Marble Madness


Marble Madness Alternatives for Nintendo DS

#1 Marble Saga: Kororinpa


Marble Saga: Kororinpa is a Puzzle, Physics-based, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Hudson Soft. In this competition, the player can start his epic journey to help the Anthony the Ant to find the Golden Sunflower. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose and create his own ball and get into the game world, who can freely explore the different mazes to and try reach his goal before time runs out. The game looks easy but after the progress, he can face various challenges such as enemies and obstacles that will try to kill the player. It offers three different game modes such as Easy and Normal and Hard. After the progress of the game, it allows the player to unlock more balls and purchase upgrades by using his experience points. Marble Saga: Kororinpa includes core features such as more than seven different game world, power-ups, customizations option, 150+ levels and new balls, etc. The game offers immersive gameplay, dynamic background music, easy controls and brilliant graphics.