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Microsoft Office Publisher Alternatives

#1 PrintMaster


PrintMaster is a professional level of designing tools by using which you can draw all types of menus, business cards, greeting cards, postcards, letterheads, scrapbook pages, labels, invitations cards, brochures, newsletters and much more. For its state of the art technical features, PrintMaster can be said as one of the best creative solutions for creating the professional level of projects.

By using this simple but featured rich program, you can easily create the incredible and stunning print projects within a few minutes. Already integrated customizable templates will enable you to either start designing by using the default settings, or you can demand a blank canvas as well to start on your own.


#2 VivaDesigner


VivaDesigner is the most expensive but powerful high-end layout and publishing the program. It is among those few DTP programs that are equally delivering their services to both desktop and web-based users. At one point, it contains a heavy price, and the other end is extremely powerful and professional.

The innovative features of VivaDesigner will make the process of working and document management very simple for you. It is different from the traditional DTP because it also provides its users with a real-time collaboration system as well to interact with corporations, employees, and customers.

#3 SpringPublisher


SpringPublisher is a simple design and print program for designing and printing business cards, flyers, magazines, postcards, letterheads, and much more. Almost all those things that you want to enjoy on a paper in a stylish design, then SpringPublisher will deliver you designing and publishing tools.

SpringPublisher is easy to use desktop-based publishing software integrates a distinctive selection of templates, multi-layer editor, detailed help files, and much more. SpringPublisher enables its users to add images, texts, QR codes, maps, vector shapes, logos, barcodes, etc. It provides various image effects like shadows, opacity adjustment, rotation, border effect, image filters, etc.


#4 Adobe PageMaker


Adobe PageMaker is one of the leading page layout programs for business, education, and small and home-office professionals who are looking for a professional designing tool to craft top-quality publications such as brochures and newsletters, or anything else. It provides a diverse range of publications, from simple one-page flyers to intrigue reports.

You will be allowed even to build your publications from scratch or tack suitability of several pre-designed templates that can be modified to suit your requirements. Color management of Adobe PageMaker will put you in a position of ensuring the quality and consistency of color results.

#5 Microsoft Publisher


Microsoft Publisher is a platform that offers designing and publishing services to users. The platform allows users to create unique and amazing postcards, brochures, flyers, layouts, and more. It does more work than Microsoft Word; it not only creates texts and images but also publish them in different forms.

The platform allows the users, without any expertise, to create professional marketing collaterals and graphics by using this application. Moreover, Microsoft Publisher enables users to publish it in the way they want, such as sharing the printouts or sending emails of professional quality. The best thing about this software is that everything stays in its place in the way the user has designed it when they print or email it to someone. It comes with a user-friendly interface with straightforward and less cluttered tools that makes everything easily accessible.

#6 PageStream


PageStream is a universal and featured rich desktop publishing program. This printing and publishing program is suitable for all levels of publishing, from simple newsletters to color advertisements to technical books. PageStream will allow you to create letters, colorful schoolwork, presentations, business cards, and any other type of document.

The software offers set type, draw objects, and placing graphics and has very specific typography, professional printing, and a comprehensive collection of features. It is a cross-platform designing and publishing software available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Amiga operating systems.

#7 Web to Print Shop


Web to Print Shop is one of the most leading web pages to print software specially designed to help organizations of all sizes build an e-commerce website with a custom store of their online printing business. It is a cloud-based solution and best for all sizes of businesses. The solution allows both B2B and B2C users to create, edit, and print store documents digitally.

The solution allows you to upload, edit freely, and customize files with ready-to-use files for creating different kinds of marketing materials. It claims it has the world’s best templates that are uniquely created by an expert team. You can freely choose and customize each one without any limit. The best thing about this solution is that it comes with a complete file management system that helps you easily manage all your files on the cloud.

#8 Adobe FrameMaker


Adobe FrameMaker is a desktop publishing platform for users with all the necessary tools for writing, editing, and preparing complex and large documents. It provides vibrant and immersive content with unmatched image handling capabilities. The new version of this software comes with a boost in productivity by offering more memory for long documents.

The software provides enhanced features to work with images that support high-quality import and transparency. It also offers protection for PDF files with a password and enables users to control the print settings such as bleeds and marks. Adobe FrameMaker enhances productivity with structure view, breadcrumbs, enhancements in XML workspace, and more.

#9 Print Artist


Print Artist is one of the fastest-growing print software that lets you easily produce amazing print projects for your home, school, and business. The solution is uniquely created by an expert team which contains almost all the leading tools and features to make it one of the best printing solution.

It features more than 30000 free templates that are uniquely created by an expert team. You can freely choose and customize each one without any limit. The interface of the solution is quite easy to understand, where you can freely design all kinds of design and directly share it with others.

#10 iStudio Publisher


Here is a page layout program for desktop publishing made for the Mac OS X operating system users. iStudio Publisher is the name of a user-friendly and powerful page layout program that supports the desktop publishing in a user-friendly interface. This software will allow the Mac users to develop amazing documents, all with the help of an intuitive page layout system of the iStudio Publisher. iStudio Publisher is called as the Apps for Designers by Apple.

This platform is perfect for enjoying the high-class layout and print. A lot of desktop publishing software is there, then why to use the iStudio Publisher? The answer is simple that lies in the features of the iStudio Publisher.

#11 Adobe InDesign


Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software developed by Adobe Systems. It can be used to produce works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. InDesign also has the potential to publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

InDesign export documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and has multilingual support. If you want to create elegant and stylish layouts by sitting in front of your desk, then right here is the Adobe InDesign that delivers the industry-leading page layout and design pack to its users to work across desktop and mobile devices.

#12 Xara Page & Layout Designer


Xara Page & Layout Designer is a document creation and DTP publishing software for the Windows operating systems. It features the layout and text tools at a central platform that make it different from the typical word processor and DTP packages.

This program integrates an image editing system as well for exploring the illustration and photo editing tools to produce a flexible and fully integrated project. From making a simple page to designing the layout, Xara Page & Layout Designer will provide you a great choice of selection for all of your document and DTP generating requirements.

#13 The Print Shop Professional


The Print Shop Professional is packed with hundreds of drawings, designing page layout and text editing tools. Then there are thousands of royalty-free images, photos, and templates to make your work even more professional and advance.

The beginners can also take advantage of The Print Shop Professional. Still, you are advised to not go for The Print Shop Professional if you are at the learning level because this is a commercial program available against a price of $99.99. It is advised to get yourself train by using any free software first and then move to the more advanced and commercial platform like The Print Shop Professional.

#14 QuarkXPress


QuarkXPress is a PC and Mac friendly software that is being used by a lot of professionals for their virtual layouts done without incurring any beleaguered lines on their forehead. In addition to the core functioning of font, spacing, alignment, and color, the package also offers professional typesetting options like kerning, ligatures, and curving text along a line.

A QuarkXPress document includes text and graphics boxes. QuarkXPress can be reformed, layered, and given varying levels of transparency and text alignment. It can be installed on Windows Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks operating systems. The software integrates the features of print and digital production, such as certified PDF/X-4 output and fixed layout eBooks.

#15 Serif PagePlus


Serif PagePlus is a printing, designing, and digital publishing application that allows you easily craft some excellent promotional content for either your company or any other non-profit or informal cause. It also offers you to edit PDFs to prepare interactive multimedia brochures and layout eBooks in the latest ePub and Mobi formats for the Kindle, iPad, and other such tablets.

There is even a new Asset tab that is thrown into the combination, through which you can manage your assets into various categories such as logos, symbols, backgrounds, and more. A few of the new aspects found here consist of a clean design mode, eMagazine power, PDF output, Pantone colors, preflight, graphics tools, and easier template editing.

#16 Apache OpenOffice Draw


Apache OpenOffice Draw is the name of a simple yet powerful desktop designing and publishing software aimed to make the process of creating diagrams and designing simple. Use this program and enjoy all types of graphing and designing. Either it is about sketching and simple plan or drawing the highest level of diagrams and graphics.

Apache OpenOffice Draw is going to deliver you all in a user-friendly interface. The exceptional of Apache OpenOffice Draw is that it will provide you the maximum canvas size of 300cm by 300cm. The featured rich program of Apache OpenOffice Draw is mainly designed for the general and technical posters.

#17 Swift Publisher


Swift Publisher is a desktop publishing program for Mac OS X operating systems. It is a designing and printing solution for all Apple lovers. Having a streamlined interface, Swift Publisher bags of different design tools that let you create your favorite letterheads, booklets, menus, and more directly via your own Apple computer.

It comes with up to 180 pre-designed templates along with the full advantage of its modern page layout. The solution is best for those who are looking for an advanced and powerful level of designing and printing programs for printing promotional flyers, newsletters, or simple documents — Swift Publisher for the Mac OS X operating system that can surely deliver all these.

#18 Lucidpress


Lucidpress is a cloud-based print and digital publishing software that will make you able to create fantastic content for print and digital. It is effortless to develop brochures, flyers, newsletters, and reports via Lucidpress. Instantly start your project with an extensive library of print and interactive templates.

It is effortless to layout text, photos, shapes, and videos for creating professional designing. It also integrates the various helping tools of Google and sharing on social media. As it is a web-based digital publishing system, so you are not required at all to download and install any program or install any third party supporting application.

#19 Scribus


Scribus is a free and open-source solution that several developers already depend on for creating professional page layouts. Gifted with a user-friendly interface, Scribus offers press-ready output and novel page designs, among other different attributes. It also props up unique professional publishing traits such as CMYK and Spot Color, color separations, versatile PDF formation, and ICC color management, to name a few.

The application is further compatible with Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp 4/eComStation, Linux? UNIX and Windows desktops. This platform support for the SVG and EPS import and export all with a professional layout. The support for PDF file formats is also the part of Scribus.

Microsoft Office Publisher Reviews

written on July 14, 2020

A publisher is a software where you can create everything from scratch, or you can collect all your images under a single platform to make it look more professional for any presentation. If you have been using Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, you will have access to additional tools that are suitable for professionals, but for beginners, they are as complicated as any other image editing platform. Try this special Microsoft product and let me know what you think.

Adam Slinger
written on March 5, 2020

An excellent documents designing and publishing software

I found this software a Master in designing and publishing of documents. It is my go-to tool whenever I have to design a business card, invitations, or any kind of flyer. The drag and drop feature of it always saves my time while importing certain features. It contains a number of templates that save me time and achieve my goal swiftly. What I like about it is that even with little skills, I can easily work on it and can create amazing designs, and can share them with anyone. Plus, it is a cheaper option and does not cost me much.

Murphy O’Kelly
written on January 16, 2020

It is one of my favorite Microsoft products because it consists of many interesting and the portal allows you to import all your pictures into a single canvas, and you can easily review them add them, and do whatever you wish to them. Now that I have been using Windows 10, it comes free with Office 365. You can get your images from platforms like Flicker, Facebook, and Pinterest and get them organized in a professional-looking way. The editing is more complicated, but if you are a professional, you will be blessed to have such tools.

written on December 26, 2019

It is an office 360 product that is dedicated to making your images more professional looking and provides a wide database to contain all your image data. It offers borders, calendars, and more, and you can even design your email outlet. I only use the platform to put my images into a single canvas. It offers you to edit your photos as the high-resolution page background and makes your publications turn out to be more intuitive and understanding you can also get this platform separately if you do not have office 360. But in my case, I was lucky, and I got the software pre-installed.