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Metal Slug Attack

Metal Slug Attack is an Adventure-based, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by SNK Corporation. It is a free to play the game and available to play in Android and iOS platforms. The game serves as the sequel to Metal Slug Defense and offers the opportunity to join the battle with new mechanics, features and lots of other improvements… read more
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14 Metal Slug Attack Alternatives & Similar Games for Mac OS


1. Rochard

Rochard is a fantastic Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling Platform and Run and Gun video game set in a Sci-Fi environment. The game lets you be the main protagonist named as John Rochard, the very skilled and able Commander of the Astro Miners. Because of his special research, gun and leadership skills, a mega corporation known as Skyring Corporation approaches Rochard and hires him for an Asteroid Exploration and resource collection. Rochard accepts the task given to him by the Skyring Corporation, gathers up his team and reaches to the Asteroid. While on Asteroid, John Rochard along with his whole team gets abducted and upon waking up, finds himself tied, and jailed in a strange big ancient Structure underneath the surface of the Asteroid. This is where you get into the play. Your task is to get into the character of John Rochard, Free yourself from the restrains, look for your team and find out who attacked you. Once you have your team freed and you have enough knowledge of the attacking Space Pirates, attack them back, defeat the bandits and hordes of enemy Droids, destroy enemy weapons such as deadly turrets, tower mounts and warfare vehicles, reach to the command center, destroy it and leave the premises. With a number of fantastic weapons, action-packed game-play, cool visuals and an involving story, Rochard is a fantastic Action and Run and Gun video game to play.


2. Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a fast-paced Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling, Platform and Sword fighting video game that lets you be a skilled Ninja who embarks on an epic journey to defeat the enemies who attacked on his DOJO. The story of the game kicks off with the protagonist sitting quietly in His DOJO when a strange force attacks, kills almost all of the fellow ninjas and leaves the protagonist half dead. Unable to move, the protagonist fades out and wakes up on the voice of a female Ninja named as Ora and tells him all about it. The protagonist gets up and goes on to avenge the attacking force. Your task in the game is to be the Ninja, develop and practice your unique stealth and platforming skills, get out in the open and start dropping the guards on the path. You must use your stealth abilities and remain out of the sight of the guard, travel in dark and prey on your targets. As it is mostly a stealth based game, so you must kill your targets silently, slash your way through heavy security areas, reach to your main target, kill the guard ninjas or destroy the machines, complete the objectives and complete the game. With all the stealthy nature, amazingly engaging game-play environment and brilliant visuals plus the sounds, Mark of the Ninja is an immersive game to enjoy.


3. Outland

Outland offers a wonderful combination of Action, Platforming, Run and Gun type Hack and Slash and Side Scrolling elements. Created by the popular developer Housemarque, Outland provides with a similar game-play and mechanics to the top notch games such as Rochard, Metal Slug 3, Treasure Ikaruga and Silhouette Mirage and mixes up Platforming elements with the beautifully designed Polarity System. The game allows you to be an unnamed protagonist who suffers from dementia and sees the bizarre dreams and visions from the far future and past. He tries hard to control his Dementia with drugs but fails and decides to meet a Shaman and the Shaman tells him all about it along with a story of two horrible ancient witches and a courageous hero who almost 30,000 years ago, gets to be able to put the Witches behind bars deep in the dungeons but fails to resurface and dies. The shaman tells the protagonist that he is the last descendent of that courageous hero and he holds his bloodline. The witches are out of prison and that is why he is having that bizarre dreams and dementia. The only way to cure himself is to defeat the witches and send them back to the dungeons. This is where you get into the play as a hero who is destined to defeat the cruelest witches and save the world. Your task is to simply stop the witches from destroying the villages, wield your sword, travel on platforms and defeat all the minions of the witches, go through a number of hard puzzles and riddles, reach down to the dark lair of the witches and defeat them in order to complete the game objectives. With a very interesting story, beautifully designed and created visuals and a totally immersive game-play, Outland is a fantastic game to play and enjoy.


4. GunLord

GunLord is a Hardcore Action and Thrill filled Side-Scrolling Run and Gun and Platform video game developed by NG: Dev Team that offers nine main game modes and stages, thrilling and quite action-packed game-play along with 40 equally equipped enemy characters, amazingly insane and epic boss encounters and a well-written story-line. The game lest you be the main protagonist, explore the world, interact with NPCs and objects, embark on epic journeys, quests and adventures, go against a number of different types of enemies, defeat the bosses and loot the resources and earn points to buy upgrades and unique power-ups. GunLord allows you to use 7 different types of weapons such as Bounce Blaster, Nuclear Wheel Bombs, Snake Beams, Spread Shot, Power Shot, Phoenix and Super Wave etc. encounter your enemies and defeat the by cracking up on them hard. With a very action-oriented game-play, beautiful 16-bit visuals and sounds and a marvelous game setting, GunLord offers a Very Turrican game series like game-play and mechanics. Try it out and you’ll definitely love it.


5. Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is a wonderful combination of Action-packed Side-Scrolling Run and Gun and Platforming video game by Tribute Games. The game is available on multiple platform such as Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Steam. The game offers a very Metal Slug like environment, mechanics and game-play and allows you to walk, jump and blaze your way through hordes of enemy forces and bosses, interact with and craft a number of objects, weapons and armor, complete a number of different game objectives such as rescue the hostages, defeat the enemy bosses and special units etc. and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic game-play experience ever. With beautifully created Old School visuals and combat system, a thrill filled game-play and all the wonderful things, Mercenary Kings is a fantastic Action, Run and Gun video game to play and enjoy.


6. Ultionus

Ultionus is a great Action, Side-Scrolling and Run and Gun video game that offers a game-play designed as a mixture of multipolar big names of the genre such as Metal Slug, Raze, Brawlhalla etc. and offers more enhanced game-play and mechanics. With a super-fast-paced game-play, great old school 2D visuals and a brilliant plot, Ultionus lets you experience Action, Side-Scrolling and Run and Gun gaming from a whole new perspective. Ultionus lets you be the main protagonist of the game named as Serena, a skilled Mercenary and a Galactic Hero. Because of the continuous enemy attacks and big time trolling, Serena vows to destroy the enemy’s proud by devastating their bases and sabotaging their plans. In order to complete the game objectives, you’ll have to be Serena, lace yourself up with all the guns, grenades and flame throwers, embark on your epic journey to defeat the enemies, traverse through multiple and different environments, make your way through the hordes of enemy troops, attack their bases and destroy them for good. The epic enemy boss encounters are a total fun in this game, you’ll have to defeat all the bosses in order to finish the game and to move to every next level. With a fantastic game setting, beautiful visuals and an engaging game-play, Ultionus offers a beautiful combination of Action, Side-Scrolling and Shooting aesthetics.


7. Expendabros

Expendabros is an epic amalgamation of all the wonderful elements such as Action, Run and Gun, Side-Scrolling and Platform etc. The game is based up on the movie of the same name and allows you to enjoy a totally different and one of its kind experience ever. The game sets you up into the character of an unnamed mercenary Commander and tasks you to go hunt down the most notorious and cunning arms dealer named as Conrad Stonebanks. Set in the heart of East Europe, Expendabros lets you be a commander, lead your team of the finest mercenaries into the thick forests of Europe, hunt down all the allies and soldiers of Conrad, encounter all the equally equipped enemy special forces, drop them and finally reach down to the lair of the Antagonist Conrad, engage in epic duels with the antagonist and defeat him and free the other mercenaries in order to complete the game objectives. The game allows you to control multiple characters at the same time or simply switch between them to use their unique abilities and skills and enjoy the game. With a hardcore action and thrill packed game-play, wonderful game setting and state of the art visuals and sounds, Expendabros is a fabulous Action, Run and Gun and Side-Scrolling video game. Do try it out.


8. Jamestown

Jamestown is a truly very interesting and quite fast-paced Run and Gun and Action-Adventure plus Vertical and Side-Scrolling video game by Final Form Games. With a Steampunk theme, the game is set on planet Mars in an alternate reality of a History of the 17th Century. The whole planet is a British Colony where all the Spanish and Martians are accommodated. With a very similar game-play to a lot of shooters of this type, Jamestown lets you control anyone of the four different types of Ships, lace it up with unique and devastating weapons, go hunt down your enemies, destroy their ships and bases, loot their resources and Gold that will help you trigger the “Vaunt Mode”. Vaunt Mode covers your ship with a shield for a specific amount of time, increases your fire power and lets you damage your enemies more and earn doubled score. With both single and multiplayer game modes, Jamestown lets you enjoy engaging in fast-paced combats, kill the enemies by destroying their ships, encounter powerful bosses, defeat them to absorb their powers, ranks, and weapons etc. to get more powerful and technologically advanced. The brilliant 4 player Co-Op mode lets you engage in epic battles with your friends, team up and destroy your enemies for good, switch between the players and enjoy immersing yourself into Part top-Down Part Side-Scrolling and blasting game-play. With a number of game levels, coolest weapons, beautiful visuals and an addictive nature, Jamestown is a cool game to play.


9. Aztez

Aztez is a marvelous new Action, Side-Scrolling, Run and Gun style Brawler video game that takes you to the great Aztec Empire and lets you explore and maintain it by simply defending it against the enemies, building and resource collection. Set in the very start of the Aztec Empire in the Era of Mexica of Tenochtitlan Aztez offers brilliant and quite action-packed brawling aesthetics, it is your duty as an Aztez Warrior to repel all the brutal attacks by the enemies, beat them up good and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic game-play experience. Filled with unique challenges and new enemies on every step, Aztez lets you defeat the enemies by the use of a number of weapons such as Spears, Swords and Sticks, gather up armies of Aztec heroes, embark on legendary quests to destroy the enemies, eliminate the most drastic plagues, devastate your political and economic enemies, make mega alliances and protect your people and the Great Aztec Empire at any cost. With a brilliant setting, beautiful visuals and sounds, Great characters and fast-paced game-play, Aztez is one of the most engaging and quite addictive games to play and enjoy. Do try it out.


10. Oniken

Oniken is an Action, Puzzle, Platformer, Side Scrolling, Run and Gun and Single-player video game created and published by JoyMaster. Oniken takes place in a Post-apocalyptic Future where humanity is very close to devastating due to global war. Little in number, humans are trying to survive other humans by a cybernetic armada called Oniken. General Zhukov tried to fight against the Oniken, yet he is helpless against the vast number of vicious enemies. The game provides with 8-bit style and lets you engage yourself in the epic game world. Now it’s on you to rescue humans from the Oniken. You must have to fight and defeat all the enemies and their boss in order to save people and their lands. The game offers same gameplay like Contra. The game features six different levels and one extra mission along with the additional character. With an interesting story, immersive and quite engaging gameplay, friendly mechanics and excellent visuals, Oniken is a superb video game for those players who love playing run and gun video game. Try it out.


11. 8-Bit Commando

8-Bit Commando is a 2D, Action, Pixel Graphics, Puzzle, Platformer, Side Scrolling, Run and Gun, Co-operative and Single player Shooting video game developed and published by 2DEngine. The game provides 8-Bit with fast-peached action gameplay. The game features rocking soundtracks and quite beautiful visuals. The visuals of the game drop you in a classic age of gaming. The game allows you in the start to select your character to enter into the game world where you must have to fight against various types of enemies and their bosses. Your character is loaded with a gun and can shoot the enemies to eliminate. In the last of every level, you face the enemy’s bosses, and you must have to fight against them in order to finish the level. Your character can fire and jump to avoid hurdles. 8-Bit Commando provides with amazing and superb mechanics, excellent visual details, immersive gameplay and brilliant mechanics. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy the game.


12. Broforce

Broforce is an Action-Adventure, 2D, Platformer, Side Scrolling, Run and Gun, Co-operative, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created by Free Lives and published by Developer Digital. The evils forces get a hold on the world and destroy everything that can move. In this situation world calls the Broforce to help them. Broforce is a military and over-powered company that deals in excessive mercenary forces. You can play the game with more than four players and several bros and have to eliminate terrorist forces that destroy the world. You have to earn score points to upgrade your weapons and set off the fire. Broforce includes core features such as Bro-op and Deathmatch, Explosion Run, Fully Destructive Everything, and Level Editor. With an impressive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written story, excellent mechanics and superb stunning visuals details, Broforce is an incredible video game to play and enjoy.


13. Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair is an Adventure-based, Combat, Exploration, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Advanced Microcomputer Systems and published by Cinematromincs. In this competition, the player can take on the role of a protagonist named as Dirk and Daring who is a knight and start his adventure to rescue Princess Daphne from the deadly evil of Singe. The game offers an open-world environment and allows the player to explore the various dangerous locations, combat against the different kinds of powerful enemy creatures and complete his task in order to progress. The game offers different levels, and each level of the game is more complicated of the last one. Dragon’s Lair includes core features such as huge range of weapons, upgrades, powerful enemies, power-ups, epic boss fight and much more. Dragon’s Lair offers fantastic game mechanics, well-written story plot, dynamic background music and beautiful graphics details. Do try out, you’ll enjoy it.


14. Shadow Complex Remastered

Shadow Complex Remastered is an Action-Adventure, Shooter, Puzzle-Platform, Sci-Fi and Single-player video game developed by Chair Entertainment and published by Epic Games. The Remastered pack of the game introduces lots of new features, upgrades, weapons, and missions, etc. which makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. The gameplay of the game is similar to its main installment in the player can take on the role of a protagonist who can explore the sci-fi game world and complete verity of the task in order to progress. The game world is full of powerful enemy creatures, and the player must have all the enemies in order to unlock a new mission. The game introduces a new world that offers more powerful enemies. Shadow Complex Remastered offers most prominent features such as unlock new achievements, new weapons, open-world design, power-ups, up to hundreds additional items and new modes, etc. The game offers quite stunning gameplay, improved visual and enhanced mechanics.

More About Metal Slug Attack

Metal Slug Attack is an Adventure-based, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by SNK Corporation. It is a free to play the game and available to play in Android and iOS platforms. The game serves as the sequel to Metal Slug Defense and offers the opportunity to join the battle with new mechanics, features and lots of other improvements. The game offers all the series characters and allows the player to choose his favourite which moves in the battle and takes down enemies. It introduces different kinds of missions such as Attack game mode, in which the player need to free military bases that are occupied by the Modern’s Armies and rescue innocent people and areas. Metal Slug Attack also offers a traditional style battle mode in which the player plays against series of enemies who equipped with lots of advanced weapons. Just like the main game it also allows the player to collect new weapons and powers that will help the player to progress. Metal Slug Attack includes core features such as massive range of weapons, collect power-ups, lots of upgrades, multiple modes, improve units and much more. With impressive gameplay, well-written storyline and beautiful visual details. Metal Slug Attack is an enjoyable game to play and enjoy.

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