Machinal Instinct


Machinal Instinct Alternatives for PS2

#1 God Hand


Capcom offers a great game named as God Hand is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Beat-em-up and Single-player video game. In this game, the player can take on the role of a Martial Artist who wield legendary God Hands a pair of arms which is used to save the world from the demons, Gene, Angra and his companions Olivia. The player is able to move in all the direction and attack on the enemy creatures using special moves. There are total hundreds of moves the player can choose including basic punches and jabs to capoeira style. The one of the most powerful ability in the game can be utilized the player’s God Reel a roulette wheel which contains moves that the player can select. These moves are limited, but the player increases by gathering Skull Cards on each stage. God Hand offers a verity of stages, and each stage of the game offers more complex gameplay of the last one. After complete the numbers of stages, it allows the player to use his experience points and upgrade his character with new moves and unlock new abilities that make the game more enjoyable. God Hand offers excellent game controls and setting, brilliant graphics, and fantastic game mechanics.