Lux VST Brainwave Entrainment Instrument


Lux VST Brainwave Entrainment Instrument Alternatives for PC

#1 Neuro Sequencer Pro


Neuro Sequencer Pro is a highly personalized ambient sound generation system for Windows operating systems that helps users create both Isochronic tones and binaural beats. Using this tool, the users can easily create these sounds from the Delta to Gemma frequencies and mix them with over a hundred high-quality sounds. Dozens of sessions are integrated that will enable you to create your own full-featured editor. It provides the basic solution of three core issues that are relaxing, sleeps and focuses.

Relax area lets the users relieve stress and arrange personalized meditation. Sleep session assists the users in calming the mind and getting the restful sleep. Then comes the focus area that is forgetting the aid concentration and optimizing the learning level. Neuro Sequencer Pro’s sessions are perfect in providing the solution to various mental and physical issues. The other best thing about it is that each session provides the system of time rammed from one minute to a whole day.