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LonelyScreen Alternatives

#1 Droid @ Screen


Droid @ Screen is the most leading solution that helps you to easily show the screen of an Android device on your computer. It is a powerful solution primarily used for training, teaching, and demonstration purposes. With the help of Droid @ Screen, you can enjoy a complete Android experience on your device, install and uninstall applications, start demos, and much more.

There is also an option that enables you to view full meta-data. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it has Landscape Mode and allows you to quickly swap between portrait and landscape mode anytime to enjoy the complete experience.


#2 BBQScreen


BBQScreen is a powerful tool that helps you view your Android screen on the computer at full speed, including sounds. It also lets you interact with your device using a mouse and keyboard.

As compared to all the other most leading phones to PC screen sharing applications, BBQScreen is more powerful and lets your device’s screen in real-time and at a high framerate.


1 is a cloud service that comes with a large set of features. It offers a desktop client required to enable advanced features such as Chromecast and Airplay mirroring. The solution is known as the only solution that allows screen mirroring and recording from both iOS and Android devices.

With this application’s help, you can easily mirror your desktop or computer screen on your tablet and control it from there without any limitation. Launch the app, navigate Windows, and browse the web on your computer through your tablet or mobile device.


#4 TeamViewer QuickSupport


TeamViewer QuickSupport is a tool that allows you to get support for your mobile device from any Windows or Mac PC. It is an official TeamViewer product and offers all the core services and features to deliver a complete experience on your mobile device.

With the help of this tool, you can now receive remote technical support for your mobile devices and have the ability to communicate, share documents, view device information, stop processes, pull Wi-Fi settings, and much more.


0 is a free to use web-based and mobile application that allows you to instantly share your screen to a browser anywhere around the world. View from any device, including tablets and smartphones.

It is simple and easy to use, and no require a signup or any software installation. Just go to the site or add its extension into your browser, get the code, and share it with others without any limitation. As compared to all the other leading similar screen sharing platforms, it is fast and straightforward; you can enjoy all features even on a low internet connection.

#6 AllCast


AllCast is a mobile application that allows you to send photos, videos, and music on your phone to your TV. The app is available to use on both Android and iOS devices, and it allows you to cast almost all the leading big-screen platforms, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, and lots of others.

It is a lightweight application and comes as an alternative to Reflector with some new features and tools. With this app’s help, you can easily send images, videos, and even music of any size and quality. The site’s interface is quite simple; from the drop-down menu on the left side will find a shortcut to its gallery.

#7 MiracleCast


MiracleCast is a project in progress that helps users to connect to different monitors through Wi-Fi, and they can easily perform any task on those monitors. The platform makes it easy for the users to handle all the other monitors’ tasks, and they get a clear display on their system. Moreover, it implements the display-source along with the display-sink side.

The platform helps in managing local links and pre-discovery, protocol encoding/parsing, and other tasks. Moreover, it has a command-line utility to control the daemon, and two of its components communicate over DBus and local system processes. It applies a fully-working WiFi-P2P user-space solution while the actual video streaming support of it is highly experimental. MiracleCast is completely focused on proper desktop integration instead of fast prototyping and eases the tasks of users.

#8 VMLite VNC Server


VMLite VNC Server is the first and only application that works without root requirements. It allows you to remotely view and control your device from a desktop computer or another mobile device using the popular VNC protocol.

The application works on rooted and non-rooted Android phones; however, for non-rooted devices, every time after turning the device off and on. You’ll have to connect your device to the Mac and Windows PC using the USB cable, then enjoy a free desktop program. The application starts the server on your device, and once the server is started, you can disconnect your device.

#9 Mirroring360


Mirroring360 is a professional application that allows the users to wirelessly connect their PCs, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac screens without using any cable or hardware system. Share your work and ideas by using Mirroring360 and allow others to help you.

Mirroring360 lets you remotely share and record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the requirement for equipment or links. Begin sharing your work, your thoughts, and your most recent applications with Mirroring360.

#10 Wondershare MirrorGo


Wondershare MirrorGo is an all-in-one mobile management tool that lets you watch and play your mobile games on a PC. It also allows you to view and compose SMS messages and enjoy music and videos without any limitation.

It is quite a simple and easy to use service that allows you to export your phone’s contents to your PC and can transfer content to your phone. It is specially designed for video game lovers who want to enjoy their mobile games on a big screen with a full HD view.

#11 X-Mirage


X-Mirage is a leading AirPlay server for both Windows and Mac PC that makes it simple to use your PC to show off your iOS devices on a large screen. With the help of this, you can easily record everything onscreen with just a single click.

It is a comprehensive solution that offers almost all the major features and tools. With this, you can mirror your touch screen to your Mac or Windows wirelessly, and its mirroring system makes it simple to project the screen of iOS devices to your computer.

#12 Reflector


Reflector is a wireless screen mirroring application that allows you to mirror your phone, tablet, or computer to the big screen without wires or any complicated setups. It is a feature-rich solution and makes it easier than ever to share your device screen.

The application works on almost all the major platforms, including Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast, etc., as well as combine the capabilities of Apple TV, Chromecast, and Windows devices to create a powerful and all-in-one mirroring receiver.

#13 AirServer


AirServer is a Mac and PC application that allows you to stream or mirror your Android device to your PC or Mac. The service can transform a simple big screen or projector into a universal screen mirroring receiver that enhances your streaming experience.

It does this by implementing all primary screen mirroring technologies, including Google Cast, Airplay, and Miracast, into one universal receiver. It is one of the best alternatives to Reflector and offers all the similar services with some new features and tools.

LonelyScreen Reviews

written on May 28, 2020

If you are looking for a service that will mirror your phone, this is the best platform to do it because it consists of many procedures, and the customization modules are up-to-date. It comes specifically for your web-based movie services, and it can also sync with your iOS devices, but the Android platform is still under construction. The website also gives you the app demo, gameplay, family images, and you can show presentation and whatnot. I enjoy using it, and I hope that it will fulfill your needs too.

written on February 15, 2020

It is the best platform to mirror your mobile directly to your TV, computer and you can control that with the remote control feature that comes along with the application. It syncs your iOS device to the other platforms. It’s a shame they do not have the solution for Android devices, but I wish it would be great if they could work on that. There are features with no limits. You can enjoy the app very much, and it is so easy to use that even my kids can do it. It is a three to four-step process.

written on January 17, 2020

First of all, the name of the platform that intrigues me because I am an emotional person. Secondly, when I look at the interface and the working of this platform, I was surprised because it has such easy customization that I can connect my phone with my TV within 5 minutes. So now, you can imagine how easy the customization features are, and the remote control access is just brilliant.