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Minecraft Launcher Alternatives

#1 Feed The Beast Launcher


Minecraft is the second most sold game, breaking records all the time. Feed The Beast Launcher-1.4.3 FTB seamlessly integrates into the success story and gives you exactly what you expect. Fun, variety, and excitement are just some of the terms that can be mentioned in this context. In the Minecraft world, the player moves in an unknown environment and tries to use different resources.

For example, you can build buildings or create resources. Decide for yourself how you want to behave and get a unique feeling that will keep you in front of the PC for hours. Minecraft is suitable for both professional gamers and casual gamers.


#2 OptiFine


OptiFine is a mod that promises a significant boost for anyone playing Minecraft, whether they are online or offline, playing in single-player or with other people. However, for servers hosted by others, the owner must have OptiFine mod on their servers for the mod to work.

The mode has not been updated to work with OptiFine1.9 yet, but the developers are only waiting for an update to MCP. This is a useful tool for organizing and activating or deactivating installed Minecraft mods. Until these updates are released, the OptiFine mod will still work well with any version of Minecraft 1.9 and all the older versions if you are the type who likes to play older versions of Minecraft.

#3 MagicLauncher


Magic Launcher is a fantastic application that ought to be incorporated into the arms stockpile of any Minecraft player. With this, you will have the one of a kind chance to introduce mods and alter them as indicated by your necessities.

The Magic Launcher for Minecraft does a great deal more than that, in certainty, it permits you to choose between various MineCraft.jar documents, a procedure that makes modding a ton simpler. The considerable thing about this tool is that it keeps your unique documents in place and uses the modded records, which facilitates your psyche in such a manner.


#4 ATLauncher


ATLauncher is a launcher that has many groups made mod packs for the prominent sandbox game Minecraft. It gives a simple approach to playing modded Minecraft without going through the bother of introducing every mod physically.

With the help of this, players get some brand new mod packs that make it better than others. The mode includes huge groups that control some mod packs; people control others. A choice of the greatest mod packs is accessible freely, others require a code to be played, and some are overseen on a whitelist premise and are just available to players on that whitelist.

#5 VoidLauncher


VoidLauncher is a game launcher for Minecraft. The launcher offers a mod pack for Window where you can choose the mode in which you wish to play the game. With this, you can change and keep up the launcher from the options tab.

The Launcher has four interesting tabs initial one being for the news sustain you can see every one of the things the Void Launcher group is up to with the landing page committed to the news. Effectively explore the different themed mod packs with the thumb strip to the right-hand side.

#6 Technic Launcher


Technic Launcher is a program intended to be utilized as a part of conjunction with the most popular game Minecraft. Once downloaded and installed, the launcher gives you in-game access to the Technic Platform, a collection of mods for Minecraft.

The essential advantage of this product is straightforwardness and efficient, as you can peruse for a mod you need and snap to install it, without searching or installing anything yourself. Likewise, the platform now has a social combination to keep you in contact with different players.

#7 MCPatcher


MCPatcher is not a resource pack; it is one of the most useful tools regarding making resources packs and mods work flawlessly together. It is right up there with OptiFine, and you will hear players recommending one or the other, but both programs do more or less the same stuff.

It can tell you when currently installed mods and resource packs with interfering with the proper function of each other before you start Minecraft. It even says which bits are inconsistent with each other, so you can rapidly stop the one terrible thing keeping you from playing your game.

#8 ForgeCraft Mod


ForgeCraft Mod is a Minecraft mod that has been targeted at players who frequently play the survival mode but still face difficulties during it. The entire purpose of the survival mode is to give players a challenge that is extremely hard to overcome. There is still no doubting the fact that it does tend to get a tad bit overbearing at times, especially for players who are not insanely skilled at Minecraft.

ForgeCraft Mod is a mod that is designed to make the survival mode more bearable but without compromising any of the key features that give the mode its identity. It provides extra blocks to various mobs, and these drops can help you out quite a bit when the times get hard in survival mode. The mode implements carrots, potatoes, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, sticks, and even ancient bones.

#9 KAGIC Mod


By using KAGIC Mod, players will be able to put together their workers that will perform a variety of tasks for them that save an insane amount of time. It is inspired by the show Steven Universe, and if you have seen that show before then, you will probably be familiar with most of the items and entities.

The mod came out recently and picked up a considerable amount of footing as well as includes a crazy level of accommodation to the gameplay.

#10 Mob Hunter Mod


Mob Hunter Mod inspired by the Monster Hunter series and designed for true Monster Hunter lovers. The biggest highlight feature of this solution is that it brings multiple mods from the Monster Hunter series into Minecraft. After playing these mods, your Minecraft world will be filled with different iconic mobs from the Mob Hunter series.

The mods include the Genprey, which is a carnivorous Wyvern that can be found in Sandy areas. The Velociprey, which is a Wyvern that is found in grass, the Popo, which is a large herbivore that sticks to cold climates. The Aptonoth which is another large herbivore but with a spiky tail that discourages any potential predators. Aside from the mobs above, there are various others in the mobs as well, and you will enjoy playing them.

#11 All Thing Kevium Mod


All Thing Kevium Mod is a creative mod that allows players to get their hands on various magical powers and doesn’t require to go through an absurd amount of setup. The problem with all magic-related mods is the fact that players need to make lots of alterations to the gameplay in order to get access to new features.

All Thing Kevium Mod is excellent because it allows players to acquire various kinds of magic-related powers. It completely changes the way most enchantments and potion effects functions, and it does this by implementing a new option known as Kevium. All Thing Kevium Mod is a material that contains an incredible amount of magical power.

Minecraft Launcher Reviews

Hero Travor
written on July 8, 2020

From movies to images and files, this software has organized many things, and I don’t have to find anything, I enter the date and the category of the file, and it gets me that file. It has been beneficial and I’m using all the tools it provides, I can play movies, hear songs, see images and do much more with it.

written on May 27, 2020

I will recommend this free platform to manage your daily tasks. It has personalized my files, documents, my calendar, and maintains my to-do list. The best organizing software I have ever encountered. Free to use and offer four different account types such as Non-premium, Premium, and McLean’s. The Non-premium is free rest you have to buy, I will recommend the Non-premium only if you are not running an organization because it is best for chores and essential reminders.

written on May 17, 2020

Changing the name of this software will be the first improvement on the function. At least people looking for this software will not have to see so many games with the same name. I look for the software all I found games for PC, mobile and whatnot. The launcher is designed to manage your to-do list. Since I use this software it has been working fine for me.