Microsoft Flight Simulator X


Microsoft Flight Simulator X Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 X-Plane


X-Plane is a Flight Simulation developed by Laminar Research. It mixes the elements of the military, Flight combat, exploration, and customization, taking place in the beautiful world consists of different locations and comes with the support single-player mode.

There are a variety of planes, and the game allows the player to select one of them to start your adventure, where you have to complete a set of missions. The game unlocks other planes as you progress through it and can use upgrades to make your aircraft superb.


#2 FlightGear


FlightGear is a 1996 Action, Cross Platform, Open Source, Single-player and Multiplayer Flight Simulation developed by FlightGear Developers and Contributors. The game takes place in the exciting world consists of different locations and lets you a chance to pilot a plane and show off your abilities.

There is a massive variety of aircraft, and you can pick one of them. The game plays from either a first-person or a third-person view. It includes a set of objectives that you have to complete at any cost.

#3 Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders


Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is an Action, Arcade, Co-op, Single, and Multiplayer Combat Flight Simulation developed and published by Atypical Games. There are different locations where the game takes place and includes a massive amount of aircraft, missions, dogfights, and environments to make the game more engaging.

You can enter the world by selecting aircraft equipped with different weapons and armors. Start your journey and take part in different battles to earn fame, and points by defeating foes. You can explore the open environment from a first or third-person view and can perform various stunts using your planes.