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10 Memoir Alternatives

Memoir is a free to use mobile application that is used to remember your loved ones, your family and friends or to share their life moments. With the help of this application you can easily get you all the memories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other related social platforms and share it with only a few closed ones or share it with contacts which have added in your groups. It also allows you to post comments and an option to add a note. Memoir also serves as the alternative to iCloud that create backup all your photos, videos and other stuff. The application includes core features such as simple social platform like interface, push notifications, directly share your photos with the others, save memory on your mobile and much more. Memoir has more than 1.2 million users around the world who can use it to enjoy their post and share it with the others.

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1. Piccam

Android iOS
Piccam – Camera| Photo Organizer| Cloud Storage developed and published by Lifetime Memori. It is a new name of Trunx and will inherit all the feature of Trunx. Piccam is a vault that allows you to store and lock down all of your images and videos in a safe and secure platform without worrying about space on your device. It also allows you to create private or secret photo albums…

2. Top Nine for Instagram

Top Nine for Instagram – Best of 2018 is free to use social application developed and published by BetaLabs for Android platform only. It is an amazing app that helps you to find your best stories on Instagram, customized it with the best editing tools and share it with the others. First, you need to download and install it into your mobile device, sign up with a Facebook account, use…

3. TweetStory

TweetStory – Daily Past Tweets is a social app focuses on the aspect by offering you the possibility to see your account on this day but past year. The app allows you to easily find any tweet whether is a status, a GIF, an image or a short video from your timeline at that time. TweetStory is alternative to Timehop and offers all the similar services with some new feature…

4. Path

Android iOS
Path is a simple and easy to use space to capture and share an everyday moment of your life with followers who matter most to you. Every moment is treasured on this app such as a selfie with your friends at a party, a book you cannot put down and or catchy song you just cannot get out of your head. It is a simple app, and no require any…

5. 8tory

8tory is a social app that takes you back to the past and allows you to share your stories with the others. It is free to use mobile application developed by 8tory Inc., and you can access it anywhere in the world. 8tory is a simple and easy to use app that brings you old posts and photos from Facebook, Timehop, Instagram and all the other similar platforms. The application…

6. Life’s Time Capsule

Android iOS
Life’s Time Capsule is a simple and secure repository for organizing, editing, sorting your life’s most precious memories through images, videos, audio and other secure media file storage. It is an advanced app that allows you to create a legacy to share with friends and family. The app safely stored in the largest internet cloud storage that you can access it anytime anywhere around the world and share it with…

7. On This Day

On This Day is a stylish calendar app that lets you view all the historical event, births and deaths for any day of the year. It is free to use Android and iOS app developed by Sophia Teutschler, and you can access it anywhere in the world. The app enables you to browse through hundreds of daily entries as well as allows you to share your favourite story with the…

8. Moments

Android iOS
Moments by Facebook is a photography app that helps you create shared photo albums with your friends and family. It is developed and published by Facebook and has millions of users around the world who can use it to quickly send photos to your friends and get photos back. Moments is one of best secure and private place that keep all your photos and videos organized in one security-rich place.…

9. Throwback

Throwback is a free to use Android and iOS application that sends your past to your future present. It collects all your memory but does not save it to your phone. Instead, all the images are thrown into the future and sent back to you at a random time. Throwback is one of the best apps like Timehop and offers all the similar services with some new features including countless…

10. Timehop

Android iOS
Timehop is a social application that helps you celebrate and share the most nostalgic moments of your post. It is free to use application and specially made for those users who want to see their old memories and share it with the others. The application helps you to get you all the photos and videos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Swarm and Twitter etc. All your sweet memory is decorating…

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