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MediBang Paint Pro Alternatives for PC

MediBang Paint Pro is an all-in-one painting and drawing application developed by MediBang Inc. It is a pro version that comes with lots of new features and tools. The pro version is available to use on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. It uses cloud saving system with some advanced features that allow you to transfer their work between platforms easily. One of the most interesting facts about this application is that it comes offers lots of templates and each template it completely different others. It has premade backgrounds that includes city scenes and vehicles to cut down on user’s workloads. MediBang Paint Pro also best for comic book professionals and offers lots of free comic fonts, characters and colours to create a professional design. It also includes core features such as customization option, snaps guides, uses the photo to draw pictures, add dialogues and much more. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this exciting, stunning applications.

1. Paint Net

Paint Net is a freeware raster graphics editor solution for Microsoft Windows platform only created by .NET Framework. It is a simple but powerful image and photo editing application that contains almost all the major tools and service to create stunning stuff without any limitation. Every feature on this platform includes the user interface, designed to be immediately and easy to learn without assistance. With the help of this platform,…