MailPoet Alternatives for iOS


0 is an online productivity suite designed for freelancers and small teams to manage tasks, records, and client communication. The solution aims to deliver a user-friendly project and client management that automate a variety of tasks to save time and cost. With the help of this, users can easily track time and billing, personalized workspaces, email integration, collaboration tools, and all the other similar things without any effort. Through product management solutions, users can easily manage their projects and clearly see who is doing what, when, and for whom via an intuitive interface.

It introduces a simple and easy-to-understand control panel that enables users to organize individual, team, and client work using task management, time tracking, and reporting features. To enhance user productivity, it allows users to assign tasks and attach files and create checklists and conveniently. To make it a comprehensive solution, it introduces a complete assignment management system with some new tools that allow users to assign tasks to their team and customers easily. also includes core features such as idea management, task tracking, agile development, communication management, set rates per staff, and projects, file sharing, quality assurance management, collaboration tools, etc.


#2 Mailchimp


Mailchimp is an email marketing and marketing automation platform that allows you to manage your business email list and create email marketing campaigns and send to customers. With this service, you get six times more effective marketing than traditional one. This platform is suitable for you if you want to take your business to the online world and boost sales. This helps you send the right messages to the right channels, build emails, make social media campaigns, postcards, landing pages, and much more from one place. The signup forms let you use the embedded or pop-up forms and collect all the details you need from contacts.

This integration lets you sync all of your Mailchimp subscribers into Salesforce and link them to existing contacts and leads in your CRM, creating a shared view across platforms. With the tailored dashboard, spot patterns in your data at a glance, keep tabs on trends, and always know who you’re talking to. All in all, Mailchimp is a great platform that you can consider among its alternatives.