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Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Word or MS Word is the piece of Microsoft Office suite. It is the most well-known word processor that empowers the understudies, educators, and experts to peruse, compose, work together and exhibit thoughts whenever anyplace. It is accessible for PC, Mac, Windows Phone, Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Tablets, Android Tablet, and iPad… read more
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12 Microsoft Office Word Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft Writer is a free word processor that is coordinated with a considerable measure of simple to utilize highlights. Kingsoft Writer is the most effective and easy to use program that gives the clients a chance to make reports of various kinds. The intense interface lets the both tenderfoots and experts to utilize the elements of Kingsoft Writer and make the expert level of reports. The best about Kingsoft Writer is that it additionally incorporates a Word to PDF converter, web format, programmed spell check, and so on. Be that as it may, the capacities and components of Kingsoft Writer are not restricted to the previously mentioned. Here are whatever is left of the components accessible in Kingsoft Writer spell checker, bolster for different arrangements (counting .docx, .dotx, .docm, .dotm) confine altering and designing alternative, survey tab, trading PDF alongside foundation shading, find and supplant organizing framework, showing table, separator and remark choices, altering and perusing even HTML records, passage change apparatus, numerous report tabs, table conformity, incorporated Word 2 PDF maker, and so on. Moreover, the application accompanies a coordinated spell checker which works great and can prove to be useful at whatever point you are not certain about how certain words are effectively composed. The primary concern is that Kingsoft author is an extraordinary instrument that can be valuable while making content archives. While the program won’t convey numerous new elements to the table when contrasted with other comparative applications, it emerges because it works flawlessly.


2. RagTime

RagTime offers you a far-reaching and cutting edge word preparing usefulness which incorporates arrange templates, commentary administration, TOC and Index era and also graphical content and drop initials. Conceivable applications run from composing a basic letter to setting a specialized manual and making an intelligent PDF shape. Regardless of whether RagTime will end up being a helpful application all relies on upon what you are searching for in word handling programming. On the off chance that you are searching for programming that can format everything from a handout to a presentation, you RagTime’s line of programming can go up against those undertaking. Then again, RagTime needs other essential business apparatuses that most word handling programs offer. Also, it’s fairly hard to learn. In general, RagTime works best to format books, laying out pamphlets and planning ads. Past that, the absence of another fundamental word preparing highlights implies RagTime won’t be extremely valuable for the vast majority; business disapproved or not.


3. LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is a cutting edge, propelled; full-included word preparing and desktop distributed instrument that empowers clients to make and alter finish books with substance, graphs, and lists, and so on. In LibreOffice Writer, the essayist can pick and apply textual styles that are on their PC, set and alter styles for essentially all aspects of the report. At that point, there is an AutoCorrect word reference that can trap grammatical mistakes and spell botches on the fly. Creating presentations and long archives with LibreOffice Writer is simple, and it is tried and investigating day by day by the numerous clients over the world. The engineers of LibreOffice Writer have presented various enhancements in the keeps going form of LibreOffice in which the principle one are import/trade, channel framework, archives change framework, and the instruments that will give the clients a chance to expand and advance more in LibreOffice Writer. In the wake of creating archives in LibreOffice Writer, your records will look spotless, great and expert paying little respect to their motivation. By and large, LibreOffice incorporates a large amount of the instruments clients require every day to finish their errands – and thinking of it as accompanies an open-source permit; one can appreciate the utility’s capacities both at home and at work. Occupations are finished in a convenient manner without popping mistakes or hanging. The interface is very basic, permitting all client sorts to work with it effectively.


4. Corel WordPerfect Office

Corel WordPerfect Office X7 depends on an all-around sorted out interface, like the one Office issued for its 2003 discharge, in case you’re acquainted with it. The greater parts of the elements are organized in a couple of menus, in addition to a toolbar which has vital arranging choices. While the Word processor is its primary motor, the program is not constrained to archive altering. Aside from the ability to peruse and handle composed archives, Corel WordPerfect Office X7 additionally incorporates numerous utilities for making spreadsheets and planning slideshows, and a web program and a digital book distributor. Notwithstanding these, you can likewise try different things with the Oxford lexicon, the bitmap editorial manager, the implicit drawing application and the address book director for your contacts. Besides, the appearance of your records or presentations can be improved with the guide of the rich TrueType text style and clipart gathering. Another favorable position originates from its PDF capacities, which incorporate the likelihood to peruse and alter filtered reports, and fare them to the same or some other bolstered design. Additionally incorporated into the suite is the Nuance PaperPort, which makes it conceivable to comment on, sort out and share PDF archives rapidly. To aggregate up, Corel WordPerfect Office X7 is a dependable decision on the off chance that you are hoping to supplant your present report handling suite. It can undoubtedly be a contrasting option to Microsoft Office, because of the numerous components it bolsters. It doesn’t require multiple framework assets and hence it doesn’t put a strain on the PC’s execution. The reaction time is great, and there are adequate choices to keep you occupied for some time.


5. NeoOffice

NeoOffice is an office suite for Mac OS X. With NeoOffice, Mac clients can see, alter, and spare OpenOffice reports, MS Office archives, LibreOffice records, and numerous different words handling reports. NeoOffice is a unique word handling platform for the Mac clients. It is to a great degree a steady office suite. Numerous capacities are the part of the new form of the NeoOffice. Drawing content, running records in full-screen mode, exchanges and drop-down framework, producing a void email consolidate, redesigning join with spreadsheets, and opening Calc has turned out to be currently conceivable. The elements of NeoOffice are open at dispatch menu to open Calc/Impress rather than essayist at dispatch, peruse all renditions menu to reestablish past adaptations of records, Mac OS X content highlighting, and so on. Whatever remains of the fundamental elements of the NeoOffice are local record locking framework, altering documents in distributed storage platforms, order clicking framework, accessibility of menus and considerably more. One other extremely valuable element is the inherent OS X administrations bolster, intended to permit clients to highlight any information inside a NeoOffice report and send it to any application introduced on the Mac by means of a framework administration of their decision. Most importantly else, because of its reconciliation inside the OS X environment and concentrate on giving the client access to however many framework highlights as could reasonably be expected, the NeoOffice suite is the intelligent Microsoft Office elective in the event that you need to keep your cash and still exploit a top notch office encounter on your Mac.


6. LyX

LyX is an archive processor that urges a way to deal with composing in light of the structure of your reports and not just their appearance. It consolidates the power and adaptability of TeX/LaTeX without breaking a sweat of utilization of a graphical interface. It is for the general population who need their keeping in touch with look awesome, right out of the container. It is a free and open source programming for Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X and accessible in a few global dialects. The best components that are the explanations for LyX for being a prominent word processor are scientific elements including recipe supervisor and condition editorial manager, condition numbering, bolster for math macros, bolster for logarithmic ideas, organized report creation, framework for marks, accessibility of various text classes to sort letters/articles/books/film scripts, numbered area heading framework, bolster for different configurations of design and tables, can sort in different global dialects, get to and bolster for all records positions, archive administration, yellow sticky notes, and so forth. Existing archives can be followed for changes; truth be told, you can look at a few changed releases of a similar record and monitor the adjustments with the minimum of endeavors. All in all, LyX is far beyond a word processor. It pays consideration on the structure of a record while likewise giving a few altering potential outcomes, subsequently covering every one of the viewpoints trademark to archive creation.


7. Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor is a standalone report essayist and word processor. Atlantis Word Processor is an easy to understand, solid and exceedingly adaptable programming for dealing with the writing of each sort including books, papers, reports, letters, segments, daily papers articles, and so forth. Atlantis Word Processor is a completely highlighted word processor for playing out the expert level of assignments in an exceptionally proficient environment. Atlantis Word Processor likewise lets the clients to try and make those eBooks that can be perused from even iPad and other eBook perusers. Up to now there was the dialog about archive creation and designing in the Atlantis Word Processor. Outline of the rest elements of the Atlantis Word Processor are template bolster, adaptable template library, accessibility of every single customary text style, passage organizing, bolster for more than 20 fields, framework for hyphenated the words crosswise over lines physically or naturally, making of daily paper sort segments, page setting framework, partition records into areas, accessibility of organization palette, auto redress framework, spell checker, and so on. The word processor requires a low-to-direct measure of CPU and framework memory has a decent reaction time and incorporates a document. No mistake exchanges have been shown all through our testing and Atlantis Word Processor did not stop or crash. With everything taken into account, in the event that you are searching for a clear program for dealing with your content records, then Atlantis Word Processor can be of help.


8. TexMaker

TexMaker is a fresh out of the brand new word processor for all sorts of cases. TextMaker is a simple to-utilize, perfect, proficient and effective word processor that depends on the each one of those word handling highlights that ought to be the piece of such a pleasant and propelled word processor. For a world processor to be fruitful, it is essential that is ought to bolster the won archives and arranges and should support the other word processors also. The same circumstance emerges on account of TexMaker. That is the reason TexMaker is coordinated with each one of those instruments and components that make it ready to be perfect with other word processors and word handling suites. The best about TexMaker is that it is capable of managing both .doc records and the .docx documents. Besides, altering and maintaining OpenDocument, HTML, and RTF files is additionally conceivable in the TexMaker. It likewise gives the clients a chance to fare or change over their statement reports to PDF arrange or even make the eBooks and ePUB designed books also. The created yields can be spared to different arrangements, for example, TEX, BIB, STY, CLS and MP or traded using TeX4ht to HTML, MathML or OpenDocumentFormat. TexMaker is a flexible programming arrangement that accompanies all the essential devices and components for taking care of crude TEX documents.

9. Calligra Words

Calligra Words is a piece of the Calligra Office suite. Calligra Words is an element rich word processor and reports manager that let all clients to make their records proficient by including pictures, diagrams, and tables in the archives. The vast majority of the components in Calligra Words fills in as modifiable that make it simple for the clients to just and easily play out their work. Also, altering in the Calligra Words is additionally simple. Pivoting, evolving, designing, installing the picture and different capacities will wrap around flawlessly as it ought to be. Calligra Words is truly an instinctive report processor that is coordinated with desktop distributed elements. By utilizing the Calligra Words, both the tenderfoots and expert can make appealing and educational reports effortlessly. Among a lot of components, supporting the other archive arrangements is likewise the claim to fame of the Calligra Words. Also, Calligra Words is perfect with other word processors including LibreOffice, MS Word, Lotus Symphony, and so on. Tragically similarity among most configurations is conventional however it could positively be better. Additionally, Calligra bolsters are perusing .doc and .docx designs, yet it doesn’t bolster composing to both of them. In this way, Calligra most likely isn’t the best decision in case you must manage a ton of Microsoft Office clients.


10. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer is a word processor in the suite of Apache OpenOffice. OpenDocument Format (ODF) is the default record arrangement of Apache OpenOffice Writer. Be that as it may, it can likewise read, compose and alter the other record organizes too including the archives of MS Word, LibreOffice, and different other word processors. Apache OpenOffice Writer is a multiplatform word processor that is accessible for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux working frameworks. The best about Apache OpenOffice Writer is that it can even compose the numerical recipes and conditions that make the Apache OpenOffice Writer a total word processor for all kind of word handling. Everything that the clients require in this current world is the piece of Apache OpenOffice Writer. Some fundamental elements of Apache OpenOffice Writer are an auto rectifies word reference, auto finish to diminish writing endeavors, content edges, chapter by chapter list and references, multi-page show, notes making, bolster for HTML/PDF and MediaWiki positions. Apache OpenOffice is a productive and dependable bit of programming which contains all the vital devices to end up your office suite of the decision. It runs entirely smooth even on more seasoned PCs, without popping mistakes or solidifying, while the interface may appear to be very recognizable and in this manner, easy to handle.


11. Ability Write

Ability Write is the word handling programming accessible with the Ability Office suite by ASI. It is good with adaptations of Microsoft Word variants from 2003-2013, and the product’s interface mirrors Word’s strip design. Ability Write, much the same as Word, has a perfect, all around composed outline that will be simple for new clients to ace. Not just is the outline practical, it is likewise simple on the eyes because of astute shading and highlighting of the toolbar and catches. On the right half of the screen on a few forms, the product shows a recent files and folders menu that shows the majority of your as of late utilized records with the goal that you can open them rapidly. This element is helpful for exchanging between different documents while you work. Ability Write has the components fundamental for essential word handling, and it likewise has a portion of same elements from Microsoft Word. There are pre-made formats to facilitate report creation so that you can make proficient looking envelopes and names. You can likewise change content to preset styles right away. Ability Write, the word handling component of Ability Office, is not especially one of a kind word preparing to program. It has fundamental usefulness, and incorporates a couple of more propelled components –, for example, a few layouts. It can’t come close to the powerful components of Word; however, for easygoing clients, it has a lot of elements for an essential word preparing employments.


12. AbiWord

AbiWord is a free and open source word processor that is reasonable for performing different sort of word preparing assignments. It is coordinated with both essential word handling elements and more refined components. Essential word handling highlights incorporate records, indents, and character groups. More complex components of AbiWord are tables, styles, page headers and footers, commentaries, formats, various perspectives, page segments, spell checking, and language structure checking. It is reasonable for a wide assortment of word handling errands. Some specialized and expert elements of AbiWord are a coordinated effort with outsiders for the establishment of modules that make the AbiWord more designed word processor. AbiWord gives the clients a chance to deal with different archives all the while progressively all in full synchronization. At that point, there is presentation see the arrangement of AbiWord that gives the clients a chance to show the presentation they have made on screen-sized pages. This screen-sized print sees the main quality that is accessible just in the AbiWord. To finish up, AbiWord might not have numerous propelled highlights which are found in other, more well-known word processors, yet it is plainly devoted to first-time or less experienced clients. It encases extensive Help substance, and the interface is spotless, yet it could utilize a few enhancements. The measure of assets it expands is inconsequential and hence, the PC’s execution is not going to be troubled.

More About Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Word or MS Word is the piece of Microsoft Office suite. It is the most well-known word processor that empowers the understudies, educators, and experts to peruse, compose, work together and exhibit thoughts whenever anyplace. It is accessible for PC, Mac, Windows Phone, Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Tablets, Android Tablet, and iPad.

Microsoft Word is not just a word preparing the application; indeed, it is a whole correspondence platform. The simple perusing method of Microsoft Word gives the clients a chance to peruse information of each sort in a best and straightforward perusing mode. For joint group effort, Microsoft Word is one of the best word processors.

Understudies, instructors, and experts utilize it for making the presentations, CVs, letters, and considerably more. The other best thing about Microsoft Word is its secret key security framework, for example, a watchword to open a report, to change a record, and to limit designing and altering by setting the watchword.

Microsoft Word is one of the best content tools out there, having a frame rate that justifies itself with real evidence. Its list of capabilities is fit for both the home client and the desk laborers, conveying all that one needs to make very much organized and refined reports. Furthermore, the document designs it is good with (counting PDF and HTML) just include it to promote flexibility.

Microsoft Office Word Reviews

Suzzane L. Wood
written on March 5, 2020

It is simply a very valuable software, as it has all the features of writing. What I found good about this software is that it is very easy to use, like I remember when I started using, with minimal knowledge I was able to perform well and could easily do my assignments on it. It has improved and modified over time, and I find it easy to turn my file into a pdf and send it through email. Various themes, fonts, colours, and all such amazing features make my writings look great and keep them attractive. Overall, I would give a 10/10 rating to it.