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Loudr is, pass on, the least demanding approach to get covers, mashups, and mixtures authorized. No finding random outsiders, no calling different distributors, no issues. On the off chance that this quote sounds like an infomercial, this is on account of Loudr has made something as amazing as a programmed bread slicer… read more

10 Loudr Alternatives & Similar Sites


1. Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud provides its users with an infrastructure which enables the users to save audio files for distribution via Vibe Cloud’s network. When a file is uploaded, it is made available via the Vibe Cloud website, http://www.VibeCloud.net, and may be downloaded or distributed by anyone who chooses to do so. The files saved at Vibe Cloud are licensed under a Creative Commons License. Vibe Cloud does not claim any additional rights over or above those provided by the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license. The basic services offered by Vibe Cloud are essentially free of charge. However, Vibe Cloud offers an additional premium membership which significantly increases the service capability and ease of use which are subject to costs. Vibe Cloud provides its free users with line and memory capacity at its sole discretion. It is entitled to temporarily disallow the saving of new files, to determine limitations regarding the maximum possible file size, to have the download of files only started after a waiting period, to adapt the rate of transmission to the visitor traffic and to limit the amount of the maximum permissible download per file. Vibe Cloud points out that in order to clean up its hard drives it deletes such files which were uploaded by free users and which were not accessed for a time period of 90 days.


2. TheSixtyOne

First and foremost, this is a music website, not unlike mp3.com in days of yore. Playing music on it “just works” and their interface is very slick. The site integrates several clever social dynamics to keep you engaged and the site interesting. Artists on the site are independent musicians or groups, although there are certainly some recognizable names such as Daft Punk, Ratatat, Arcade Fire, CSS, etc. The heart of the site is a voting system where users promote music by, yes, hearing it. That was a horrible pun. The most popular music is featured on the front page in the “top songs” and “hot right now” sections. That in itself is not that unusual; it’s only logical that a Digg/Reddit-style voting will be applied to pretty much every concept ever. The real charm of TheSixtyOne, though, is its game-based design. As a user, you have a certain amount of “rep” (think experience) that determines your level. As you level up, you unlock site features, a clever way of introducing the various features. Also, each level confers additional hearts per daily login. Rep is gained primarily by hearing music that is subsequently hearted by other users; this rewards users for picking “good” music, under the assumption that if it’s good, then other people will like it as well.


3. Libre.fm

Libre.fm is a music community website that aims to provide a Free Software replacement for the last.fm. Libre.fm can optionally store a user’s listening habits using information sent to the site’s server from the user’s audio player via scrobbling. To enable support for Libre.fm on existing audio players, the site implements the Last.FM Audioscrobbler API. In addition to collecting user uploaded listening data, the site offers streaming music using the Ogg container, from the sites Jamendo or The Internet Archive, via an HTML5 audio player, run directly in the user’s browser. By utilizing the records of users’ listening habits, the website aims to be able to recommend music to users by analyzing their musical taste. However, this feature isn’t fully developed yet. The site currently only offers basic suggestions if content a user has “Loved” (favorited), contains shared tags with content a user has not favorited yet. Registered users, who have favorited tracks, will have that content appear in streaming web playlists, called “Radio Stations.” It is not currently possible to build custom playlists.


4. Jamendo

Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. It bills itself as “the world’s largest digital service for free music”. At the center of Jamendo is an economic model that grants free music downloads for web users, while at the same time providing revenue opportunities for artists through commercial uses, via the music licensing platform Jamendo Licensing which sells licenses for music synchronization and background music. Jamendo offers artists the opportunity to publish their music for free under Creative Commons licenses (and also the Free Art License in the past). Artists joining Jamendo cannot be registered to any collecting rights society, such as GEMA in Germany or SGAE in Spain, as such organizations are often holding exclusive rights on artists’ works. More flexibility is observed in other collecting societies, recognizing music under Creative Commons licenses as long as commercial use is excluded. Users can listen to MP3 encoded audio files (96 kbit/s) and download in MP3 (192kbit/s) and Ogg Vorbis formats. Listening and downloading is free, unlimited and without any advertisements. Each user has a personal account in which extended features are available, for example creating playlists, bookmarking songs and albums, becoming a fan of an artist, sharing on social networks, reviewing tracks or albums, and donating to their favorite artists. The website also promotes new music through an editorial feed on the homepage, along with top charts and genre-specific radio channels.


5. Plug.dj

Plug DJ is dedicated to building positive international communities for sharing and discovering music. Here the users choose from a wide array of expressive characters, join any number of virtual rooms where they can discover and share music and videos, and communicate with international cohorts using our real-time chat translation. Plug.dj enables brands to provide an interactive, deeply immersive and real-time media experience for consumers worldwide. The average user spends over an hour on the site per visit while actively engaging in the social consumption of videos and music, gaming mechanics, international chat and social media integration that leaves the user with a positive brand association experience. Musicians and DJs alike will find great value in having a platform in which they can engage with and attract fans from around the world in real-time. Plug.dj is working with up-and-coming artists to premier their new videos or mixes to fans and gets instant feedback. Plug.dj consists of different online chat rooms, called “communities” that users can freely create. Inside each community, users can choose to join a waitlist and wait for their turn to be the DJ for everyone else in the community, playing a video or song chosen from either YouTube or SoundCloud, or simply listen passively. Users can also vote positively or negatively for each song or video played, or add it to their own playlists.


6. Mielophone

Mielophone is a lightweight, app designed for locating, listening and downloading new music. The app searches through databases such as MusicBrainz, Last.FM and BBCRadio in order to find data about songs, artists and albums. With Mielophone you can find your favorite artists, albums or songs easily. By accessing up to date crowd-sourced databases, Mielophone gathers any missing metadata and amalgamates it to give you a complete rundown of information relating to that artist, song or album. Overall, Mielophone is quite a useful app for any music lover. The interface is based on an old-style explorer window, and is easy to navigate. With the ability to connect to Facebook and share your newly discovered music, and flexible plugins to enhance your experience, Mielophone performs really well. It provides accurate discography, tags and rating data and complete artist information. Mielophone is an interesting application developed to mimic the typical Microsoft Metro control interface. It offers streaming support for many online music websites and can remotely play your favorite radio stations from within the program’s main window. However, dysfunctional features can hinder users that expect basic options, like interface customization and online video rendering, to work smoothly and without issues.


7. Iomoio

Iomoio is one of the finest MP3 downloads website which is available at the present time. Iomoio will give you a chance to download your most loved mp3 melodies for an exceptionally shabby rate. Presently the question must be there in your mind that “We as a whole are allowed to download anything that we need for nothing from Internet and such tunes as well. So why we purchase mp3 melody when we are allowed to download it for nothing.” There are various reasons for it. As a matter of first importance when you download any sort of free melody or whatever other music from the web the quality is entirely low of that specific tune when you purchase such tune from here you will get the first nature of that tune. This is the straightforward motivation to purchase your main tune. Furthermore, now comes the principle reason which can make you think not to download any sort of free music from the web, the purpose for it is copyright. Downloading copyrighted tunes from the web is a wrongdoing which may likewise destructive to your gadgets influence by malware; be a more astute man, why not simply spend a few pennies frame out pocket to download our most loved mp3 tunes lawfully. Iomoio is there to serve all of you the requirements of your cheapest. Here before purchasing a tune, you can listen to a review of the melody for one minute, in the event that you are happy with the nature of the tune, you can begin downloading it. Presently you should be intrigued to know encourage things about this astonishing soundtrack center, Iomoio.


8. Mp3fiesta

Mp3fiesta is free to use most leading web-based application that allows you to find and download mp3 songs in excellent quality. The application features a huge collection of tracks and also regularly update with new songs in order to deliver all the daily trends. All the track on this application are consists of numbers of genres such as Acid Jazz, Chill Out, and House, Hardcore, R&B, Hip-hop, Dance and lots of others. Each one has its own tracks to listen and download. Mp3fiesta is more than just an mp3 downloader and offers all the latest news about upcoming albums, chart and a top billboard that make it better than others. Unlike movies streaming sites, it also offers multiple options to find your favorite tracks such explore its genres, explore a massive list of artists and use its advanced search bar where you just need to name of the same, tag or other related stuff. Mp3fiesta no require registration to find and download your favorite tracks, but if you want to get updated with the latest release and now about upcoming albums you need to sign up. Simple interface, millions of free track to download, audiobooks, now about upcoming consorts, daily update and free for everyone these are the most prominent feature of the site.


9. Stingray Music

With more than 100 million supporters in 113 nations, Stingray is the one of the world driving multi-stage music benefit supplier. It conveys top notch music and video content on various stages including Digital TV, IPTV, the Internet, cell phones and diversion supports. Stingray gives you access to a huge number of tunes and several straight sounds direct in all music sorts. Every channel is professionally modified by honor winning music specialists and is custom fitted to patterns and the tastes of purchasers; with a specific accentuation on famous neighborhood content. It plans to give a music determination that suits each state of mind, place, minute and age aggregate. It has customized diverts in a bigger number of kinds than you can envision including electronica, great shake, reggae, society, pop, shake, and soul. It additionally programs its music channels to suit nearby tastes and patterns. Stingray Music comprises of 100 businesses free music based sound stations, each dedicated to a specific sort, conveyed through advanced TV stages. Every channel comprises a persistent stream of music or sound, utilizing no live, on-air plate racers. Stingray Music directs customized in English, French, and an assortment of different dialects. Every channel has its remarkable developer, an expert from the music business with experience and learning in the class of music the channel obliges.


10. Songr

Songr is an application that permits you to hunt down and download music and video from the web. Songr’s interface is both instinctive and productive, and the application itself is a powerful apparatus to discover music and hear it out quickly on your PC. You can seek by verse or tune title, and the outcomes are shown rapidly. Double tap the track to start playing in your chosen media player. On the in addition to the side, you can disentangle your hunt down MP3s, and no genuine setup is required, and you access your downloads immediately. On the drawback, be that as it may, there is no capacity to continue intruded on downloads and you can’t pick singular capacities. With Songr, you can seek and download melodies in MP3 design, by utilizing more than ten topical web crawlers at the same time. The outcomes fluctuate, and downloading the melodies is both clear and quick. Songr will stream playback of the chose tunes or the choice to download them onto your computer. It does exclude a resume work for downloads that are broken or delayed. Songr has a perfect and basic interface. Hunting down a melody utilizing the convenient pursuit box is a total easy decision.

More About Loudr

Loudr is, pass on, the least demanding approach to get covers, mashups, and mixtures authorized. No finding random outsiders, no calling different distributors, no issues. On the off chance that this quote sounds like an infomercial, this is on account of Loudr has made something as amazing as a programmed bread slicer. Loudr interfaces music darlings, makers, and empowering influences through present day rights and dispersion answers for the steadily developing music commercial center. A mechanical permit empowers you to lawfully offer your tune in stores like iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp. It gives you the flexibility to advance your music without stressing over getting a stop this instant notice or awakening to find that your music has been brought down. Acquiring licenses additionally means you’re ensuring the first musicians get paid their share of eminences for their diligent work, and that is magnificent. Loudr gives you a chance to disseminate and offer soundtracks of practically any melody possible. Whether you’ve recorded a unique or a cover, Loudr helps you offer it through the world’s greatest music administrations, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Loudr’s immediate to-fan store, and that’s just the beginning!

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