Marble Madness


Marble Madness Alternatives for PSP

#1 Mercury Meltdown


Mercury Meltdown is a Puzzle, Platform, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Ignition Banbury and published by Atari. It is an excellent alternative to the favorite game of Marble Madness. In this competition, the player can control a melting liquid, and the only goal of the player reach the finish line of level in order to complete the level. Each level of the game consists of the sixteen stages, and a test-tube represents each stage of the match. During the gameplay, the player can face several challenges such as obstacles, gates and much more that will try to defeat the player. It also offers the player to collect all the other liquids that increase the speed of the game. It is an excellent game that offers enjoyable gameplay that immerses himself deep into the fantastic game world. It includes core features such as different Modes, a different challenge, enjoyable soundtrack, different game world and much more. The game offers quite exciting gameplay, objective storyline, and brilliant graphics details. If you like Physics-based puzzle games, do try it out, the game specially made for you.