Math Kids

Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn is a magnificently designed education app developed and published by RV AppStudios for Android and iOS devices. It is an exciting app designed for Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, old kids, and toddlers to learn ABC, counting, addition, subtraction, and more.

Math Kids app is a free solution that comes with lots of teaching tools and exciting stuff that helps you to teach your children numbers, maths, and more. It features a range of exciting mini-games that toddlers will love to play, and they can polish and enhance their math skills.

The app helps Kids of 1st grade learn to identify numbers and start training with addition and subtraction puzzles. They will have great time-completing games to earn stickers, and you’ll have a great time watching them grow and learn.

Math Kids’ prominent feature includes solving a series of puzzles, multiple games, easy to understand, adding fun and quiz, customizable game modes, and unlock new features, etc. Math Kids app offers the perfect introduction to the basics of counting, addition, and subtraction.


Math Kids Alternatives

#1 ReadingIQ


ReadingIQ is the most leading digital learning library app for kids ages 2 to 13. It is specially designed by national education experts to align with your kid’s readability and grade level perfectly. It comes as an alternative to and offers lots of new features, tools, and educational content that make it better than others.

The app features thousands of award-winning books and children’s classics from popular publishers worldwide, such as National Geographic, Charlesbridge, and Whiteman, etc. The app includes the entire ABCmouse library and exclusive titles that you have never seen before anywhere else.

ReadingIQ app introduces intelligently organized Title features that make it easy for the kid to find the perfect book to match his/her interest. The app includes everything from stunning illustrated picture books, popular series, and comic books to chapter books and other academic subjects.

It also keeps on adding new books, so there’s always something new to find. ReadingIQ is a complete personal learning library that helps your kids grow as a reader anytime, anywhere. It includes core features such as unlimited access to thousands of books, uses widely adopted standard preschool, and an online library.

The app also contains a vast collection of fiction and nonfiction titles, book recommendations, matches, hundreds of books, search books, 100% safe, kid-friendly, etc. Reading IQ is free to use kid educational app, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices.


#2 ABC Animal Toddler Adventures


ABC Animal Toddler Adventures is a fun education app designed by Teachers and Loved by Parents. The app follows almost all the major educational activities that have thoughtfully designed for an intuitive gameplay experience for kids. Its activates include tracing letters, spelling, counting numbers, jigsaw puzzle, alphabets, pet customization, alphabet flashcards, pet salon, and feed the animal, etc.

With the help of this app, your toddlers will enjoy playing a variety of games. Every little action has thoughtfully designed for smooth gameplay. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures is quite a simple and easy to use app that comes with an intuitive interface where you quickly access all features without any limitations.

First, you need to launch it into your iOS or Android device, open the app, choose a course to play, and enjoy all its features effortlessly. Some of its core features include a simple dashboard, character customization, lots of enjoyable songs, play games, free for everyone, and no ads irritations, etc. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures is a superb tool for you if you need an educational app for your kids.

#3 EduKittyABC


ABC Games for Kids – EduKittyABC is a fun tracing English-Alphabet educational app developed and published by Cubic Frog Apps. The app features a great set of alphabet learning games and ABC flashcards for kids to learn the English alphabet and names, trace alphabet letters, both upper case and lower case, alphabet sounds, phonics, and lots of new songs.

It is a feature-rich app and offers educational content in different formats to make it a complete and comprehensive app for everyone. There are more than 14 educational games such as alphabet memory games, matching letters, puzzles, and lots of others.

Each of its games has its objective to complete, and you can earn rewards in return. One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this app is that it supports multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, etc.

EduKittyABC app also includes core features such as 14 different games, 3 sets of flashcards with voice, practice handwriting, 3D cat guide, customization, and unlimited play and reward, etc. EduKittyABC is completely free to use the educational app for kids having age 8 and under.


#4 Preschool


Preschool! And Toddler kids Learning Abby Games developed by award-winning education studios 22learn, the best-selling apps for kids. The app is merely designed in cooperation with professional educational specialists to best prepare your kids for success in the preschool and kindergarten curriculum.

It is a comprehensive educational app for kids and offers numbers, patterns, puzzles, matching, color, shapes, differences, counting, etc. Preschool! And Toddler kids Learning app provides the best way to prepare your kids for success in the Preschool and kindergarten curriculum.

The app comes with a simple kid-friendly interface that offers an engaging way to master essential preschool skills in a total of 14, and professionals create each one with ultimate perfection. Preschool educational app also includes core features such as simple interface, fun games to play and learn, and lots of poems, songs, stories, counting, number recognition, and puzzle-solving, etc.

#5 Bini Super ABC


Bini Super ABC! Alphabet Games for Toddlers and Kids is a fun education app for those kids who want to learn letters and sounds of the whole alphabets. The app is developed and published by Bini Bambini, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices and use it anywhere around the world without an internet connection.

Your kids can enjoy playing with amusing Super letters and get familiar with the baby alphabet for toddlers age 3 to 5. With the help of this app, your children will learn how to write and pronoun letters, as well as develop beginning reading skills that make it more interesting and enjoyable.

As compared to all other educational apps, the Bini Super ABC app is more powerful and offers several educational and fun games, including puzzle-solving, tracing, and numbers, etc. Bini Super ABC app also has fun animation and fantastic music, enjoyable sounds effects, different themes, and songs to sings.

It is one of the best educational games for kids who are interested in developing attention span, fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. So download Bini Super ABC! Alphabet Games for Toddlers and Kids app, and you’ll be amazed at all the things in this powerful and amazing educational app.

#6 Learning Letters Puppy


Learning Letters Puppy is an addictive fun-filled kid educational app that comes with baby’s favorite laugh and puppy characters. It is a free-to-use app developed in the market by Fisher Price Inc., and you can download it on Android and iOS devices.

Along with this stunning app, babes are encouraged to interact with engaging animations, sing-along songs, and sound effects. It comes with multiple modes such as ABC mode to learn alphabets with fun animations, 123 Mode (touch the screen to advance through numbers 1 to 10, at the end sing along to the counting song), and Music Mode (to sing and dance on 4 different songs).

Learning Letters Puppy starts with a fundamental level, but its features make it trending, and now it has thousands of users around the world who are using it to teach their babies regarding plenty of stuff. A key feature includes four different songs, multiple characters, drawing, various themes, and much more.

Its elegantly designed Shapes and Color Mode lets kids learn about shapes and colors with fun animation. Each content on this app is unequally designed for your babies to learn and enjoy. Learning Letters Puppy is an engaging learning app for ages 5 and under.

#7 ABC Kids


ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics is a free to use Kids Educational app developed and published by RV AppStudios. The app is specially designed for those who are looking for a free, fun, and simple educational app to help their toddlers learn phonically and trace letters of the alphabets.

It features a series of tracing video games to help kids recognize letter shapes, associate them with phonic sounds put their alphabet knowledge to use in fun matching exercises. All the content on this app is specially designed by a professional team to deliver a simple and more engaging way to learn children.

All the toddlers, preschool, or kindergartener kids can easily learn English alphabets simply by following arrows with their fingers. To attract champs, the app allows them to collect stickers and toys whenever they complete tracing games.

As compared to all other kid’s educational apps, ABC Kids is a more engaging and kid-friendly app designed with adult participation in mind as well. The interface of the app keeps toddlers focused on alphabet reading and writing, and tucking menu commands away from moving fingers.

Just like other apps, the ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics app also offers core features such as colorful early education content, lots of racing games, no ads, free for everyone, customize games, and exciting stories to learn, etc. ABC Kids is a perfect kid educational app as compared to others.

#8 Khan Academy Kids


Khan Academy Kids: Free Educational Games and Books is an award-winning educational app that comes with thousands of educational books, activities, songs, games, and songs for toddlers, preschools, and kindergarteners. It comes as an alternative to and offers all the core features with some additional books, songs, and services that make it powerful than others.

A cast of adorable characters will guide children through lessons, and its adaptive learning path will customize their experience to help them master different skills. With the help of this educational app, children can quickly learn the readings, language, maths, writing, problem-solving, and all the other educational stuff.

The app also brings open-ended activities, and games like drawing, storytelling, and color encourage creativity and self-expression to make it more enjoyable. Khan Academy Kids app is a more robust and completely free-to-use app with no ads and no necessary subscriptions. You can enjoy all its features by downloading and launching the app into your device.

Some of its core features include a massive range of educational content, watch learning videos, play puzzle games, match solving questions, customization, changeable themes, and much more. If you are looking for a complete educational app for your children, then Khan Academy Kids: Free Educational Games and Books is an excellent option for you.

#9 123 Numbers


123 Numbers App is one of the best educational apps for your children that help your toddlers or preschool kids to learn numbers, tracing, counting, and more. 123 Numbers – Count and Tracing is an easy to use app that is specially designed for kids and parents to play together.

The app features bright, colorful games that teach while children play, making it easy to learn basic numbers and counting knowledge from a convenient, comprehensive app. It is an entirely free-to-use app, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices.

Each game on this app offers different objectives to complete with stunning visuals and sounds as well as collectible stickers to encourage children to learn every single day. There is also several core features that make it better for others. With this app, parents can also customize each game to suit their child’s needs.

It contains all basics including number tracing (learn the shape of numbers with colorful mini-games) learn to count (different kinds of object display on the screen) and number matching (displayed in a balloon at the top of the screen). 123 Numbers is a fun-filled app that’s perfect for preschool, toddler, and kindergarten kids.

#10 Kids Preschool Learning Games


Kids Preschool Learning Games is a fine educational platform developed and published by GunJanApps Studios. It is an all-in-one education app that turns your phone or tablet into a fun toy device for your kids. The app includes more than 25 basic kid’s games, helpful voice narrating, colorful visuals, and excellent effects to helps your kids learn spelling, alphabets, colors, shapes, fruits, and animals with HD flashcards.

Kids Preschool Learning Games is a fun app for ages 9 to 12 and offers lots of exciting stuff that attract your kids to learn. Toddlers can practice the basics of ABCs and numbers using the app. It also contains educational games that increase kids’ skills and interest in learning new things excitingly using phones or tablets.

Its games act as a brain trainer and draw attention to practice the spellings of Alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, and animals and enhance kid enhancement memory skills. There are also numbers of educational songs and poems to listen to that make it more interesting and enjoyable.

Kids Preschool Learning Games include core features such as more than 25 different games, memory puzzle English, learn alphabets, basics about drawings, learn about animals, fruits, and body parts, watch videos, and much more. Kids Preschool Learning Games is a fun education app for your kids.

#11 Kindergarten Kids Learning


Kindergarten Kids Learning: Fun Educational Games created and published by Greysprings for ages 2 to 5. It is an interesting app that offers educative, fun games for toddlers, and preschool children. The app is designed for kids to teach alphabet, numbers, shapes, counting, tracing, coloring, interactive charts, and body parts, etc.

The interactive learning is an excellent mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners. Unlike other education apps, the Kindergarten Kids Learning app also offers education stuff in different formats such as games, books to read, poems, songs, and drawings.

All these activities keep the child interested in learning subconsciously with losing concentration. The Kindergarten Kids Learning: Fun Educational Games app also offers printable color pages for kids covering geometric shapes and greeting cards to make it interesting and enjoyable.

Kindergarten Kids Learning app carries some prominent features that include attractive and colorful designs of education stuff, learn alphabet letters with charts, learn about rhymes, write and trace ABC, colorful books, sing and dance, and lots of games. Kindergarten Kids Learning is an excellent kid educational app available to use on Android and iOS devices.

#12 Funbrain Jr.


Funbrain Jr is a collection of amazing vibrant education games for preschoolers and kindergarteners that helps jumpstart their journey of learning. The app features more than five separate fun and engaging video games that are specially designed to teach kids. With the help of colorful and quirky Funbrain Jr. characters, kids ages 2 to 6 will love practicing skills in early literacy, math, and problem-solving.

It contains high-quality content that is a regular update to deliver the latest and more realistic experience. The application also contains lots of stories and songs that make it more exciting and fun as compared to others. Funbrain Jr app is an excellent educational app for ages 2 to 6.

The most interesting fact about this app is that it introduces a new drawing feature with several tools that allow the student to create stunning content without any limitations. Funbrain Jr app also includes a prominent feature such as play several different games, free for everyone, no registration required, different formats of educational content, and daily updates.

#13 ABCya


ABCya app is one of the most popular K-5 education platforms in the world. The app feature more than 250 educational games and activities. Each one has its own stuff to learn and play. First, you need to download and install the app into your Android device, explore its games, find favorite ones to enjoy it without any limitations.

ABCya app does not require any registration process, but if you want to enjoy more games, you need to subscribe using an email address. There is also a character customization feature that allows you to create your character with different colors and objects.

The app also includes core features such as more than 250 games to play, unlock seven new games every week, content organized by skills, ads-free atmosphere, and leaderboard support, etc. ABCya is an amazing education app as compared to others.

#14 PBSKids


PBSKids is a fun and educational app that offers more than 100 free educational games to play with your favorite characters, developed and published by PBS Kids. The app features games from its top shows, that includes Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why, and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, etc.

All the games on this app are specially designed to encourage learning, science, math, reading, and creativity, etc. The most exciting fact about this app is that it offers a character customization feature that allows students to create their characters with different stuff, color combination, and accessories.

After finalizing their character, users need to choose a game and get into the game world to complete the objective and earn points. This point will help them to unlock new content to learn and enjoy way more things effortlessly.

PBSKids app also includes core features such as more than 100 free games to enjoy, solve a series of the puzzle, play mazes, songs, read stories, daily update with new education stuff, and multiple themes, etc. If you are looking for an education app for your kids then, PBSKids is an excellent option for you.

#15 FarFaria Storybooks


FarFaria Storybooks is an enjoyable education app that lets you choose from unlimited educational books, stories, nursery rhymes, and songs for your kids. The app offers new as well as classic hits like Rapunzel, and The Wizard of Oz, etc. All the stories, books, and other educational content of this app are consist of a number of further categories.

Each category has its own titles that are updated weekly with new content to deliver a complete and more realistic experience. You need to download and launch the app into your Android or iOS device to explore its features and enjoy it’s all content without any limitations.

FarFaria Storybooks contains some core features that include unlimited reading, recommendation, word highlighting to help the young reader, search box, Common Core reading level, off-line access, and easy to use interface.

The app does not require registration or any other information, but if you want to receive new books each week, you need to subscribe. FarFaria Storybooks is an easy-to-use app for you if you are looking at the best story app for your kids.

#16 Preschool EduKitty


Preschool EduKitty is one of the most popular early learning app for learning colors, numbers, shapes, and alphabets, etc. The app features the support of more than 12 different languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and others. It is one of the best education apps for everyone around the world.

It is a commercial education app, and users can download it on Android and iOS devices. To enjoy its service, you need to download and install the app into your mobile device, complete registration processes, and enjoy it all features without any limitations.

Just like most of the education apps, the Preschool EduKitty app also contains several educational games that consist of numbers of categories such as color, geometric shapes, alphabets, number match, and kids learning, etc. Each of its games has its level to complete and progress.

Preschool EduKitty app also includes core features such as three different skill levels, 3D adorable kitten guides, HD colorful graphics, details drawing, create a character, more than 13 games, and much more. Preschool EduKitty is an addictive education app for ages 8 and under.

#17 Dream Box


Dream Box is a K-8 digital math app that independent studies have found to raise student achievements and better prepare children for future success. The app is powered by industry-leading Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology and contains all the core features to deliver a comprehensive educational experience under a single platform.

One of the best facts about this app is that it offers an engaging game-like environment with a rigorous, standards-based math curriculum that makes it better than others. Dream Box app promotes active learning and independent critical thinking by responding to each student’s strategies and decisions at the moment.

Each complete level of the game reward the player, which he can use to unlock new content. Dream Box is an excellent education app that offers a game-like education environment to get intuitive access to interactive learning right over cell phones and tablets.

The app adapts lesson and recommendations based on the needs of each learner, and students always has the right level of support when and where it’s needed. Dream Box app has multiple education games, and each game has its own question and puzzles to solve.

#18 IXL


IXL – Maths and English is a free education app developed by IXL Learning that allows you to discover a learning world with a range of interactive questions in 60 000 skills for math and English language arts. It is an alternative app to and offers all the core features with some new skills.

With the help of this application, you can enjoy lots of new challenges, explore personalized recommendations, and earn lots of exciting virtual rewards. From skip-counting with pictures to graphing functions, the app’s interactive math question put the joy of learning at students’ fingertips.

Users can explore more than 3800 math skills that provide comprehensive coverage of pre-k through 12th-grade maths right over their cell phones and tablets. There is also a question section that allows students to review and practice as much as they need to master each skill.

IXL – Maths and English Learning app also have a range of English art programs that help students learn new vocabulary, correct grammatical mistakes, and develop writing skills. Unlike other apps, the IXL – Maths and English app also offer lots of new education features that make it more interesting and enjoyable.

#19 DragonBox Algebra 5+


DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a perfect app for giving young children a head start in math and algebra. It is a commercial math learning app developed and published by WeWantToKnow AS for Android and iOS devices. With this powerful app, the user learns how to solve the question in a playful and colorful game world where they are encouraged to experiment and be creative.

Each game of the app offers different objectives and puzzles to solve that makes it interesting. By manipulating cards and isolating the DragonBox on one of the game board, the player gradually learns the operation required to isolate X on one side of an equation.

Playing does not require supervision, although parents can help them transfer learned skills into pen and paper equation solving. It is a perfect game for parents to play with their kids and freshen up their own math skills. Dragon Box Algebra 5+ is a simple and easy-to-use app and offers lots of exciting stuff that enhance your learning or teaching experience.

The core feature includes 10 progressive chapters, a simple interface, more than 200 quizzes to solve, multiple profiles, dedicated graphics and music, support multiple languages, and much more. DragonBox Algebra 5+ is one of the best math education app as compared to others.

#20 Endless Alphabet


Endless Alphabet is a free-to-use Education app developed and published by Originator Inc. It is an addictive learning app that offers a diverse range of new and exciting learning methods for ages 8 and under. It lets parents set the stage for their kids in reading with this interactive app.

Kids will have a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with the affordable monster. Each word features an interactive puzzle with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. The app features more than 100 words to explore and learn, and each one has its puzzle to solve.

Its delightful animation teaches kids the definition of the word in a fun and engaging way. Just like all the education apps, the Endless Alphabet app also includes core features such as an attractive interface, solve a variety of puzzles, interact with charming characters, and much more.

#21 Starfall Free


Starfall Free is one of the most leading education apps for children who want to learn in exciting ways such as games, videos, puzzle-solving, and reading, etc. The app comes as an alternative to and offers all the core content, features, games, and tools to deliver a more engaging experience.

The app is designed for age 9 and under, and you can download it on both Android and iOS devices. Starfall’s emphasis on phonemic awareness, systemic sequential phonics, and common sight words in conjunction with audiovisual interactivity has proven effective in teaching the emergent reader.

Its activities are research-based and align with individual and Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics. The app emphasizes exploration, play, and positive reinforcement that encouraging children to become confident and intrinsically motivated.

Just like all the other similar apps, it also offers learning content in different formats, including play video games. Each has its objective to complete and progress. Starfall Free core feature includes drawing, daily tasks, reading, math games, create characters, and much more.


0 is a most popular, award-winning learning application that covers reading, math, art, music, and more for ages up to 2 to 8. The software is created by teachers and education experts and has more than 10 thousand existing learning activities for kids at all academic levels.

It is a free-to-use app, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices. The app comes with a full standards-based curriculum for learning on a mobile device. One of the most interesting facts about this learning app is that it is used in more than 70, 000 classrooms and nearly half of all United States public libraries.

To make it interesting for kids, the app contains different kinds of learning content such as videos, drawing, reading, and games. Each content on this app is designed by a professional team who always busy delivering something new and more exciting for kids. carries some prominent features that include almost 10 levels, over 850 lessons, 10, 000 individuals, and more than 900 books. Other than these, the app also contains almost all academic content, creates and customizes a character, step-by-step guide, and kid-friendly environment, etc. is one of the best education apps for kids.

#23 WikiPrank


WikiPrank is an online fun service that allows users to create funny WIKI pages by replacing words. It offers a straightforward user interface, and users just need to write the word which they want in place of the other word. There are two writing boxes present on the screen, and in the first, users have to write the new word that they want to see.

The second box contains the word which will be replaced by the first word in Wikipedia to create a prank fun page for the readers. Users can even change the name of any game or person by replacing their words with their suggested words. WikiPrank’s primary purpose is to provide entertainment and fun activity to its users and asks users not to use it to offend people. All the pages belong to Wikipedia originally, and users can contact the support team for any query.

#24 Duck Duck Moose


Duck Duck Moose is an education application that engages kids in the mathematical adventurer and teaches counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, and more. While playing 5 multi-level activities in the Moose Juice Store, Pet Shop, and Lost and Found, kids can earn rewards to build their city and decorate buildings.

The app introduces a brand new whimsical group of Duck Duck Moose characters and The Dust Funnies, who help with mastering math skills. All the education content in this app consists of number of levels, and each level has its questions to solve and progress. Duck Duck Moose is one of the best math education app for age 8 and under.

After completing the numbers of levels, the app allows you to unlock new stunning characters that make it more interesting. Duck Duck Moose app also includes key features such as more than 5 addictive math activities, different backgrounds, enjoyable music, solve word problems, counting, and much more.


0 is education software that allows you to have skills in math, science, and other subjects with challenging interactive explorations. You have new techniques and strategies to learn different vital concepts having perfect visualization and interactions with them. All the courses are elegantly designed by professionals from Microsoft, Google, Duke, MIT, and more to add.

The software comes with a more reliable way to solve multiple problems that is more effective than watching a lecture. You can look after various things such as scientific thinking, search engine, geometries, integral calculus, quantum computing, number basis, science essentials, and more to add. Furthermore, Brilliant is offering a free trial to understand its basic running and find courses as per requirements.