Microsoft Solitaire Collection


Microsoft Solitaire Collection Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Hearts Spades Euchre


Hearts Spades Euchre is a Strategy, Card, Single and Multiplayer video game by Cosmigo. It is specially made for card lover who wants to play his favorite card game on a game console. The game is available to play on Nintendo platform only. In this game two to four player play against the each other. It allows the player to modify the rules of each game and also set the difficulty of the level of AI. The player is also able to challenge his friend in multiplayer mode. Each match of the game consists of the score which the player can gain after defeating all the opponent players. Hearts Spades Euchre offers most prominent features such as different locations, chat option, use his own photo as characters and funny graphics system, etc. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.