MasterControl Risk Analysis

MasterControl Risk Analysis is a simple yet powerful electronic quality management system that is designed to help businesses to eliminate paper-based quality processes. With the help of this solution, businesses can enhance compliance with FDA regulations and ISO quality standards while increasing overall manufacturing product quality and efficiency.

It is a web-based solution that automates GxP processes and links the product’s development lifecycle with every department to speed up the process. Automating routine help ensure quick responses to inputs from department including marketing, QA, Sales, and engineering, etc.

There is also a feature that helps automate and streamline document, change as well as training control to save time, effort, cost. Like others, it also offers a range of templates, and you can easily customize each of its templates without any limit. MasterControl Risk Analysis’ core feature includes change control, customize reporting, real-time status, document control, quality audit management, and much more.


MasterControl Risk Analysis Alternatives

#1 VidSys


VidSys is a physical security solution that reduces costs, enhances response times, and leverage existing physical security devices, and much more. It is known as a comprehensive converged security and information management solution created for organizations that face unique challenges when it comes to offering operational security.

Its converged security and information management solution goes beyond the limitations of traditional PSIM to deliver enterprise-level security. VidSys help organizations make risk management and incident response easier and more effective. The best thing about this solution is that it offers an open-architecture solution that integrates data from virtually any security devices to make collaborative security decisions in real-time. VidSys is a comprehensive solution that also offers CSIM, Small Cities and IoT, and Intelligent GSOC.


#2 Ideagen


Ideagen is a comprehensive document review, co-authoring, and redaction solution that is designed to help users to streamline as well as manage the proposal creation process. The software help teams to quickly produce a document with real-time collaboration tools and secure document access. It allows users to manage the entire document review using a range of premium tools.

The best thing about this solution is that it supports several reviewers and simultaneous access that allow several users to work on and review documents at the same time. Like the other similar solutions, it also available to use on mobiles, the web, and PCs that helps to review document anytime, anywhere, even on any internet-enabled devices.

It offers a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you can add unlimited documents to review and access all its features. Ideagen’s core feature includes templates, e-signature, collaboration, and REP management, etc.



SECTARA is a risk management solution that allows security risk consultants and security managers to create modern security risk assessments while assuring methodological rigor, all on the encrypted platform. It is created for any scope and industry and offers growing data libraries for major productivity gains.

As compared to all the other similar risk management solutions, it is quite feature-rich and highly collaborative that ensure methodological rigor in risk assessment and deliver enormous productivity features to security assessors. Its risk assessments allow you to easily create, review and edit all your risk assessments quickly. Like others, it also comes with automating asset, threat, and risk control integration within risk registers that make it better than others.

The best thing about this solution is that it comes with simple internal and external collaboration with stakeholders. SECTARA’s other prominent feature includes export assessments, debrief in analytics, vulnerability assessment and much more.


#4 Predict360


Predict360 is a compliance management system that comes with artificial intelligence technology to automate compliance and regulatory workflows. The solution streamlines lots of events like audits, tasks for maximizing efficiency, and lots of others that save lots of time and effort. It provides a spreadsheet-based interface to track and manage whole compliance-related data.

The solution comes with a calculation engine that can estimate emissions from storage tanks, combustion devices as well as lots of processing equipment. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it offers business intelligence and analytics functions that allow users to quickly generate reports, graphics, and charts to display their data.

Its dashboard and performance analysis reports allow users to access data from different sources in real-time that save lots of time and effort. Predict360 is a commercial compliance workflow solution and offers multiple price plans. Each plan has its own cost and features.

#5 Omega365


Omega365 is a risk management solution that helps you identify, describe, and communicate risks. It is a simple yet powerful solution that allows you to learn to retrieve relevant risks, add or edit risks, and much more. The solution comes as an alternative to Predict360 and offers almost all the core services and features to make it one of the best risk management solutions.

It is a combination of three products such as Project Personnel, Prims Software, and Tailored Solutions, that make it a comprehensive platform. Omega365’s Prims Risk helps you quickly describe, log, and communicate risks. Just like all the other similar solutions, it also comes with documentation tools that can be accessed by those that require access.

Both the Prims Risk application and Key reports become familiar views then communicating risks within the company. Omega365 is a commercial risk management solution that offers seven different price plans. Each plan has its own cost and features.

#6 Integrum


Integrum is a cloud-based QHSE risk and compliance software that is designed specifically for QHSE management. It is the fastest-growing solution that is specially designed by an expert team that contains almost all the core services and features for a diverse range of sectors such as spanning manufacturing, healthcare, education, and lots of others.

It is an integrated solution that includes business optimization modules, compliance management, business intelligence reporting, and mobility that increase its efficiency and features. The solution also allows users to integrate it with existing apps and software with any effort. Like the other similar solutions, Integrum also comes with a range of templates that are created by an expert team. Users can easily choose and customize each of its templates without any limit.

Integrum also comes with controlled document management features that provide version control as well as achieving to help users when working with procedures, manuals, and other legal materials.

#7 Synergi Life


Synergi Life is a Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Risk Management software created for enterprise-level businesses. It is a comprehensive solution that is built out of DNV GL’s extensive experience with the risk and has all the necessary tools for managing non-conformance logging as well tracking incidents that establish risk levels and raising workspace improvement suggestions.

Each module within the solution measures compliance and the attainment of it against the formal regulations, protocol, and standards. There is also a feature that allows you to keep track of legal permits and approval processes before audit and risk management modules work in tandem to identify threats.

The environment management module extends support for internal corporate practices with all the recognized protocols that make it better than others. Synergi Life also offers core features includes an activity module, quality management, record and track incidents, schedule, and much more.

#8 Opture ERM


Opture ERM is a cloud-based risk management software that helps businesses across several industries tools handle different steps in risk management, including risk identification, assessment, analysis, reporting, and monitoring. It is known as a leading system provider in the area of ERM that offers three different upgradable solutions that build on one another with appropriate industry-specific configuration and content.

The best thing about this platform is that it includes a sign-off procedure for the approval of risk and allows the analysis as well as steering of organization-specific risk portfolios defined by users. Opture ERM provides several leading services to optimize risk management to save a lot of time and effort. Like other similar platforms, it also comes with a range of templates, and users can easily choose and customize each template without any limit.

#9 Safesite


Safesite is a cloud-based safety management solution that is created to help construction and real-estate businesses record safety issues and conduct inspections at all high-risk sites. It is a comprehensive solution that contains almost all the core services and features to make it a one-stop safety management solution.

With the help of this solution, supervisors can easily manage the safety engagement of several teams in real-time and use productive analytics to determine vulnerable instances through the indicators that make them better than others. The solution also allows coordinators to schedule and track the progress of assigned tasks and send alerts via email and SMS of any pending tasks.

It is also best for administrators that allow to track training and certifications of works and send automated reminders before expiration that help businesses main compliance in the process. Safesite’s other prominent feature includes audit management, leaderboard, risk reporting, code enforcement, and templates, etc.

#10 GOAT Risk Solution


GOAT Risk Solution is an enterprise-level risk management solution that is created to turn a traditional risk register into a strategic CEO tool. With the help of this solution, you can engage with the C-Suite, raise capability among non-risk experts, and inform better decisions by combining data with risk. It is an advanced-level solution that contains almost all the core services and features to make it a one-stop solution.

The solution allows wider stakeholder involvement, collaboration, accountability, and transparency while raising risk understanding through the editable tips and definitions. It makes it easy to focus on your stakeholders, manage all kinds of risks, as well as let the system take care of the reporting.

Just like all the other similar solutions, it also integrates with most of the leading business solutions that increase its efficiency and features. GOAT Risk Solution is commercial software and offers multiple price plans. Each plan has its own cost and features.

#11 Analytic Solver


Analytic Solver is a simple yet powerful point and clicks simulation software that offers risk analysis, prescriptive analytics, data mining, text mining, forecasting, and predictive analytics. It is an advanced level solution that solves every type and size of optimization issues to better allocate rare resources. Unlike all the other similar solutions, it algebraically analyzes your model structure and maximally exploit several cores in your PC.

With the help of this solution, you can easily analyze and control risk, create optimal plans as well as resource allocation decisions. The data mining feature of the solution is quite impressive that give you easy to use text mining and predictive analytics on Excel. You can sample data from SQL databases, Power Pivot, and Apache Spark, explore your data visually, transform data, and apply the full range of time services.

Analytic Solver comes with a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you can access all tools and features. Analytic Solver’s prominent features conventional optimization, simulation, data mining, and much more.

#12 Corporater


Corporater is a business management software that helps in the decision-making of employees and fulfills the compliance need of businesses. The service allows users to create their business management solution from its ready-made business objects. The Governance and Business Agility solution protects and enhances the value of the business and its operational efficiency.

The Corporate Performance Management solution integrates the processes across the organization that transforms budgets, planning, and strategy regarding financial performance. It comes with an Integrated Risk Management solution that allows organizations to consistently and efficiently respond to challenges evolving in it. The solution helps users to meet all the requirements of compliance objectives.

Corporater comes with a Strategy Management that helps users to align their whole business and processes under a single platform. It offers a dashboard that helps users to view KPIs, analytics, and everything else through it. The solution helps organizations in the management of their projects and portfolios.

#13 MetricStream


MetricStream is a solution provider to companies in Governance, Risk, and Compliance sectors. The solution provider helps organizations to manage and optimize the functioning of their enterprise, mitigate their operational risks, and streamline their audit management processes. It helps organizations in simplifying IT risks identification, analysis, and strengthens the performance and working of users.

The solution reduces the compliance costs by automating control assessments, and it comes with an internal audit management feature that improves the productivity of auditors. The software integrates multiple compliance requirements, processes, and simplifies the whole compliance management process. It allows organizations to get a single source of truth for all of their risks and compliance services.

MetricStream enables users to get a centralized system to create and maintain multiple types of policies and documents. The solution helps users to use risk data in real-time and transforms it into business intelligence while users can manage all these functions from their mobile devices.

#14 nTask


nTask is a platform that allows users to collaborate online, and they can build their strategies around their project through it. The platform helps users to get their things done better and faster. Moreover, users can manage their projects, tasks, meetings, timesheets, issues, and risks.

Users can visualize all of their work and tasks through the Gantt chart, and they can manage resources. The platform allows users to link their tasks based on relationships from their start to finish perspective. It enables users to set and achieve the milestone by organizing tasks in the form of the most significant events.

nTask enables users to manage their budgets throughout the project, and they can set all the schedules of their tasks. Moreover, it comes with a tracking system that allows users to manage all the operations. Lastly, users can prioritize their tasks according to their importance to get their work done.

#15 Intelex


Intelex is a web-based EHS and quality management software solution that provides an online interface for environmental, health and safety, quality, and business performance management. This web-based system acts as a centralized repository to collect, track, and report data and files in real-time. It helps customers to report essential business details, ensure compliance requirements, effectively manage all types of risk, and enhance operational performance.

Intelex also offers all the key environmental management features such as water quality management that includes centralized water and wastewater permits, tracking the organization’s water regulations performance, etc.

One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it comes with a complete report management solution with custom reporting features that make it better than others. Intelex other prominent feature includes audit management, risk assessment, supplier management, workflow management, real-time reporting, etc. It is commercial software and offers multiple price plans, and each plan has its own cost and features.

#16 Resolver


Resolver is a cloud solution for Risk, Compliance, and Audit. The solution connects the three lines of defense in a single platform to maximize efficiency, visibility and reduce all kinds of negative impacts. The software makes it easy for end-users to input all kinds of data they need with a simple interface. One of the best things about this solution is that it’s a fully customizable platform that means you can easily change on the fly on the coding required. This compliance management software offers users the capability to easily access their compliance program to visualize details, activate easily, and progress.

Overall, Resolver is one of the best Compliance Management solutions as compared to others. It delivers a visualization tool that allows them to see their compliance requirements, tasks, and control processes from a central location. It is also best for internal control across your organization’s objectives, financial reporting, critical processes, and major initiatives. Its configurable platform easily adapts to changing business needs and a risk-based approach to internal control to enhance your SOX program’s efficiency and provide immediate visibility into testing efforts. There is also a list of core features that make it more interesting.

#17 Qualys


Qualys is a leading platform that offers cloud security, compliance, and related services founded in 1999. The cloud solutions and their integrated application help businesses simplify all kinds of security operations and lower the cost of compliance by providing critical security intelligence on demand, automating the full spectrum of auditing compliance, and protecting IT systems and web applications.

It is the first company to deliver an on-demand solution for security risk and compliance management. The platform monitor your company’s vulnerability management process tracks remediation, and ensures policy compliance.

Qualys’s Guard has also deployed security on-demand platforms in the world, performing more than 150 million IP audits per year with no software to install and maintain. It is a simple yet powerful security solution that comes with a powerful dashboard where you can easily access all features, track threats, analyze data, generate reports, etc. It also has a list of a core feature that makes it better than others.

#18 Cura


Cura is the most leading open-source 3D printer slicing solution created by David Braam. The software is specially designed to prepare your model for 3D printing. It creates a seamless integration between your 3D printer, software, and material to achieve perfect prints every time.

With this platform’s help, you can easily print right away using the recommended mode or use custom mode to configure over 300 settings for maximum control. Cura must translate every model you design for print into instructions your 3D printer will understand.

It does this by slicing your model into thin layers and save the file ready for printing. Cura requires three steps to printing a 3D model, such as Design, Prepare, and Print. The solution also offers a more efficient way to 3D print. It connects lets you manage your printing workflow with ease.

Start print works on several network-enabled 3D printers, monitor progress, and keep track of maintenance operations all from the single interface. As compared to all the other similar 3D printing solutions, it is more powerful and offers a massive list of unique tools that make your model more stunning.

#19 A1 Tracker


A1 Tracker is a software that helps companies to manage their risks more efficiently and helps them in keeping their business processes smooth. The platform allows users to track risks and incidents through its web-based system. It offers real-time notifications to users to keep them alert about the emerging risks in any department.

The software offers customizable dashboards, metrics, and other integrations to help users in their claim management and asset management processes. It offers a claim management software that enables users to view the details, notes, and history of claims. It allows users to track claims of different types, such as hazard reports, omission claims, etc.

A1 Tracker comes with a claim portal that allows the organization to process customer’s application by following one step at a time to stay compliant to the standards. Its insurance software enables users to track policies and certificates for various types of insurances.

#20 360Factors


360Factors is an exclusive solution provider for compliance and policy management for banking and financial services. The solution comes with Predict360 software, which is powered by artificial intelligence and GRC to integrate risks and controls and other regulations and policies for financial institutions.

It helps businesses to ensure that all of their policies and procedures are updated and available for reference when demanded. The document management system of the solution gives businesses control over the access and sharing feature of the documents. The solution maintains an electronic trail of documents for easy audits.

It allows users to keep a single updated version of the policy document available to every employee to avoid confusion The solution allows users to set up procedures to ensure process integrity of policy management and its compliance with regulations. It comes with preconfigured workflow tools that make the reviewing and approving process easy for the users.