MediTouch EHR

MediTouch is a cloud-based EHR solution designed for healthcare practices. It is a compressive solution and fully integrated practice management solution that includes specific content, a claims clearinghouse, and an easy to use patient portals. MediTouch is a modern solution and compatible with all browsers. The software is especially to accommodate physician and staff workflow with easy to use technology that adapts to the provider’s workflow.

The best thing about this solution is that it comes with a complete clinical documentation system with touch, talk, and type system. Like most of the leading EHR, it also comes with a simple dashboard where users can easily access all tools and features. MediTouch EHR’s feature includes Reporting, Automates, Empower Patients Schedule, and Direct Messaging, etc.


MediTouch EHR Alternatives

#1 Homecare Homebase


Homecare Homebase is a medical management software automation and platform, specially designed for home care and hospice agencies of all sizes. It helps to deliver comfort and improving the well-being of their patients. Homecare Homebase is simple and puts powerful that has thousands of users around the world who can use it to manage their medical environment. The primary objective of the software is to provide the industry players with a comprehensive solution by the documentation and automating the exchange of real-time clinical notes and patient information between field clinicians and the back office.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this software is that it offers an online training system for those who want to train their staff anywhere in the world. Homecare Homebase also includes core features such as real-time data documentation and exchange, CMS compliance, master of key area monitoring, customization, health information system and hosted solution, etc. With a simple and user-friendly interface.


#2 eMDs


eMDs is a leading electronic medical record solution, aims to optimize patients’ encounters and streamline the operation of clinics and medical enterprises of all sizes by simplifying the complicated procedure and workflow of the patient’s visit. The solution comes as the alternatives to PointClickCare and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others.

As a fully integrated system, the software is using unified programs which work together with such as charts, documents, patient portals, schedule, and tasks, etc. The great thing about this solution is that it provides a comprehensive medical management system supporting primary care and a massive range of specialties.

eMDs enables users to easily place information from a patient’s medical records of previous visits into the current visit notes and vice versa. This feature can observe when updating or adding information to the patient problem list. To make it more reliable, it also offers a customization system with some extra features that make it simple for new users. eMDs have different price plans; each plan has its feature and price.

#3 CampDoc


CampDoc is another EHR (electronic health record) system specially made for summer camps by health care providers with the camp experience. The platform is introduced by DocNetwork, an online EHR system provider for schools, camps, and child care institutions.

With the help of this software, doctors and nurses are instantly accessing health information when needed and also reduce the risks and liabilities the camp might sustain by ensuring the health and safety of all registered campers. It is a web-based application that allows professionals to get medical information about their patients anytime and anywhere around the world.

CampDoc also includes prominent features such as electronic patient records, user-definable fields, automatic data entry, triage mode, internal notes, real-time profile review, and custom reports, etc. Also, the solution offers a customization system that allows its users to add custom settings and fields.


#4 eClinicalWorks


eClinicalWorks is an all-in-one electronic health record system designed to streamline the workflows of healthcare providers. The solution has a full set of features that help in the delivery of a customizable and highly innovative solution for different settings such as health centers, primary care offices, mobile clinics, and hospitals, etc.

The solution is highly acclaimed for its capability of prioritizing customers’ satisfaction quickly. Its optimization further crowns eClinicalWorks’ capabilities for use on mobile devices. With the help of this software, you can easily send and receive information anytime, anywhere, over the world.

Compared to the others, its customization system is simple and better than others that allows the users to add their setting and make it readily accessible easily. Charting, voice recognition, patient portals, E/M coding, handwriting recognition, and automatic data entry are the most prominent features of the software. Just like the other similar system, it also has two different price plans. Both have different prices and prominent features.

#5 Azalea EHR


Azalea EHR is one of the best electronic health solutions that integrate multiple functions and tools in one platform. It combines medicine practice management tools and office features, including billing and scheduling. The solution is known as the all-in-one EHR system for those who are new to the technology or looking for an enhanced EHR system.

Azalea EHR offers a simple and user-friendly interface and ensures that everything a provider and non-provider needs is within easy reach. It is all in the cloud, provides users mobility, and enable them to access their data while they are making their medical home or when they are outside their work. With Azalea EHR users can also capture patient engagement data while on the move using their devices.

Like the other similar software, it also offers customization option that allows users to add their custom setting that depends on their healthcare. Azalea EHR also includes core features such as telehealth functionality, interoperability features, clinical charting, form builder, E-prescribing and online CPOE, etc.

#6 EpicCare


EpicCare is a powerful health recording solution with robust features, intricate workflow design, a user-friendly interface, and a combination of chart review, etc. The solution is specially designed for large hospitals and 50 to 100 healthcare fields.

It integrates clinical, and revenue cycle management systems into an EMR solution aims to make physicians productive by simplifying workflows, the patient-facing elements of health care delivery and the tracking of invoice and payments. It is an alternative to PointClickCare and offers lots of similar services with advanced functionalities that make it better than others.

Some core features are predictive analytics, decision support tools, care at a distance, order management, and financial module, etc. Another fantastic thing about this solution is that it allows users to manage it with outside providers for review and resolve all the care gaps.

#7 InteGreat EHR


InteGreat EHR is a web-based online solution, allows physicians and their staff to optimize their workflow with their complete and multifarious set of patient management tools. It is introduced by McKesson Technology Solutions and has thousands of users around the world. With the help of this system, the user can easily manage their task with an automated workflow.

The solution also comes with lots of advanced options to ensure that tasks such as reporting and coding are accurate and up-to-date. It is more than just an EHR application that also allows professionals to manage their complete system and generate all major reports automatically. InteGreat EHR includes core features such as quipped technology, clinical workflow, annotation tools, handwriting capture, third-party product integration, and online patient portal, etc.

#8 Meditab


Meditab is another electronic health record software used by medical professionals that offer integrated and certified EHR systems. The solution delivers comprehensive data in a convenient digital format that allows healthcare providers to upgrade their services without compromising accuracy.

It is loaded with all the vital features, including practice management software, mobile application, and communication option. All of these are specialized to cater to different fields of healthcare, such as pediatrics, ENT, pain management, and lots of others. Just like the other similar software, it also contains a list of tools that automatically manage user work.

Meditab’s solution ensures that the patient information is accurate, updated, and can be retrieved conveniently. One can view a patient’s entire history quickly without having to go through volumes of paperwork of medical records.

The software offers a simple and user-friendly interface, has thousands of users around the world. To make the service more interesting, it also offers lots of key features, including ROI calculator, scheduling, referral management, and custom health form, etc.

#9 TherapyNotes


TherapyNotes is a leading electronic health record (EHR) software trusted by more than 30, 000 behavioral health professionals. It features robust notes, billing operations, scheduling, and unlimited phone support. The platform is also known as the effective scheduling and to-do list tool created with the workflow of mental health practitioners in mind.

TherapyNotes is specially targeted at mental practitioners and clinicians and is highly suitable for all types and sizes of practices. The solution comes as the alternatives to PointClickCare and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others. Another great thing about this solution is that it comes with the patient note functionality that allows the users to access the numbers of specialty note templates uniquely geared to cater to mental health areas like therapy, psychology, and social work.

Also, the program offers data recovery and document printing system, users can quickly, and quality recovers their data from past notes. Compliance and security, history review, to-do list, EMR feature, reminders, and calendar sync are also features of the platform.

#10 PointClickCare


PointClickCare is a cloud-based HER (electronic health record) platform specially designed for the long-term and post-acute care industry. It is a unified solution for care businesses that offer multiple reliable modules, including care delivery management, financial management, business intelligence, and analytics, marketing, quality, and compliance.

The platform offers effective technological solutions aimed at enhanced business performance, quality, delivery, and all the other major aspects. One of the best features of this module is that it is specially designed with care teams in mind to help them priorities caring for their patients.

It has a user-friendly functionality that consolidates a host of other options such as medication management, the point of care and secure conversation, etc. PointClickCare software offers reliable quality and compliance modules that provide you with an edge over the unexpected.

It also provides tools that allow your care team to monitor and manage risks proactively and avert them before strikes. To make the solution more reliable, it also offers lots of tools that help the user to manage their task. Like the other similar software, it also has multiple price plans, and each plan has its own cost and features.

#11 Medesync EMR


Medesync EMR is a web-based, modern EMR solution specially made for Doctors who want to meet their practice’s requirements. It is entirely a customizable solution that allows you to create its custom setting to complete your needs. With the help of this solution, you can control duplicate and patient record errors, quickly add new patients and manage all their records without any limitations.

Its appointment scheduling and calendar management also make it stronger, the calendar display, and access agendas at a glance of each clinical professional from the same screen. Unlike other similar software, it also has an intelligent search box that helps you to find available time slots based on patient constraints quickly.

Medesync EMR also offers automatic confirmation of the patient’s appointment by email, text message, or telephone. It is simple and easy to understand the solution that no require any kind of IT skills to manage it. To make it more engaging, it also includes key features such as customizable patient summary, creates complete patient records, reminder module optimized for obstetrical follow-up, and all the other clinic management features, etc.

#12 OD Online


OD Online is a practice management and electronic health record solution needed to run and grow the successful eye care practice. Eye care professionals developed the software, and eye care professionals and focus are on providing integrated and seamless software for optometry practices to increase profitability and enhance the patient experience.

OD Online is an all-in-one solution that comes with all the primary services, including electronic health records, exam form, meaningful use, central calendar, ease of billing and insurance claim, etc. The software offers a massive range of unique features such as document management, email communication, search functionality, and record management that make it better than others.

The tool also helps you to maintain vendor and insurance lists and track inventory items, including contact lenses and frames. OD Online platform allows administrators and doctors to enter patient demographics and send emails to patients directly from the solution interface.

With this, users can quickly generate reports on different topics, import data to other software, and receive inputs from electronic optometry equipment. All the features on this platform are designed within the one program that is compatible with the other web services and insurance claim processing centers.

#13 NueMD EHR


NueMD EHR is a tool for both providers and non-providers to note, code, and disseminates information most conveniently and securely. With the help of this tool, physicians, clinics, and all the other healthcare institutes have access to tools to assist in streamlining patient and workflow management. Compared to the other similar electronic health record platforms, it offers lots of new tools and services to manage their tasks and see more patients.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this platform is that it is entirely customizable that allows the users to create and add their settings. NueMD EHR has a unique HIPAA compliant system, which means it is a high-security standard. Therefore the user can rest assured their data they input into the system are safe.

Aside from that, it also supports protected transactions using debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. It offers custom quotes for their EHR, depending on the need of the provider, hospitals, clinics, and institutions.

#14 Kareo


Kareo is a management software that works efficiently with hospitals and clinics. It consists of many exciting modules, and it lets you integrate your staff requirements and work of the hospital into a single platform. It consists of tons of features and allows you to easily integrate every different module and monitor every type of action going under a unique management system.

The key features of the platform work quickly, and it provides a sophisticated user interface. It is a cloud-based platform and provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools that are specially designed for a medical administrator. They can handle a vast amount of data and back-end working of hospital staff such as building management, patient registration, health record management, medication management, patient management, and much more.

Kareo offers the user with functions to easily perform different work on the platform. It can be monitored by the administration staff and give you alert messages, scheduling updates, data management systems, order tracking visualization, appointment management, and much more.

The software made it easy for every user to put the details of patients, and they are managed beautifully with every type of module. It is ready for any emergency, and also offers disaster recovery protocols.

#15 NextGen Healthcare


NextGen Healthcare is an intuitively designed management system which works smartly and in a sophisticated way to make healthcare more accessible by management and administrator. The software is easily manageable and offers many models and aspects to integrating your hospital management system and your workflow easily to access every module of the system.

It is ultimately providing benefits to both the administrator and the patient. This cloud-based EHR module provides a facility in the best way, and it gives you practice management modules RCM/Medical Billing, patient portals, and much more.

The enterprise version of the platform gives you EHR and practice management, RCM electronic data exchange advanced analytics, specialty-specific Clinical Content, and much more. NextGen Healthcare’s interface is easy to navigate, and it is designed in a very constructive layout, which guards the user on every step. It can integrate a communication module between the administrator and the staff, so they get a real-time update of any changes being done.

The features of NextGen Healthcare include customizable preference setting, clinical tasking, referral management, health maintenance reminder, laboratory service function, appointment management, E/M coding, and much more. It works effectively, and it only comes with a desktop-based system for large Enterprises.

#16 PrognoCIS EMR


PrognoCIS EMR is a management system which involves various facility for a hospital to integrate the staff and management protocol under a single platform. It is easy to use and control the patient information, and it also provides a separate module for administrative to view the staff and keep up with their work routine.

The platform itself is web-based, and it provides various modules to integrate different levels of the system, and it undergoes every type of testing before deploying. The main aspect of using PrognoCIS EMR include the seamless migration of data from paper to an ERP cloud-based system.

It offers a referral management system, consultation in the office, or from home with the built-in app, continued technology innovation to extend current standards, patient efficiency, and more. It is highly customizable, and it offers a great template that is easy to navigate and has a great graphical interface structure that helps the user in navigating the platform.

PrognoCIS EMR provides meaningful use for patient return on investment, and it also trains the person with live online courses and documentation. It gives you 24/7 support for any issue provided by the company.

It is known for its accessibility and practice management, and the hospital management services work fine, and they are secure with different encryption layers integrated into the cloud base system. The pricing is affordable for Large Enterprises.

#17 AllegianceMD


AllegianceMD is a medical software and practice integration solution of administrators of doctors under a single platform so they can manage their whole hospital operations with a single software. The program is easy to use, and it has a sophisticated management design that integrates every type of module and asset as per the hospital or clinic’s requirement.

The program is easy to use, and it is a web-based medical billing and practice management system that gave EMR software. It also uses an artificial intelligence system that gives you tons of facilities on the real-time reporting and integration of new data into the cloud server.

The main features of AllegianceMD bring new features like phone application, lab imaging, and interface. It also provides you electronic appointment reminders, patient engagement, telemedicine, and much more. The program interface is easily customized, and the dashboard facility it gives to the end-user with easy configuration.

The core feature of the software includes an electronic medical record that provides process e-prescribing, a self-service portal, compliance tracking, and much more. The medicine billing aspect provides claim processing, claim scrubbing, insurance verification, remittance advice, and more.

AllegianceMD also gives you a medical practice management system, pediatric admission management, clinical note billing and invoicing, SMS messaging, scheduling, practices, manual system, vaccine management, and much more.

#18 Compulink Healthcare Solutions


Compulink Healthcare Solutions is an advance smart practice EHR management solution system, which is a beautiful design for large Enterprises hospitals and small clinical businesses. The program provides a different module for every aspect of the system, and it also provides a separate communication system and application to be integrated with the administrator and the staff of the hospital.

It allows you to quickly contact the support team for resolving an issue you face on the system because it is a cloud-based system and it integrates different database which provides every record you ever put on the platform. Compulink Healthcare Solutions uses the power of data to improve clinical and financial results. It also gives tons of facilities for different types of biological diseases like addiction, audiology, dermatology, management pediatric, and much more.

The program gives an integrated hybrid medical solution that offers its functions in medical services that provide facilities like electronic health coders, practice management, revenue cycle management, inventory management, optical point of sale, and practice automation.

Compulink Healthcare Solutions help you to get a different suit for various facilities, and every administrator can log in to their profile and directly go there designated. The interface is easy to navigate, and every information is laid out simply so the user can see every detail right on a single platform.

#19 Therabill


Therabill is the fastest working software for hospitals and medical businesses, and it allows you to integrate the software for rehab therapy and behavioral health. The primary function of the platform is to provide you a separate module for every type of disease you are currently dealing with and get the data and upload it to the cloud service provided by the platform.

It creates a document or report for your patient and your operations. It consists of many exciting features like a practice management system, a self-service portal, medical billing, Claim management, appointments scheduling, compliance tracking, appointment reminding, and integration with the application, EMR/EHR, and much more.

You can also add additional features once you are a part of a platform, and the services it provides are not free, but it gives many options for different clinics and hospitals as per their requirement. The feature of the platform offers custom automated reports, user account integration, secure provider of portals, remittance advice, patient invoicing, integrated credit card gateway, WebPT Integration, and much more.

The constructive interface of Therabill is easy to navigate, and it offers different modules for integrating the business on the platform. The program provides a smart and constructive layout with a great GUI module and structural guidance.

#20 RevolutionEHR


RevolutionEHR is a cloud EHR software for your eye care practices. The fact that it is cloud-based gives wide leads to the platform, and it can integrate tons of data, which stores in the dedicated server provided by the platform.

The management software works smartly for clinics and hospitals, but it cannot handle large hospitals and their workflow. It gives you a practice management system and simplifies the work for your practice and its focus on giving you more time in the field, then using the system often.

The interface of the web-based module is easy in navigation, and it provides a separate dedicated system for clinics patients and doctors. It frees you and your staff to focus on patient care. RevolutionEHR focuses more on the patient than on the scheduling because the system integrated into the platform takes care of the documentation, and you do not have to check everything manually.

The key features of the platform include appointment management, inventory management, recall tracking, insurance management, patient record, and much more. The web interface is it navigate and provide light theme templates which is easy on the eyes

RevolutionEHR can save tons of data, and it can recall every type of data if it is stored in the cloud-based system. The pricing plans are a bit steep, but the trial version shows the full abilities of the platform so you can see every module of the platform.

#21 Modernizing Medicine’s Healthcare IT Suite


Modernizing Medicine’s Healthcare IT Suite is one of the most utilized all-in-one EHR systems, and it is suited for any number of providers and staff. It consists of many exciting features and allows you to easily integrate different modules on the platform with a sophisticated interface and a nice template. The software gives all the calculation details on the system.

It offers tons of facility, and the key features of the platform include built by practicing physicians, native iPad application, cloud-based, adaptive learning, automated notes, and bills, suggested automated coding, a built-in MIPS dashboard & more. The application programming interface of the system gives a direct approach to the administrator, and you can communicate our platform easily.

Modernizing Medicine’s Healthcare IT Suite also gives you a field demonstrating before purchasing into the application because it is a cloud-based platform, and it does not provide separate software for the desktop version. It also gives a training module and supporting module, which provides you with 24/7 contact support on every aspect of the system.

The key feature of Modernizing Medicine’s Healthcare IT Suite provides electronic media records medical practice management systems, plastic surgery, and much more. The platform also includes voice recognization, handwriting recognition, compliance tracking, appointment scheduling, certified self-services protocol, claim management progress, inventory management, patient billing, and patient portal, and much more.

#22 DrChrono EHR


DrChrono EHR is a fully prepared medicare access and chip reauthorization management system, which gives you a nice management module and provides a best practice management system for hospitals and clinics. The program interface is easy to navigate, and it provides a web-based module that gives the user a separate window where we can review all the information. The staff and the administrator can quickly work under a single platform.

The platform works in three main aspects, which involve running a patient file practice, drive probability that reaches beyond the clinic bounds, give online scheduling, and also involve revenue cycle management, claim dashboarding, and account management system.

The API module can integrate with the existing medical app directory and affiliate directory. The interface of the platform is easy to use, and it provides a demonstration feature that lets you can see the website with its full features, and it will give all the modules in the demonstrative trial version.

DrChrono EHR is easy to navigate, and it has a very constructive layout that guides the user on every step. All the aspects are listed on the top of the screen, so you should not feel any difficulty in navigating the platform. It gives you a phone reminder, advance patient portal, scheduling tools, tax reminder, appointment profile, and much more.

#23 Rivo EHS Software


Rivo EHS Software is an Online EHS Management and RISK Management software that helps organizations meet with compliance frameworks. The software developed on a simple code that allows it to update itself without any need for previous versions. It comes with the Delta Plus model that helps users to customize the software according to their on-premise work requirements easily.

The software integrated with Microsoft Excel that allows users to generate and customize their reports by using the apps that they use for their in-house work. It is fully compatible with PC, mobile, and all the other portable devices that allow users to work while they are at the office, at home, or anywhere. Rivo EHS Software offers cloud storage of documents and policies that employees can be accessed across their business units.

Through this, the employee is also allowed to report incidents and share detailed updates without any effort. The software’s audit and inspection feature automates all the standard tasks and can schedule audits and gather regular updates. Rivo EHS Software is a professionally designed solution and can be accessed using any browser; its core features include view data in real-time, risk management, integrate with third-party apps, and more.

#24 Valant


Valant is a cloud-based EHR software that supports all the leading administrative operations of healthcare agencies and clinicians. It is a comprehensive solution and offers an array of features such as appointment scheduling, treatment planning, and billing, etc. Like most the EHR solutions, it also collects and organize data from both patient and practitioners and documents them using its guided protocols and store them securely.

Valant comes with a straightforward interface and no require special training to enjoy service, follow its setups, and that’s it. The software also generates actionable insights and reports based on the data collected. Its extensible data model of the product enables its users to extract, report, and visualize data in real-time. There is also has an integration system and integrate with most of the leading platforms that offer lots of new tools, including the clinical note, billing, and scheduling, etc.

One of the best facts about this solution is that it comes with a prescription and medication management system that makes it a complete solution. Valant other prominent feature includes documentation tools, paperless practice, billing and reporting, track outcomes of sessions, and more. It is a commercial EHR solution and comes with multiple price plans.

#25 Aware 360 ltd


Aware 360 ltd is a workplace software that helps keeps people safe by identifying and notifying of risks to a response center. The software works in partnership with the real-time call centers to link with the users anytime.

The monitoring alert feature, generated by a click from the users’ device of the application, allows the support team to determine the situation of the user. It also allows the user to connect directly with the monitoring center in case the user’s GPS is compromised. The automatic positioning feature of the software keeps the center aware of the user’s location and the last location also in case of any trouble. Aware 360 ltd allows the users to enter a manual location in case the GPS is not working properly.

Award 360 ltd has a safety timer feature that helps the users to keep ensuring the center that they are safe and prevents from triggering an alert; however, it depends on their needs. It also allows users to add comments when they are about to enter or in an unsafe situation. The software has both free-trial and a paid version.

#26 Gensuite


Gensuite is a software solution that enables businesses to execute business compliance processes and management systems effectively. This cloud-based program is equipped with different tools, from environmental regulations to the health and safety of employees.

Features of Gensuite are a contractor and employee management, environmental remediation and compliance, safety and security program management, and analytics. With its quality management software applications, it enhances the quality culture and drives improvement of the business. The software helps in minimizing the business/product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

Gensuite allows the companies with its internally developed auditing tool in compliance audits and program assessments. The software’s reporting and charting tool help the managers understand the working of business more properly while the risk assessment and training compliance feature of the platform provides safety training to the employees. The software comes with a free trial and a paid version. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, and customer support is available via email and phone.

#27 Push Health


Push Health is an estimable virtual Concierge Medical care software that connects doctors, medical provides, and patients for telemedicine care. The software comes with the automated workflow that permits health providers to quickly and privately care patients via mobile phones. Push Health invite patients to join the network directly from your contacts and securely message colleagues and provides you with the comprehensive documentation, E-orders, E-Prescribe with few clicks.

The multiple features include free and flexible practice, practice anytime and anywhere, secure messages to clients, integrated payment process, and hassle-free prescription and Labs. There is a lot to offer for patient care that includes convenient care with automated notifications, request medical care, no necessary insurance, 100% transparent pricing, efficient health records, and hassle-free lab testing. There will be no drop-offs and no waiting around with picking up your prescription at your preferred pharmacy.

#28 QGenda


QGenda is the best-automated scheduling solution providing software program that allows you to do the scheduling process nimbly to provide the best possible patient care. QGenda is facilitating hospitals, medical centers, and health systems to lift their workforce to bring productive results. The multiple products and services offered by QGenda are on-call, schedule automation, time tracking, compensation, analytics, and integrations.

The scheduling services are always up to the mark that, in turn, drive efficiency and performance of your organization, and compensation management permits staff to trust the accuracy of their pay with verified data. QGenda analytics enables you to show the utilization of staff, incorrect staffing assignments, overtime, and more. The multiple integrations within the system enhance outcomes of delivery to the customers, and staff can take proper control of the scheduling process from their smartphones.

#29 AccuPoint


AccuPoint is an all in one practice management software designed for ABA therapists. The software comes with multiple services in one software that includes scheduling, payroll, billing, integrated tracking, session notes, and data. The compliance tracking implementation is now easy with AccuPoint that permits detailed tracking information when you need it in no time. AccuPoint is dispensing comprehensive reports and analytics that allow you to take advantage of enhancing productivity with up-to-date data.

The software is providing you with the seamless clearinghouse integration with no fee and automatically spilled T-code billing from a single session note. AccuPoint is featuring a Parent portal that enables parents to see a child’s schedule, collect data, enrollment and pay invoices, and more. Moreover, AccuPoint is facilitating you with the GPS check-in and appointment verification to check-in and out service shifts. The software provides an easy solution that entitles you to spend less time on manual entering of data into multiple applications and reconciling compliance and to track the requirements of both clients and staff.

#30 Nerva


Nerva is a platform that helps the users in improving their irritable bowel syndrome symptoms without any change of diet. The platform supports the users to manage their IBS symptoms based on gut-directed hypnotherapy. It is designed by one of the leading medical researchers. The app helps users to take control of their gut without any drug while staying at home.

The platform enables users to manage better how their mind is interpreting the pain and stress signals and helps in retaining the gut-brain connection. It provides natural and non-invasive self-help psychology to users without any change of diet and offers personalized support.

Nerva comes with a straight six-week program for hypnotherapy, and every session brings users into a state of relaxation that brings calmness both to the mind and gut. Lastly, the therapy is directed to change things like stress, which causes miscommunication between the gut and brain.

#31 Cuztomise Pharma


Cuztomise Pharma is a platform that helps pharma industries to manage their sales and reporting through a single platform. It allows users to record and monitor all activities of their sales forces for maintaining effectiveness in their sales management. All the details related to leads and productivity rates are in front of the users to manage and connect anytime.

The software provides an effective and centralized platform that helps users in decreasing false reporting while managing all the pharma sales through a single panel. Its powerful BEAT implementation feature ensures that the company covers all the areas for increased sales and maintains the supply chain demand in all areas. Cuztomise Pharma helps users in planning their tour for sales activities effectively by cutting down hours and working more in the field. Lastly, it allows users to make notes and reports on their calls with the clients.

#32 Shift Admin


Shift Admin is scheduling software that helps employees and teams to schedule creation and allows them to manage processes efficiently and simply. The software comes with a world-class algorithm that is capable of solving complex schedules. It follows the rules defined by teams that enable the software to prioritize schedule according to the rules.

The software enables users to set rules for individual user preferences, and all the scheduling work is completed in minutes instead of days. It comes with statistics and reporting features that allow users to give group stats detailed reports and enables them to export those reports to other platforms.

Users can view shifts and schedules of other users, and employees can pick up open shifts. Employees can view the shifts and schedules on any device and can share their schedules with family or friends. It allows managers to track employee’s hours and comparing the worked hours with scheduled hours.

#33 OnShift


OnShift is a leading workforce management software that provides services like scheduling, hiring, engaging, retaining long-term care, and more. The software comes with the next generation capital management services that streamline the relationship between healthcare organizations and employees. The constant engagement workforce allows you to enhance productivity and increase profitability with high-quality care service.

OnShift is a cloud-based with an intuitive interface, and proactive functions fit according to the needs of senior care providers. The platform is prioritizing an easy use for you, from employees to executives. There are multiple features on offer that include talent acquisition, text-based recruiting, payroll-based journal reporting, employee engagement and scheduling, workforce analytics, and much more. Besides, OnShifts provides you with customer success management, customer support, integrations, and education services as well. The software is the best workforce solution for your organization because of its operational excellence, cost control, quality care, employee retention, and staffing compliance.

#34 CentralReach


CentralReach is a trusted practice management platform software that allows you to deal with applied behavioral analysis EMR software and services. The software has a global demand due to its practice management and clinical solutions. CentralReach is matching the standards with seamless integrations of billing, scheduling, billing, payroll, and tailored data collection. The scheduling service features multiple viewing options for effectiveness, coded appointments, and appointments tags.

The software comes with advanced data collection and reporting, whether completing notes, progress reports, and session notes that permit you to make evidence-based decisions. CentralReach is heading with customizable rates codes that make payroll seamless and straightforward. The software is surfacing a straightforward approach to track and archive every claim for the client and automatically generates bills after each appointment. CentralReach is just the right place for processing everything with its automatic flow that makes the practice management quite easier.

#35 Solutionreach


Solutionreach is an estimable patent relationship management software that allows you to take control of the Patient management workflow professionally. The software comes with all the telehealth tools based on agile technology that streamlines the process to bring productive results. Solutionreach is surfacing an end-to-end workflow that enables you to see patients and generate revenue and providing support from online scheduling to reminders with visit guides to post-visit surveys.

The software permits you an option to deliver better care to patients at their homes with both safety and comfort that eliminates the risks. Solutionreach is providing many elegant features that include creating patient groups, send messages via text and emails, two-way patient messaging service to improve patient access, newsletters, comprehensive delivery of pre-visit instructions, and much more. The software is trusted by leading organizations around the globe that makes sure the continuous communication and convenient patient access to providers.

#36 SimplePractice


SimplePractice is practice management software that enables the practitioners in Telehealth and Teletherapy. The platform helps the companies and practitioners in organizing file management effectively and provides a paperless environment. Moreover, it allows health practitioners to conduct secure video appointments with the customers and offers Telehealth appointments if both are out of office.

It allows the users to start their video calls from anywhere through any device without any hassle, and it sends automatic reminders to customers to not miss the appointments. Moreover, all the data is secure through bank-level security and offers HIPAA compliant system.

SimplePractice provides interactive communication services such as clients, and customers can share the screen, and clients can send customers videos or worksheets. Moreover, health practitioners can allow customers to book their video appointments directly from the software. Lastly, it offers a 30-day free trial and a paid version along with 24-hour customer support.

#37 Practice Suite


Practice Suite is an estimable practice management software that allows you to do all the tasks related to the patient and their care. The software is exceptionally functional that lifts the clinical management process that covers scheduling, meetings, appointment, online payments, reports, and more to add. Practice Suite is dispensing advanced solutions related to telehealth, patient portal, medical billing, and revenue cycle management process. The software is cloud-based and provides diagnostic tools that surface in-depth data analytics that enables you to gain more profitability.

Telehealth service provides you remote patient care process with secure video and phone consult within a chart with full-service back-office billing. Advanced Medical Billing benefits you to speed the payment process and overall revenue collection. Practice Suite gives you the advantage of managing all of your medical practice with a proper schedule of the tasks. Patient portal promoting engagement of the patient to increase communication and give them their online records that make this software highly efficient in terms of productive results.

#38 Eppointments


Eppointments is software which provides services in online appointments and scheduling programs to extensive medical facilities. The platform helps the users in managing initial demographic data, health information of the patient, and insurance credentials.

The software enables the patients to fill up all of their personal and medical information online. The scheduling feature of the platform helps the users to customize and manage the appointments types and their lengths, while also keeping the vacations in check. Moreover, it also provides data on the check-in and check-out of users.

This software enables physicians to outline their daily schedule of patients easily. Eppointments offer patient tracking and help the medical facilities to keep the patients’ appointments in-place according to the physician’s timings. Lastly, it is a paid platform and offers customer support via phone and email.

#39 Coreplus


Coreplus is an all in one practice management software with Allied Health practice that use preferred tools to improve the necessary outcomes. The software is providing many management solutions related to any kind of healthcare, whether physical, mental, multidisciplinary health care, and others.

Coreplus authorize you with multiple facilities that include client portal for online bookings, virtual waiting room, share files, resources, links, and more. The critical services offered by Coreplus are account customization, upload files, multiple disciplinary practices, asset tracking, and more to follow. The software has all tools in the bank to provide you with an efficient healthcare management system.

Coreplus has multiple features to offer that are making appointments, practitioner schedules, waiting lists, electronic case or draft notes, body charting, letter writing, various invoices, various patient management integration, and more to add. The software dispenses underground resources that entitle the effective use of the software and its running.

#40 Availity


Availity is a business solution platform for health care professionals for the exchange of information in real-time between health plans, providers, and partners. This facility offers the exchange of information between healthcare industry stakeholders and provides them multiple health plans through the internet-based network.

Key features of Availity are Claims management, Revenue cycle management, data management, In-patient management, and Medical billing. This platform solves all the problems of communication by allowing all the stakeholders to interact and collaborate in real-time.

From check-in to claims payment, everything is automated that saves time, and employees can keep more focus on their patients. Moreover, through its efficient data management, updating, confirming, and authentication of data has become easy.

The website is easy to use, and users can find claim statuses easily instead of calling the management every time. The patients’ data is saved, and only those staff members can access it who is allowed. The staff does not have to add the patient’s data every time to check insurance benefits, and the website keeps the data of older patients stored in it, which can be accessed easily. Training is provided through webinars and online, while support is only available online.

#41 ReDoc


ReDoc is a platform that allows users to transform their APU definition into interactive documentation, and users can easily create and style reference documents for their clients. The platform allows users to make their documents look amazing and to help users find them easily.

The platform comes with a 3-panel design, offering a customizable theme to suit the brand and with an API console. Moreover, the try it consoles feature of the platform allows users to test out requests and responses directly within the API docs. It comes with an enhances functionality that offers fast and detailed results to users such as descriptions, examples, and response parameters.

ReDoc allows users to load their docs at an amazing speed, almost ten times faster than other platforms. Moreover, it enables users to create request code samples for every operation, and they can use as many languages they want during the coding process.