utilizing either the Selenium or JavaScript testing structure. Tests can be altered using capacities, which are a progression of the main quality sets used to breeze through conditions to the tests. Selenium has an arrangement of default capabilities, while BrowserStack has made particular abilities to expand the customization accessible to clients. Also, there is backing for prevalent Continuous Integration apparatuses, like Jenkins, Travis and Circle CI. BrowserStack likewise bolsters the utilization of REST API to get to data about computerized tests, for example, status, constructs, undertakings, sessions and programs. Tests can be keeping running in parallel on BrowserStack framework to eliminate testing time. Like Live, Automate can likewise be utilized to test open or private and ensured servers, using the Local Testing highlight.


4. Browserling

Browserling is an online utility that helps you check a web page to observe how it looks like in various browsers and different version of them. It supports Opera, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Once the rendering is finished for current selection, users can easily select another version of the same or a distinct web browser. There is a broad range of programs and working frameworks, and Browserling gives quick access to all the most mainstream programs on the most famous working structures. Clients can only go to select a program and begin testing their site. It’s that straightforward! This augmentation makes it considerably less difficult. Once introduced, it gives you a chance to test the present site that you’re skimming. Just tap the expansion, pick a stage, program, and form, and you can begin testing! Browserling gives you a chance to live to surf a site in an alternate program with nothing to introduce. This lets, for example, a Mac client test a site to perceive how it acts in Internet Explorer 6, without installing a virtual machine or plays out whatever other setup work. Browserling is controlled by HTML5 and JavaScript. You don’t have to introduce anything. It just works! All associations amongst you and Browserling are SSL scrambled. You’re perusing is entirely unknown! You can catch, spare, alter and send screenshots of your site pages in different programs.



Webcheck is an online utility that comes with helpful reports about a website or page. It provides information about a site covering different aspects such as hosting location, page speed, compatibility with distinct browsers, server response, image optimization and other page factors like CSS or JavaScript; it gives malware check reports concerning common site vulnerabilities. It also gives SEO reports having data concerning code to text ratio, page titles or descriptions, robots.txt, URL length, etc. This instrument permits you to check your site against numerous known issues like misconfiguration or malware and a great deal more. Just enter your website address in the structure above and let it check your site! The universe of web programs is immense and perpetually evolving. There is Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and numerous others. Hold up – there are distinctive adaptations of them! permits you to check how your page carries on in various environments, by giving full-estimate site previews. Security issues lead to a lessening in your image’s worth. Respond quick on any malware, infections or programmers assault before they influence your clients. is a flawless apparatus to screen and check your site efficiently. This observing instrument checks sites as well as different parts of correspondence. thinks about messages as well – checks the accessibility of your mail servers, their consistence with norms and if they are recorded or not on any blacklists.


6. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs gives the world’s biggest automation cloud for checking the web and local mobile programs. Founded be the basic builder of Selenium, Sauce Labs aids companies accelerate program development cycles, better application quality and set up with assurance across more than 350 browsers / OS platforms, including Linux, iOS, Windows, Android & Mac OS X. The greatly scalable cloud is created to control the most protected data from our customers, who range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, situated across the globe. No compelling reason to invest sufficient energy and assets creating and keeping up your particular framework when you have admittance to the protected and reliable robotized testing from Sauce. Perfect with tests written in any dialect and system. Utilize any JS unit test runner. What’s more, Sauce incorporates with your CI framework to make robotized testing a piece of your construct procedure. You can get to a live remote desktop session while running tests. Furthermore, you can physically take control of the VM or “breakpoint” the test to stop computerization and analyze issues. Sauce Labs offers various levels of client backing, and also Customer Success Managers to guarantee your group gets up and running easily. Discretionary expert administrations are likewise accessible to kick off your excursion to computerized testing and DevOps.


7. Blisk

While Mozilla has effectively taken a real wound at building a definitive dev-accommodating apparatus with its Developer Edition of Firefox, Blisk is the program each web developer needs throughout their life. Planned particularly for designers and at present accessible for Windows, Blisk is a free Chromium-based program that means to enhance efficiency and code quality by giving a broad exhibit of instruments for Web improvement and testing for both desktop and versatile. Blisk accompanies a bright pre-introduced set of prevalent gadgets in imitated mode that makes it simple for engineers to test how their code renders over various devices and programs. The component is primarily valuable for contrasting how outline reacts with different screen resolutions and pixel proportions. To make testing crosswise over gadgets significantly less difficult, the dev-accommodating application offers a convenient ‘parchment sync’ usefulness that permits engineers to all the while work with the same piece of code on numerous gadgets without losing center. This implies at whatever point you look at a page on your desktop device; Blisk will naturally demonstrate the same area of the page on your cell phone as well.


8. CrossBrowserTesting

Use CrossBrowserTesting’s interactive test lab to run live tests in hundreds of browser and operating system combinations. CrossBrowserTesting is simply one of the best platforms to test your web’s functionality and design, including HTML forms, AJAX, JavaScript and Flash. CrossBrowserTesting can be used for checking the web pages’ layout across multiple browsers with the automated screenshots. From Internet Explorer 6 to the latest Android operating system, this tool will make you able to quickly verify your website’s design as it is rendered across varying platforms and resolutions. One of the best features of CrossBrowserTesting is that it makes the developers able to find rendering differences easily with its comparisons tools. Simply choose a baseline browser, review reported layout differences, and visually compare screenshots side-by-side. The availability of Selenium Tests will allow you to take your test to the next level. Write script to automate actions and assertions on your websites against the remove browsers of CrossBrowserTesting. CrossBrowserTesting also offers the local testing option for those who want to test websites while they are still in development, behind firewalls or on their local desktop.


9. Testize

Testize gage your webpage’s ease of use against at present acknowledged Internet gauges to recognize website appropriateness over numerous cell phones and programs. Evaluate and validate your site to distinguish issues that may affect your site execution, ease of use, SEO, W3C consistency, rendering, crosswise over cell phones and programs and that are only the tip of the iceberg. Every single distinguished issue is gone with proposals and custom-made directions on the best way to settle these problems. Only take after plans regulated to enhance your site to make guests cheerful and let the site sparkle! Also, the expert help is accessible to help you to address any site issues. The powerful visual apparatuses of Testize permit you to think about and dissect format results from different programs and gadgets, next to each other, to effortlessly distinguish issues. All testing history is safely put away and chose results can be shared for further survey and input – all from a single, simple-to-use interface.


10. MultiBrowser

MultiBrowser permits you to take control of the numerous programs that you may have introduced on your Mac. At whatever point you tap on a connection in virtually any application (e.g. Mail, Preview, and so forth), MultiBrowser will show up and permit you to pick which program to open that connection in. MultiBrowser’s program choice window is exceedingly configurable allowing you to change its hues, size, and all the more with the goal that you can choose precisely what it ought to resemble. MultiBrowser utilizes worked as a part of Mac OS X benefits with the goal that it doesn’t need to keep running until you actually click a connection – this implies it won’t squander any of your Mac’s assets. MultiBrowser likewise has extra alternatives for changing how programs are dispatched, taking care of various screens, and the sky is the limit from there. It has discretionary utilization following (which won’t be imparted to anybody aside from yourself) to let know how often you utilize every program.


11. Mail Tester

Mail Tester is a web-based application that tests the spamminess of your email. With the help of this application, you can check if your email will end up in the spam folder or not even send. Mail Tester is a simple and easy to use platform that not requires any kind of installation or registration to test your email, just needs to visit the site, place your email address in the input area and hit the check button within a few seconds it delivers complete results with complete details. A series of checks will be performed on the email address, but not actual email sent. The application is mostly used by marketing professionals, IT professionals and private individuals for different purposes. Mail Tester is free to use application for all the users, and you can access it anywhere in the world. Do try it out, it is best for check your email address.

More About Litmus

Litmus makes you see precisely how your designs do appear on every platform, across every famous web browser. As soon as you concluded testing, one click publishes a complete compatibility report ready for review by your client or boss. Litmus will display precisely how your email is seen through the eyes of your readers, whether email organism they might be using. Litmus is not another email supplier. It is a web application that works with all the significant email providers. You don’t need to change the way you send messages. Litmus just works! Litmus is intended to help clients calibrate their messages to help them clear spam checkers, see their appearance over an expansive cluster of gadgets and programs, and give extra reporting information. Every one of this comes at a robust cost, in any case, which implies you’ll need to be sure Litmus can increase the value of your promoting exercises before you focus on it. After building and seeing messages, clients can send them to Litmus for rendering testing with Litmus’ a single tick email testing. Litmus’ complete spam testing then checks your verification, IP addresses, and notoriety and gives input and scores to ISP and corporate channels to guarantee that your messages reach inboxes. When messages are sent, Litmus’ engagement synopsis reports to clients on open rate, as well as whether the messages were erased, looked at, skimmed over or appropriately read. Geolocation tells customers where messages were opened, as well.

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