memoQ Alternatives for Android

#1 XTM Cloud


XTM Cloud is a leading translation management platform designed for the enterprise connecting various networks in one platform. The platform has been for years now in the market giving multiple services; whether you are running your business or giving services as a freelancer, you will always find the legit Localization of your content. As far as marketing is concerned, it will be more streamlined with extreme globalization support along with multiple integrations for the extended functionalities on the go. When it comes to translation project management, there is no better than XTM Cloud because you have reliable, scalable, and powerful solutions related to your translation with multiple language support.

The platform is adopting an automated approach towards your workflow, having tools to localize the processes, and this way, you do not need to handle things manually. XTM Cloud is the best in a business having capabilities to translate and review in context. All the updates within the system are interactive, and you can see the live previews as well. A platform is a place where publishers, service providers, and technologists collaborate and bring ways to develop things better.