ManageEngine Desktop Central Alternatives

ManageEngine Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop Central is an integrated desktop and mobile device management solution that is specially designed to help administrator and employees manage their servers, desktops, smartphones and all the other devices from a single centralized location. It is an all-in-one system and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones… read more

10 ManageEngine Desktop Central Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Scalyr

Scalyr is an all-in-one IT management solution created by Google Docs creator, and it brings the ease and speed found in consumer applications to a robust server monitoring tools. It is also known as a platform for high-speed server monitoring and log management. The application’s log aggregator module collections all applications, process, web, system log and manages their volumes by filtering for sensitive or noisy logs before releasing them to the server. It is one of the best alternatives to Cylance and offers all the similar services that make it better than others. The solution analyses and summarize data from logs into the interactive reports and visualizations. Just like the other similar applications it also has a robust dashboard that allows you to quickly view process and server metrics as well as web traffics. Scalyr also includes core features such as built-in diagnostic tools, event logs, mail server interactive reports, rest alert, web mentoring server groups and real-time log monitoring etc. Another most addictive thing about this solution is that it offers customization option with lots of advanced tools in order to deliver a complete experience. Overall, Scalyr is one of the best IT solutions as compared to the others.


2. Teramind

Teramind is another employee monitoring solution and computer security platform that tracks what employees are doing on computers as well as protects the network from potential threats like information theft etc. It is one of the best alternatives to Okta and offers all the similar service with some new feature that makes it better than others. With the help of this solution, all the companies are able to isolate suspicious activity and pinpoint probable security hazards and monitor employee efficiency and productivity. The solution also assists IT security and owners to decrease security occurrences by delivering them with real-time alerts. On top of that, Teramind also locks users and devices it deems to be a threat to the integrity of the company. One of the most interesting and enjoyable thing about this application is that it offers employee activity history playback feature that allows companies to interactively review their employee’s activity at the end of the day or anytime. Email monitoring, Keystroke logger, file tracking, automated behaviour rules and project management integration. These are also features of the platform. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this stunning platform.


3. Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus is an award-winning mobile device management solution aimed at improving employee productivity without the need for compromising corporate security. It is a major part of ManageEngine’s suite that meets the needs of IT operations. It is a simple but powerful solution that allows the easy management of multiple mobile platforms from a single interface. Mobile Device Manager Plus make simplifies the enrollment and authentication of BYOD and corporate devices. Unlike other, it also has an intuitive dashboard which makes sure that users can able to obtain complete visibility and overview of an entire device ecosystem. It is designed with all the major security features that ensure that corporate data is safe and protected. Users can control or access to devices by configuring device usage permissions based on roles. When it comes to devising enrollment, the platform permits users to enrol their own mobile devices. They will be able to receive an enrollment invitation through email or perform self-enrollment. Another method of device enrollment available on this platform is admin initiated enrollment that enables administrators to enrol mobile devices in bulk by uploading CSV files that contains employee details. Mobile Device Manager Plus also includes core features as security management, content management, kiosk mode and remote troubleshooting etc.


4. Managed Mobility Services

Managed Mobility Services is a leading Mobile Device Management and lifecycle management solution that aids IT departments in meeting the challenge brought about the mobile devices-related issues such as securing, tracking and repairing etc. It is a complete solution that allows companies to enforce strict mobile policies in order to ensure that their deployed devices are being used only to complete assigned tasks. The system also assists employees in maintaining or enhancing their productivity through remote devices troubleshooting and support. Managed Mobility Services further assists companies to reduce expenses to allow them to maximize their savings opportunities. As like all the other similar MDM systems it also offers a secure mobile environment. With this solution, businesses can safeguard sensitive information that storied in their worker’s devices. That is because it applies rigorous security measures across the mobile environment for IT staff to monitor them for possible security threats. Mobile deployment and support, application management, automatic device recognition, mobile infrastructure analytics and expense tracking these are most prominent features of the system. Managed Mobility Services is one of the best lifecycle and mobile device management solution as compared to the others.


5. XenMobile

XenMobile is a mobile device management solution that offers complete enterprise mobility for subscribed companies to manage their device with ease. It enables the company’s IT department to deploy software across different mobile devices in two hours. The great part about this mobile device management system is that is a secure system that allows users to perform their tasks without fear of device infiltration or data breach. It can also be relied upon as it has 99.9% uptime which ensures that there is always a connection between devices to enable employees to collaborate with each other seamlessly. In order to make it stronger than other, it offers different productivity apps that come with business-grade features in order to allow them to perform their task effortlessly. All the applications can be contained in the software’s special folder, so it is separate from native device apps and remains productive without them worry about the security problems. XenMobile feature a streamline device management that allows all the devices on this network is manageable from a single platform. All type of devices and operating system can be monitor and manage from its powerful dashboard. As with other it also has a list of core features that make it more powerful. XenMobile has different price plans, and each plan has its own features and price.


6. MaaS360

MaaS360 is a mobile device management solution provided by the world’s most popular computing technology. It is an all-in-one IT solution that enables the management and security of all devices in an enterprise as well as the application and content embedded therein. It has a secure container that holds all corporate files separate from the rest of the device’s applications. With the help of this system, employees can work securely without compromising data and device security. Just like Good Technology it also offers all the major products and services that manage complete MDM and IT security programs. Each product and service can be developed by a professional team who always bust to deliver something new and enhance the experience. With MaaS360, companies are able to manage their all complex application with the use of an interactive catalogue, and they can also encourage the use of selected apps, dispense those among users and update them when needed. The most prominent features of this MDM system includes remote device management, enterprise systems integration, quick app deployment and much more. Overall, MaaS360 is one of the best MDM systems compared to the others.


7. AirWatch

AirWatch is a leading enterprise mobility software from VMware known as one of the most trusted vendors in the market and industry leader, deliver innovative technologies and solutions to businesses and organizations around the world. The software offers the capability to support every endpoint and every user from the single management console. Unifying endpoint management, the application is suitable for any mobile uses that include complete device management for corporate-owned devices or app-level management for employee-owned devices. It also ensures all the corporate applications and data on any network are protected with a layered security approach that covers almost all the endpoints, use data, apps as well as networks. The user can easily configure security policies and set through its single mobility management platform. AirWatch is also was known as a complete solution that makes it easy for IT admins to manage and secure all the endpoints around all the major operating systems and platforms. Another powerful capability by this solution is that it can support the entire app lifecycles and allows the unified deployment and management of any application, whether native, web or remote applications. AirWatch is a self-service portal where end users can manage and control all their devices, and support self-service management of any type of devices.


8. MobileIron

MobileIron is a Modern and Secure IT management Software for enterprise-wide management of mobile devices. It allows companies around the world to easily transform their businesses by enabling BYOD in order for them to become Mobile First entities. The solution is specially made for those companies who can manage a fleet of devices remotely without compromising security. It enables IT to easily manage the device lifecycle, from policy deployment, monitoring and retiring. The great part about this solution is that it supports and apply policies to iOS, Android and even Windows devices, and offers high-level flexibility for companies and their employees. MobileIron also eases the stress of IT professionals by allowing users to connect with the system by themselves via the self-service portal. Just like Good Technology, it also introduces lots of mobile or IT security products in order to deliver a complete experience. The most prominent features include PCI compliance, ActiveSync support, device passcode setting, third-party productivity app integration and lots of others. MobileIron is a commercial platform and offers different price plans for different size of businesses.


9. Good Technology

Good Technology is a leading mobile security solution that specializes in the secure app-to-app workflows and focuses on streamlining and protecting mobile work environment. The company was established in 2006 in Sunnyvale California with the aim of to make a secure mobile data and devices in the business environment. The company serves more than 6000 organizations around the world in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and technology etc. Good Technology has a variety of services that are specially designed to enhance the mobile network environment such as MDM (mobile device management) solutions. It offers the ability to easy to set up and manage both iOS and Android devices, and once it configured, IT admins can easily deploy apps and monitor the security of the mobile device. Good Technology also has the option to automate policy enforcement for MDM-enrolled devices. Each product of this platform is uniquely created by a professional team who always busy to deliver something new and better experience.


10. SpatialKey

SpatialKey is a leading Business Intelligence solution that gives business insurers the efficient business processes and true analytics they need to thrive in today’s business. It is a quality leader when it comes to insurance analytics, visualization and delivers real business value with its purpose-built applications. SpatialKey is also known as a complete solution for companies that deliver unmatched performance, visualization and flexibility in order to access analytics, trends and pattern without any expert guidance or training. As like the other similar platform it also provides a complete suite of unbiased and unprecedented analytics features to authorize your company with risk intelligence that not improve your bottom line but also your resiliency. With the help of this solution, companies realize the overall potential of their data and manage their whole system without any limitation. SpatialKey includes core features such as event analysis, accelerate underwriting decisions, advanced risk selection, exposure management and much more. All-in-all, it is one of the best business intelligence solutions as compared to the others.

More About ManageEngine Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop Central is an integrated desktop and mobile device management solution that is specially designed to help administrator and employees manage their servers, desktops, smartphones and all the other devices from a single centralized location. It is an all-in-one system and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones. It simplifies the overall management of mobile and desktop devices by automating regular desktop management processes including installing patches, taking care of software licenses and managing USB devices etc. This powerful management system provides businesses with reliable tools and services to manage their mobile devices, laptops, desktops and other devices. It is the best system for those companies who supply their staff with smartphones and tablets. It can push notifications, quickly modify devices, email accounts and set restrictions etc. ManageEngine Desktop Central also offers lots of security features that make it better than others. Try it out; it is the best IT management solution for all size businesses.