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MathCad is computer software designed for presenting equations and mathematical models. It is a beneficial software in many industries to show a range of data related to work processes, research, and development. Some of the prominent features of the software include the ability to render graphics and charts in 2-dimensions… read more

15 MathCad Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Xcos

Xcos is a graphical editor designed to perform the hybrid dynamical systems models. It is a digital computational and mathematical program. The best about Xcos is that its support for all mathematical activities like signal processing, hydraulics, electrical, integral, derivative, and much more.

All these mentioned supports by the Xcos make it a cross-functional program that can be used by professionals of any field. Some of the key features and functions of the Xcos are standard palettes & blocks, model building & edition, model customization, and simulation.


2. Mathomatic

Mathomatic is a free computer algebra system that is an expert in solving and simplifying algebraic and computation issues. This program is an expert in dealing and comparing the algebraic equations and performing modular, polynomial arithmetic, and complex number along with standard arithmetic.

It will perform all types of symbolic functions like calculus, Taylor series, extrema, numerical integration, and deals all elementary algebra except logarithms. Except for logarithms, all services can be easily performed by the Mathomatic.


3. WIRIS cas

WIRIS CAS is a web-based program for mathematical calculations. It is mainly designed for educational purposes, and you can use it for performing the advanced level of computational and mathematics functions. In addition to a web-based environment, WIRIS CAS is available for the desktop environment, as well.

By using the online platform, you can easily access it from the toolbar via an HTML page that already integrates limits calculation, integrals, function graphing in two dimensional & three dimensional and symbolic matrices manipulation and much more.


4. SageMath

SageMath is such an application that helps to make symbolic calculations, basic and advanced math, algebra equations, and calculus. Bearing 2D and 3D visualization, it includes plotting traits. It can be utilized in different fields of engineering, mathematics, and cryptography.

SageMath is such a service that assists symbolic calculations, basic or modern math or algebra equations or calculus. It comes with 2D and 3D visualization and founding features. SageMath can be made use in some distinct fields of engineering, cryptography, mathematics.


5. Mathematica

Mathematica is the name of a modern-day technical computing program for the professionals of all levels who have to deal frequently with scientific-based data. Based on the state of the art technologies, Mathematica is available for the web, smartphone systems in addition to a desktop copy. Most of the digital algebra computing systems available on the internet are designed to solve the classical mathematical issues.

However, the same is not right in the case of Mathematica as it is intended to solve the modern technical computing. Have a glance at what is available in the Mathematica or what Mathematica is?


6. MathJournal

MathJournal is a dedicated platform for the tablet PC for resolving the complex mathematical problems. The application for the smartphone is also available by the MathJournal. The best thing about MathJournal is that it provides a graphical and mathematical solution in a straightforward and clean environment.

In addition to math problems, this program is an expert in solving engineering problems, as well. You can use this product for both personal and commercial purposes. You can even use this program for your manufacturing and designing business, as well.


7. Mathics

Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system that is designed to deliver a powerful functional programming language to its users. It is a program used in a large scale project and calculations, at least not as the main framework but rather as a tool for quick explorations and in educating people.

Some of the key features and functions of the Mathics are the availability of system driven by pattern matching and rules application, rationals, complex numbers, arbitrary precision arithmetic, lots of list and structure manipulation routines, an interactive GUI for enjoying all features and functions of Mathics, etc.


8. FriCAS

FriCAS is the name of an advanced and professional level of computer algebra system for the mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. The exceptional about FriCAS is the capabilities that this platform can perform. Some of these are performing calculus and algebra functions.

It can even plot functions and has an integrated help system, as well. FriCAS is designed to support standard GNU build and installation conventions. If you have sources and prerequisites, configure and make the installation. The way of working of FriCAS is effortless and effective. Although it is not as advanced as compare to most of the computational programs available over the internet.


9. Cadabra

Cadabra is the name of a universal computer algebra system designed for those users looking for the solution to problems encountered in the filed theory. The exceptional about Cadabra is that it has a wide range of functionality for tensor computer algebra and tensor polynomial simplification, including multi-term symmetries, fermions, and anti-commuting variables, etc.

The input format of Cadabra is a subset of TeX. Both graphical interface and command line are interfaces available in the Cadabra. Some of the key features are input & output using TeX notation, designed for field theory problems, capable of handling anti-commuting & non-commuting objects without special notations for their products, powerful tensor simplification algorithms, and much more.


10. SAS Advanced Analytics

SAS Advanced Analytics is a leading cloud-based Business Intelligence software designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries. The software provides clear and streamlined data analysis that helps for analyzing large datasets, and the structure makes it simple to uncover any issues with the syntax.

It offers simple data preparation that allows you to interact with your data quickly and intuitively uses dynamic charts and graphs to understand key relationships. With SAS Advanced Analytics you can take the guesswork out of building models that are both stable and accurate using proven techniques and drag-n-drop interface that’s both powerful and easy to use.


11. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a simple yet powerful visual modeling and design software solution that enable users to model business processes, design and create software system and model-industry-based domains.

It is a complete solution that allows users to stay in control of their workspace, collaborator, and build confidence within their most complicated projects and support colleagues and team. Enterprise Architect’s an enterprise-wide solution that streamlines the visualization, testing, modeling, analysis, and maintenance of processes, systems, and architecture.


12. Maxima

Maxima is a service allowing you to create math calculations, use formulas, proceed with expressions (various sorts of equations, matrices, vectors, etc.). It is available for all leading platforms and developed in the Common Lisp programming language.

Having this tool, you can draw numerical and symbolic calculations. Maxima is the name of an advanced level of computer algebra system for performing the professional level of computing and mathematical functions. The professional mathematician’s design maxima for the other mathematicians.


13. Doronix Math Toolbox

Doronix Math Toolbox is a digital numerical computing environment that used the same programming language that is being deployed by the MATLAB. It supports the matrix manipulations, plotting of functions data, the creation of user functions, implementation of algorithms and import and export CSV files, and much more.

The best about Doronix Math Toolbox is that it is specially designed for teachers and college students. It delivers easy to use functions, unlike most of the advanced computing programs.



MATLAB is one of the most popular programs that offer numerical computing, and users can draw models and use complex math formulas. This tool is handy and convenient for engineers. MATLAB is capable of creating data analysis and visualization, craft algorithms, and work with matrices, vector, and more.

MATLAB is a multi-paradigm numerical computing setting and fourth-generation programming language. It comes with the aimed to deliver initially at statistical computing, including an optional toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, letting access to symbolic computing competencies.


15. SMath Studio

SMath Studio is a service that assists in generating and solving math equations, formulas graphs from functions, and, generally, proceeds and solve various math calculations. It aids numeric and symbolic information and contains all set features. The solution can also work with matrices and vectors, unlimited and other math ideas.

SMath Studio forms various operations and applies occupations, taking in logarithms, trigonometric tasks, rearrange matrices, and more. With this app, you can save information as an HTML file, and copy data from other documents and interface is available in many languages.

More About MathCad

MathCad is computer software designed for presenting equations and mathematical models. It is a beneficial software in many industries to show a range of data related to work processes, research, and development.

Some of the prominent features of the software include the ability to render graphics and charts in 2-dimensions. It also allows for laying-out algebraic equations with variables and describing their use. Mostly, the software is used by engineers and scientists to create and solve computations and complexities that require strategic dealing.

MathCad solution automatically resolves equations and having the WYSIWYG concept that displays how outcomes look after processing data entered. In this software, you can use natural math notations, edit inline any formula, and view the complete result.

It is oriented around a worksheet in which different kinds of equations and expressions are created and manipulated in the same visual format in which they are presented, as opposed to authoring in plain text, an approach later adopted by other similar systems such as maple and mathematics.

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