MathCad is computer software designed for presenting equations and mathematical models. It is a beneficial software in many industries to show a range of data related to work processes, research, and development. Some of the prominent features of the software include the ability to render graphics and charts in 2-dimensions.

It also allows for laying out algebraic equations with variables and describing their use. Engineers and scientists mostly use the software to create and solve computations and complexities that require strategic dealing. MathCad solution automatically resolves equations and having the WYSIWYG concept that displays how outcomes look after processing data entered.

In this software, you can use natural math notations, edit inline any formula, and view the complete result. It is oriented around a worksheet in which different kinds of equations and expressions are created and manipulated in the same visual format in which they are presented, as opposed to authoring in plain text, an approach later adopted by other similar systems such as maple and mathematics.

MathCad Alternatives

#1 Xcos


Xcos is a graphical editor designed to perform the hybrid dynamical systems models. It is a digital computational and mathematical program. The best about Xcos is that its support for all mathematical activities like signal processing, hydraulics, electrical, integral, derivative, and much more.

All these mentioned supports by the Xcos make it a cross-functional program that can be used by professionals of any field. Some of the key features and functions of the Xcos are standard palettes & blocks, model building & edition, model customization, and simulation.

It includes tons of mathematical functions. It has a high level of programming language, making you able to get instant access to advanced data structures and two-dimension and three-dimensional graphical functions. A significant number of functionalities are included in the Xcos that are control, simulation, optimization, signal processing, hybrid dynamic systems modeler, and simulator.

The models designed by the Xcos can be loaded, saved, compiled, and simulated. The standard palettes and blocks system of Xcos includes signal processing, thermo-hydraulic blocks, mathematical operations, discrete, continuous system blocks, user-defined blocks, annotations, and much more.

The model building area of Xcos contains the functions about blocks selection from existing palettes, user-defined palettes, superblocks management, conditionally executed subsystems creation, and much more.

#2 Mathomatic


Mathomatic is a free computer algebra system that is an expert in solving and simplifying algebraic and computation issues. This program is an expert in dealing and comparing the algebraic equations and performing modular, polynomial arithmetic, and complex number along with standard arithmetic.

It will perform all types of symbolic functions like calculus, Taylor series, extrema, numerical integration, and deals all elementary algebra except logarithms. Except for logarithms, all services can be easily performed by the Mathomatic.

By using this program, you can manipulate the Trigonometric functions using the complex exponentials. Some of the core technical features of the Mathomatic are solving, simplifying, differentiating, and visualizing elementary algebra.

For the information of the readers, Mathomatic has been discontinued, but still, you can use the existing version of Mathomatic for performing various mathematics functions. You can even use the current versions of Mathomatic for products, summations, and automated for displaying of calculations of any length by plugging sequential or test valued into any formula, then approximating and simplifying before display.

For the information of the readers, this program doesn’t include a graphical user interface except for Mathomatic only. The free version of Mathomatic is still available for smartphone devices, as well. Moreover, there is no programming capability in the Mathomatic; the interpreter works like an algebraic calculator.

#3 MathJournal


MathJournal is a dedicated platform for the tablet PC for resolving the complex mathematical problems. The application for the smartphone is also available by the MathJournal. The best thing about MathJournal is that it provides a graphical and mathematical solution in a straightforward and clean environment.

In addition to math problems, this program is an expert in solving engineering problems, as well. You can use this product for both personal and commercial purposes. You can even use this program for your manufacturing and designing business, as well.

It is available in two formats that are MathJournal and MathJournal Classic. Both designed for different purposes, but features and ways of the serving of both are almost the same. Some common features of both editions are handwriting recognition, ability to save MathJournal pages as images, ability to paste pictures into MathJournal files, animation control, support for MS Windows Vista, and much more.

However, there are still many features that are available in the MathJournal but not in the MathJournal Classic. These features that are only for the MathJournal are advanced functions, matrices, console import/export, sums & products, vectors, complex numbers, LaTex support, web page export, and much more. The benefits of MathJournal can be avail by both math students, scientists, and engineers.

#4 WIRIS cas


WIRIS CAS is a web-based program for mathematical calculations. It is mainly designed for educational purposes, and you can use it for performing the advanced level of computational and mathematics functions. In addition to a web-based environment, WIRIS CAS is available for the desktop environment, as well.

By using the online platform, you can easily access it from the toolbar via an HTML page that already integrates limits calculation, integrals, function graphing in two dimensional & three dimensional and symbolic matrices manipulation and much more.

The main advantage of using WIRIS CAS is that it is covering all mathematical topics for all educational grades. The desktop version of WIRIS CAS will make you able to enjoy the numerical computation without having an internet connection. For the desktop version, WIRIS CAS is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

The intuitive technical features of the WIRIS CAS are user-friendly command system, integration of WYSIWYG, it covers all mathematical functions and can perform all types of mathematical functions. It also has a configurable toolbar, formatting system, saves and opens the existing session, copy-paste with programs supporting MathML, unlimited undo & redo system, and much more.

WIRIS CAS is based on Java technology. To use the online version of WIRIS CAS, you will be required to enable the JavaScript of your browser all the time. In addition to pro editions, the free trial is also available that requires no account creation or prior requirement of the credit card.

#5 SageMath


SageMath is such an application that helps to make symbolic calculations, basic and advanced math, algebra equations, and calculus. Bearing 2D and 3D visualization, it includes plotting traits. It can be utilized in different fields of engineering, mathematics, and cryptography.

SageMath is such a service that assists symbolic calculations, basic or modern math or algebra equations or calculus. It comes with 2D and 3D visualization and founding features. SageMath can be made use in some distinct fields of engineering, cryptography, mathematics.

It builds on top of many existing open-source packages. The user interface is a notebook in a web browser or the command line. Exploiting the notebook, Sage connected either negatively to your SageMath installation or a SageMath server on the network. Inside the Sage notebook, you can create embedded graphics, gorgeously typeset mathematical expressions and the removed input, and share your work across the network.

#6 Mathematica


Mathematica is the name of a modern-day technical computing program for the professionals of all levels who have to deal frequently with scientific-based data. Based on the state of the art technologies, Mathematica is available for the web, smartphone systems in addition to a desktop copy. Most of the digital algebra computing systems available on the internet are designed to solve the classical mathematical issues.

However, the same is not right in the case of Mathematica as it is intended to solve the modern technical computing. Have a glance at what is available in the Mathematica or what Mathematica is?

Mathematica is the name of an extensive system with the integration of thousands of functions covering all areas of technical computing. These functions are nicely integrated into the Mathematica so that you can work correctly as the work required. Mathematica is not for performing simple tasks only.

It excels in all areas of technical computing, including images, networks, geometry, visualization, data science, machine learning, and much more. Mathematica is being backed by the Wolfram Language that means the coverage of more features and functionalities.

The coverage area of Mathematica has full of symbolic language, mathematical computation, numerics, visualization, algebraic manipulation, number theory, data analysis, data analysis, graph computation, geometric computation, image computation, interactive computation and importing & exporting.

#7 FriCAS


FriCAS is the name of an advanced and professional level of computer algebra system for the mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. The exceptional about FriCAS is the capabilities that this platform can perform. Some of these are performing calculus and algebra functions.

It can even plot functions and has an integrated help system, as well. FriCAS is designed to support standard GNU build and installation conventions. If you have sources and prerequisites, configure and make the installation. The way of working of FriCAS is effortless and effective. Although it is not as advanced as compare to most of the computational programs available over the internet.

But its term of the interface, FriCAS, is very user-friendly and straightforward to use. At the main interface, all sections are arranged into the categories of the file, editing, insertion, session, formatting, documentation, viewing, tools, and much more.

The exceptional quality of FriCAS is saving the work in session to get easy access to saved work later on. Features are limited, but still, you will enjoy the mathematical functions of the FriCAS. FriCAS is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. To use the online version of FriCAS, you will be required to working the SVN command that supports the HTTP protocol.

#8 Cadabra


Cadabra is the name of a universal computer algebra system designed for those users looking for the solution to problems encountered in the filed theory. The exceptional about Cadabra is that it has a wide range of functionality for tensor computer algebra and tensor polynomial simplification, including multi-term symmetries, fermions, and anti-commuting variables, etc.

The input format of Cadabra is a subset of TeX. Both graphical interface and command line are interfaces available in the Cadabra. Some of the key features are input & output using TeX notation, designed for field theory problems, capable of handling anti-commuting & non-commuting objects without special notations for their products, powerful tensor simplification algorithms, and much more.

Some technical highlights are also essential to mention here that are internal graph data structure based on the tree, multiple inheritance typing systems using properties, and much more. You can extend the system of Cadabra with new algorithm modules.

#9 Matplotlib


Matplotlib is a comprehensive library that used for the Python programming language and provides an object-oriented API for embedding plots via using a general-purpose GUI toolkit into the applications. The software is facilitating developers with the creation of static animated, and interactive visualizations in Python. Metplotlib is making things easier and hard things possible for you with nimble tools that permit a broad range of functions to you.

The software allows you to develop publication-quality plots with the few lines of code, and you have the full customization option for your line styles, font properties, and axes properties. The platform is offering you higher level plotting interfaces with various third-party packages. Metplotlib’s in-depth documentation is dispensing adequate information that allows you to get through the primary usage of the program and is a cost-effective solution that saves time when it comes to coding a program.

#10 GeoGebra


GeoGebra is an estimable and dynamic Mathematics software that streamlines the teaching process with advanced learning. The software is facilitating school and college students to get the proper command on Math subjects with a wide range of advanced concepts. GeoGebra is easy to use that allows you to overcome gaps between geometry, algebra, and calculus. The spreadsheet, Geometry, and algebra are connected elegantly with many powerful features.

The platform is offering free online math tools for geometry, 3D, graphing, and more, and you can search for different classroom resources to meet your requirements. GeoGebra is one of the leading providers of multi-dimensional mathematics software, technology, supporting science, STEM, and bringing innovation in teaching globally. The software has an intuitive interface and is dispensing authoring tool that allows you to create interactive learning resources. GeoGebra is an open-source and available in multiple languages for a better understanding worldwide.

#11 OpenSim


OpenSim is open-source software designed particularly for the simulation, software, and analysis in an appropriate manner. The software is dispensing advanced and accessible tools that set the dimensions for conducting biomechanics research and motor control. OpenSim is an open, extensible software that lets you create dynamic simulation movements. Besides, it provides you cloud-based storage that allows you to access files from anywhere with a good internet connection.

The software is providing elegant features that follow customize privacy options, automated statistics, a plethora of tools for sharing and communications, automated backups, and project recommendations. OpenSim is beneficial to plan surgery with the modeling for children with cerebral palsy. The software is dispensing a free platform for scientists to study movements and let them create highly accurate models of humans and animals and is the best global available tool to study biomechanics.



ANSYS HFSS is an advanced electromagnetic simulation software that helps you to design and simulate electronic products that are of high frequency. The software is assisting you in designing products like microwave components, antennas, high speed interconnects, IC packages, and more. ANSYS HFSS comes with the versatile solver and intuitive GUI that provide you an unmatched capability plus the detailed insight of your complicated problems. The software ensures the structure and thermal reliability courtesy of Multiphysics analysis and gives you the integration of Ansys thermal, structural, and fluid dynamics tools.

The system permits you to reduce the design cycle time and lifts the product performance and provides you skills to be competitive in the market. Ansys HFFS is a comprehensively dispensing set of solvers, and you can focus on the design instead of spending time determining the best mesh via automatic adaptive mesh refinement. You can differentiate HFSS from the EM simulator, which requires manual user control, and besides, multiple solutions guarantee you that that the mesh is accurate.

#13 IBM Watson Studio


IBM Watson Studio is a software that helps scientists in analyzing and preparing the data models around the cloud-based system and the desktop-based system. IBM Inc. powers it. And it is currently working with various platforms around the globe, preparing the data and source code, and giving visual modeling of the product.

The platform is intuitive and built with a trained artificial intelligence model that gathers the data. It prepares an analysis that is accessible on flexible multi-cloud architecture and provides capabilities that boost the business performance and simplify the enterprise data science with the AI model.

IBM Watson Studio works around six main features that include managing the life cycle with automatic Artificial Intelligence and predictive model. It also repairs explorer and defines the data, create or bring your open-source notebooks, simplified model development with SPSS modeler.

IBM Watson Studio also runs a trained model, and automate the data prepared with an end-to-end integrated user interface. The platform is accessible on cloud-based systems and also gives you a desktop-based trial version.

#14 Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect


Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a simple yet powerful visual modeling and design software solution that enable users to model business processes, design and create software system and model-industry-based domains.

It is a complete solution that allows users to stay in control of their workspace, collaborator, and build confidence within their most complicated projects, and support colleagues and team. Enterprise Architect’s enterprise-wide solution streamlines the visualization, testing, modeling, analysis, and maintenance of processes, systems, and architecture.

One of the best things about this solution is that it comes with a full-featured tool suite that handles every phase right from the requirements in order implementation and beyond. Another impressive aspect is that it supports requirement engineering that provides a versatile and powerful set of features that supports all the facets of requirement engineering.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect other feature includes a business modeling and analysis, system development, wireframing, visual execution analysis, change management, project management, etc. It is a premium solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.



MEGA HOPEX is a feature-rich enterprise architect software that is designed to serve small-to-midsize businesses. The solution makes it easy for businesses to make smarter decisions faster with the pragmatic approach. It is a comprehensive solution that also comes with an automation feature to automate a variety of daily tasks.

With the help of this solution, you can build a digital representation of your enterprise by connecting business, data, and risk perspectives and IT teams in a single platform. There is also has an option to choose which connections you need to integrate and analyze while having the option to build upon this knowledge as well as scale over time and on a single source of truth.

Like the other similar solutions, it also comes with an easy to understand dashboard where you can access all tools and features. HOPEX’s core feature includes IT transformation, data privacy and governance, risk management and integration with several platforms, etc.

#16 Maxima


Maxima is a service allowing you to create math calculations, use formulas, proceed with expressions (various sorts of equations, matrices, vectors, etc.). It is available for all leading platforms and developed in the Common Lisp programming language.

Having this tool, you can draw numerical and symbolic calculations. Maxima is the name of an advanced level of computer algebra system for performing the professional level of computing and mathematical functions. The professional mathematician’s design maxima for the other mathematicians.

It is a system for the manipulation of numerical expression, symbolic including Taylor series, integration, differentiation, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, and much more.

This computer algebra system will generate high precision numerical results by using fractions, variable precision, floating-point numbers, and much more. One of the best qualities of this program is that it is capable of plotting data and functions in 2D and 3D.

#17 Mathics


Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system that is designed to deliver a powerful functional programming language to its users. It is a program used in a large scale project and calculations, at least not as the main framework but rather as a tool for quick explorations and in educating people.

Some of the key features and functions of the Mathics are the availability of system driven by pattern matching and rules application, rationals, complex numbers, arbitrary precision arithmetic, lots of list and structure manipulation routines, an interactive GUI for enjoying all features and functions of Mathics, etc.

Despite several advantages, there are still many functions and features that are missing in the Mathics. The performance level of Mathics is very low, so it can’t be deployed to perform a high level of task because the chances are high; it will fail in the mid of the project.

Every expression in Mathics is built upon the same principle. It consists of a head and an arbitrary number of children unless it is an atom. It can’t be subdivided any further. Just like most of the programming languages, Mathics has common control statements for conditions, loops, etc. By default, all symbols are global in the Mathics as they can be read and written in any part of your program.

#18 Autodesk Fusion 360


Autodesk Fusion 360 is a 3D CAD, CAE, and CAM tool that combines industrial and mechanical designs, simulation, collaboration, and machining to connect the complete product development process in an integrated concept to a production toolset. The software is designed for midsize to large businesses and allows you to create any kind of 3D model.

It allows you to design product models of various forms, including parametric, direct, surface and mesh, etc. The best thing about this platform is that it comes with a built-in data management tool that allows businesses to leverage data by managing user permissions and tracking changes in the design process.

Also, the solution offers a simulation that allows you to run several tests on design, compare results, and even determine displacements. There is also an option that allows you to create 3D animation by using a range of tools that make it better than others. Autodesk Fusion 360’s other prominent feature includes solid modeling, testing, parametric modeling, data translation, rendering, etc.

#19 COMSOL Multiphysics


COMSOL Multiphysics is a software that helps users in simulation processes, which helps in encompassing the steps which are involved in modeling workflows. It includes steps such as geometrics, material properties, or phenomena for producing accurate results. The software helps users in optimizing real-world devices and processes with simulation to create models to use them in application areas.

The software offers a single place for all engineering fields such as structural mechanics, fluid flow, electromagnetics, acoustics, etc. It helps users in developing such experimentally validated models that replace the use of prototypes.

COMSOL Multiphysics offers users complete control over the simulations as they are not affected by the surrounding environment. It helps users in combining different physics phenomena with being more creative and getting ahead of traditional approaches. Lastly, users can perform all kinds of simulations under a single umbrella and can connect them anytime.

#20 SAS Advanced Analytics


SAS Advanced Analytics is a leading cloud-based Business Intelligence software designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries. The software provides clear and streamlined data analysis that helps for analyzing large datasets, and the structure makes it simple to uncover any issues with the syntax.

It offers simple data preparation that allows you to interact with your data quickly and intuitively uses dynamic charts and graphs to understand key relationships. With SAS Advanced Analytics you can take the guesswork out of building models that are both stable and accurate using proven techniques and drag-n-drop interface that’s both powerful and easy to use.

The also includes key features such as lots of creating model tools, empower business users, improve prediction accuracy, share reliable results, automate model deployment and scoring, easy to use GUI, and much more.

#21 Ardoq


Ardoq is a simple yet powerful data-driven tool created for enterprise architecture. The software helps businesses to easily plan, execute, and predict the impact of change across their people, projects, processes, apps, capabilities, and strategies. It visualizes data with advanced meta-analysis of a graph database that helps you see the stats of your business and make the right decision at the right time.

The solution allows you to create a fresh data overview that provides insights for better decisions. Like other similar solutions, it also comes with a customizable dashboard where you can access all tools and features and also understand the independencies between technology and people that save a lot of time and effort.

The grid editor of the solution is quite impressive, where you can easily create and edit visualize data by using a range of premium tools. Ardoq also comes with prominent features such as process flow, page relationship, flexible model, open API, page relationship, application portfolio, markdown support, dynamic visualizations, etc.

#22 Doronix Math Toolbox


Doronix Math Toolbox is a digital numerical computing environment that used the same programming language that is being deployed by the MATLAB. It supports the matrix manipulations, plotting of functions data, the creation of user functions, implementation of algorithms and import and export CSV files, and much more.

The best about Doronix Math Toolbox is that it is specially designed for teachers and college students. It delivers easy to use functions, unlike most of the advanced computing programs.

However, still, it is expert in handling matrices various mathematical functions and makes its users able to write up multiple algorithms and functions. This program is designed to generate graphs at fast speed while plotting function. It doesn’t require a lot of system resources to provide all services and features.

Some of the key advantages of the Doronix Math Toolbox are simple to use interface, light on the system resources, and includes a wide range of mathematics functions. However, at the same time, there are disadvantages of the Doronix Math Toolbox that are also worth to know about, the documentation of Doronix Math Toolbox is only available online and doesn’t offer support for artificial neural networks.

This application works smoothly with multiple variables and supports numbers, strings, and Boolean data. In addition to performing various mathematic functions, Doronix Math Toolbox is an expert in dealing with advanced expressions containing algorithms, exponentials, and much more.



MATLAB is one of the most popular programs that offer numerical computing, and users can draw models and use complex math formulas. This tool is handy and convenient for engineers. MATLAB is capable of creating data analysis and visualization, craft algorithms, and work with matrices, vector, and more.

MATLAB is a multi-paradigm numerical computing setting and fourth-generation programming language. It comes with the aimed to deliver initially at statistical computing, including an optional toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, letting access to symbolic computing competencies.

MATLAB turns up with structure data forms and supports dynamic field names and goes to aid components of lambda calculus by introducing function handles, or function references, which are implemented either in m files or nested anonymous functions. It is one of the best mathematical programs for performing math graphics programming, scaling, and deploying professional work in a more systemized way.

MATLAB is developed for all those professional engineers, scientists, and mathematicians who are required to deal with a broad set of data. With the assistance of this program, you can efficiently operate your analyses on more extensive data sets and scale up to clusters and clouds.

The exceptional quality of MATLAB is about its coding that can be integrated with other languages making it possible for you to deploy applications and algorithms functions on the web, enterprise, and production system.

#24 SMath Studio


SMath Studio is a service that assists in generating and solving math equations, formulas graphs from functions, and, generally, proceeds and solve various math calculations. It aids numeric and symbolic information and contains all set features. The solution can also work with matrices and vectors, unlimited and other math ideas.

SMath Studio forms various operations and applies occupations, taking in logarithms, trigonometric tasks, rearrange matrices, and more. With this app, you can save information as an HTML file, and copy data from other documents and interface is available in many languages.

It is a very tiny yet result in delivering the program for performing simple to advanced levels of mathematical functions. The reason behind yielding the high result is that it is integrated with a WYSIWYG editor that makes it better than others.

It is the name of that computer algebra, and equation solving system contains a lot of features in a straightforward and user-friendly interface. The exceptional about SMath Studio is that it also integrated a mathematical reference book so that you can always get reliable results based on the acceptable references.

The best quality of SMath Studio is that it has the proper system of support for the plugin and extensions that are for extending the functionalities of the SMath Studio. The integrated extension management system will make you able to get instant access to the third party and own designed plugins of the SMath Studio.