Moonlight Game Streaming

Moonlight Game Streaming is an app through which users can easily live stream gameplay on any network using NVIDIA experience. The input of the mouse, controller, and keyboard right from the phone to the PC. It streams gameplay in up to 4K resolution in 120 frames per second with surround sound.

The app supports PS3, PS4, and android gamepads, etc. and provides feedback of force. The app can co-op with 4 different game controllers and you can control mouse through gamepad by long-pressing start.

To use the app, you need to open GeForce software on PC and turn on the game stream in the setting. Then you need to tap PC in the app, type pin on PC, and start streaming. You can also add a PC manually if the app doesn’t detect the PC.

You can also add more games to the app for streaming and it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases or ads. The interface contains a settings menu through which you can change resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and other aspects of streaming.


Moonlight Game Streaming Alternatives

#1 Steam Chat


Steam Chat is a chatting app for Steam users that enables them to chat through their cell phones and get updated with what is happening. It includes features such as friends list that shows who’s gaming right now and who’s online. The chat consists of many high-quality links, videos, tweets, and GIFs, etc.

You can also generate an invite link to add new friends on Steam by sending it to them via email. The friend’s list shows who’s online and also search for specific friends. The app allows players to customize app notifications per friends, group chats, and channels.

Users can get notifications for comments and game chats under mentions only. It also contains a group chat, through which they can chat with friends or others in specific groups or also create ones as well.

Steam Chat also supports animated stickers to better express emotions based on, and the interface of friends’app is very straightforward. The interface contains an option to access friends list, a button to access chat, and a menu of different groups.


#2 Moot


Moot is a platform for gamers through which they can take part in gaming discussions. The LGF feature of the app allows users to find their gaming teammates and stay updated on reviews, gaming highlights, memes, etc. The direct message feature enables gamers to contact their friends and fellows privately.

The app features moot coins through which you can buy items to make your in-app profile better. It lets gamers follow top content creators of Moot, which enables them to get updates whenever they post. Players can share, vote, and discuss games they like the most.

Moot – LFG and Gaming Discussion bring a feature to upvote for their favorite content, or they can downvote. The app contains lounges that you can scroll to know what is trending. It includes lounges of many famous gamers, and gamers can use it on their PC.

Moot – LFG & Discussion app shows gaming states of gamers in Solo, Duos, and Squad categories. The gaming stats contains the number of wins, kills, and the number of matches, etc. The app includes a questions and answers platform through which gamers can ask questions and answer questions from others.

#3 Bigfoot


Bigfoot is a gaming assistant for mobile gamers that provides them with various useful tools to enhance their gaming experience. It comes with a Pokedex through which players can get full information of all Pokémon characters. Trainers can easily exchange their Pokémon and search for Pokémon through a search feature.

It also features a record of screen and screenshot functions to record the gameplay of many games. The app automatically records gameplay so that players can replay kill compilations and battle logs. They can also edit videos and save or share videos with their friends or on social platforms.

Players can get a resource map that enables them to find loot locations and get crosshair for battle royal games. The app also contains free resources such as maps, skins, and textures, etc. for crafting in Minecraft.

Bigfoot – FREE In-game assistant for mobile players also features tips and guides for levels of casual games in the form of pictures, words, and videos. The app also includes deck recommendations through which players can view the layout of cards through video guides.


#4 Ubisoft Club


Ubisoft Club app enables you to get updates about your favorite games timely. You can take different challenges, can get big prizes as well as you can top the leaderboard. It contains many classic challenges that you can accept and complete them to win club Xp, units, badges, and more.

The app allows you to manage your challenges through phone and find the challenges of your favorite game in the challenge section. It contains a collect button through which you can collect prizes. It includes up to seven hundred items such as skills, costumes, and consumables, etc. from ninety different console and PC games.

You can find rewards based on color classification like common, rare, epic, legendary, and exotic, etc. You can redeem prizes free or with units you earned by completing challenges. You can log in daily to gaming stats, tips, video guides, and more based on your gaming.

Ubisoft Club also features a gaming assistant named Sam, but it is only available in the English Language. The app provides you essential notifications such as weekly challenges, special events, friends requests from others, and track the progress of your friends.

#5 Companion for Fortnite (Stats, Map, Shop, Weapons)


Companion for Fortnite (Stats, Map, Shop, Weapons) is a companion app and guide for Fortnite game through which players can track gaming stats. It shows player stats based on the type of squad and they can also compare the stats of two players. The store feature contains information about all items, which are currently on sale, with images and prices.

The leaderboards allow players to search by all types of squads. The map features also contain a preview of items and chest spawns. The tracking feature lets them track their in-game progress, and the summarize feature shows all the remaining challenges only.

They can also compare different weapons and contains a description of items of battle royal. The app brings information from Fortnite site, YouTube, and Fortnite insider. The mission tracker feature provides alerts about group missions that also includes the type of task and rewards.

Companion for Fortnite (Stats, Map, Shop, Weapons) also features a research reminder through which players can get notifications to collect research points, and the collection book enables them to keep track of their heroes.

#6 Clutch


Clutch is an app by Utility Team through which you can share your Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile, etc. gameplay recordings. It enables you to synchronize your Gamertag of Xbox so it the app that automatically import clips of gameplay. You can also connect accounts of Facebook and PS4 to share gameplay clips.

You can also upload gameplay clips directly from mobile or PC and also use trim features to get favorite parts of videos. The app provides a function to add captions to videos, and you can also tag friends. You can share videos on many social media platforms or can directly share them with your phone’s contacts.

Clutch – Share Xbox/PS4/Mobile/PC DVR is an app with a straight forward interface that contains an option to share videos. The interface also includes a profile button through which you can access your profile.

Clutch: Share Game Clips allows you to edit videos by speeding up or slowing down to make the slo-mo or fast motion. You can also add audio or video commentary to your gameplay videos for better viewership.

#7 My Hero Academia Amino


My Hero Academia Amino is an app by Amino that enables you to join the community to share your anime experience with others. You can use a chat feature to connect with others and also make new friends. You can also share your creations and art through the app.

The app allows you to discover new art and trivia and also get updates and news about all upcoming episodes, chapters, and series of anime. The profile tab contains reputation, following, the number of followers, and options to customize profile.

The profile also contains a list of favorite characters and anime, as well as all posts. The chat feature includes an option to add your desired ones as friends. The interface also brings a home button and a button to access the profile.

Amino for: My Hero Academia app’s interface also provides you with features to access the feed, the front page of the app, and chats easily. You can like and comment on posts. My Hero Academia Amino is a free-to-use app that doesn’t show any ads.

#8 Guilded


Guilded enables you to join community discussion boards through which you can recruit new players to your teams. It features chat and also includes special events scheduler and you can easily share docs through it. The discussion board contains many editing and media features to make discussions more useful.

You can make docs for the management of strategies, gaming guides, and DKP sheets, etc. You can also create a customized recruitment form according to needs and manage apps through the app. You can also use features to manage members of the team, such as the creation and assigning of roles according to needs.

The app also contains threads feature through which you can easily chat with other players during a discussion. You can also create custom polls and vote for other’s polls as well. It contains hashtags of many games, which makes searching for the desired discussion easy.

Guilded – Team Scrims and LFG app brings a calendar feature through which you can set different reminders. You can also add media and notes to reminders. The interface contains a team home tab that includes a button to access apps, a menu to find players, and option to access gaming news, etc.

#9 GameTree


GameTree app allows players to rate their favorite games based on those choices. It suggests matches, provides gaming news, new gaming events, and supports all gaming platforms such as PC, mobile, and Console, etc. It filters players for matchmaking according to personality test results, rating of games, and playstyle.

The social network features enable players to have group chats with friends and discussion with other players, as well as they can sync feed with social media platforms. The app supports more than two hundred thousand games such as GTA V, Dota 2, and PUBG, etc.

The interface contains options to access profiles, gaming sessions, chats, and feed. The app features filters to search for teammates such as language, age, distance, matches, and last online time, etc. The app also brings a feature to create custom gaming sessions.

GameTree lets players discover games through My feed section and like or comment on posts of other players as well. The app contains an INTP analyzer through which players can analyze their gaming routine.

#10 GamerLink


GamerLink lets you find gamers with the same interests through a beacon and clan feature. You can find teammates based on gaming style, communication, and gaming skills. The LFG feature enables you to search for players of your favorite games on all consoles such as mobile, PC, or Xbox, etc.

You can also create gaming groups or join groups created by others as well. You can chat with friends, clanmates, or other clans based on many topics. The app enables you to share your gameplay with others, discuss by commenting, and reply to their comments.

GamerLink – LFG, Clans & Chat for Gamers! also features emoji that you can use to react on comments and posts. Its interface is straight forward that contains a home button, an option to set reminders, and a button to access chats, etc.

GamerLink – LFG & Clan Chat! Supports many games, and you can also discuss the timing of the next gaming session through the chat feature. The interface contains a profile option through which you can access your in-app profile and can edit details such as age and location, etc.

#11 R6 Squad


R6 Squad is a tracker app Squad union through which you can easily track your performance of the Rainbow Six siege game. You can compare your squad with others through it and can also add friends to your teams. It shows the essential player and match stats at a glance.

You can also see detailed stats of gamers that includes kills, deaths, gaming hours, gaming level, number of winds, and number of losses, etc. In the free version of the app, you can add five people in your group and search for cross-platform players.

Its interface contains options to remove ads and get premium and a button to access settings. You can choose your gaming platforms from three different platforms, like Windows, PS4, and XBOX. You can add players by entering names on a search bar and by selecting the platform.

R6 Squad: Track your Squad for Rainbow Six Siege is free to use the app but it contains ads and offers in-app purchases to unlock premium features. The app also shows gameplay under each operator, and scores of different seasons.

#12 Destiny 2 Companion


Destiny 2 Companion is an app by Bungie through which you can connect to the Destiny game using multiple platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam, etc. You can also track and view your in-game progress through it. You can track different milestones, triumphs, and collections.

The app provides you with news and updates about all the new Destiny 2 events and activities. You can also view all your weapons and armor, perks, the status of items, and shuffle the equipment between game character and vault.

The app also enables you to create and manage a clan with a unique identity. You can also join an already created clan quickly. You can also track the clan level, progress in the clan, and can get all clan rewards. It also features chat that lets you have a text chat with clanmates or others.

Destiny 2 Companion also brings the feature to search for fireteams through a customized search with many filters such as type of activity, etc. You can also create your team and send invites to other users as well.



PLINK enables gamers to find teammates and play desired matches and also discuss wins. It supports all gaming consoles such as Xbox, PC, or PlayStation, etc. It contains a matchmaking feature through which they can play with friends and can chat or do high-quality voice calls.

Players can also enter their requirements for teammates as well as can apply filters to searches. The app enables them to check the status of gameplay such as kills, gameplay time, and rank, etc. The chat feature also includes private messages through which players can chat with a specific person.

PLINK — LFG, Gamers Сommunity & Voice Chat brings profile feature that lets players track stats of other players and friends. The newsfeed feature allows them to take a screenshot and share it with comments. Other gamers can also check their gaming stats through the stats tracker by clicking the headline.

PLINK – LFG and Gamers Community also shows what friends are playing in the friends’ section and also searches for a specific friend to track. The app also contains gaming content that players can access through the global section and also share it with others.

#14 Game Flip


Game Flip is an all-in-one solution trusted by +4 million users who can use it to enhance their gaming skills and shop while chilling. It is known as a gaming hub and marketplace that allows you to buy and sell games, in-game items, skins, gift cards, and other things.

Compared to Bitskins, it is powerful and offers dozens of new services and features that make it better than others. With the help of its Game Hub feature, you can improve your game skills by watching high-quality tutorials, learning new tricks and tips, etc. There is also a community of gamers where an expert shares their experience to teach beginners.

Through this, you can also receive updates on listings, communicate with buyers and sellers directly, get new game items daily, save up to 25% and shop safely. Like other similar marketplaces, it also offers support for multiple currencies and provides various payment options such as AirPlay, MasterCard, VISA, etc.

#15 G2A


G2A is a shopping app through which you can buy gaming stuff and gift cards. The interface contains a search bar to search for the desired product and shows recommended products. The interface includes a home button at the bottom, a wishlist option to add products to it to buy later, a cart that shows your shopping, and a button to access your profile.

You first need to sign up and then shop around to use the app. It enables you to redeem gift cards of G2A, and you can change the currency to the desired one. It provides you with notifications about weekly sales, epic sales, hot premiers of products, and exclusive offers.

You can also turn off notifications, and the app notifies you about discounts on items on the wishlist. You can search for products based on items such as games, gift cards, subscriptions, etc. The app contains categories of products such as merchandise, software, and electronics.

G2A – Games, Gift Cards & More supports more than 200 methods of payment and 80 different currencies. The app lets you pre-order games and tracks the best-selling games on different consoles. It also shows the best selling, most popular, new games, etc.

#16 R6 Stats


R6 Stats is an app through which you can track stats of other players. To check stats, you first need to login to the app, or you can also create a new account by entering a username, platform of the desired player, and hit search to view stats.

The app shows an overview of progress such as the level of player, overall kills, deaths, wins, losses, and loot box probability. It also shows stats of team, ranked, and casual matches as well as the record of matches on all maps. You can easily share stats on social media platforms through a share option.

The interface of the app features seasonal stats, a leaderboard, and daily stats of the desired player. The operator feature shows the number of kills, wins, losses, and playtime of all unlocked operators. The leaderboard shows rankings of players on different platforms, the best player of the season, and the score of players.

R6 Stats app also includes a weapon stats menu, which shows the status of the player based on the usage of weapons. The list contains kills, headshots, and the number of times players used weapon categories like an assault rifle, submachine gun, shotgun, pistol, and launcher, etc.

#17 ClickLoot


ClickLoot enables you to get free skins and win in-game rewards like weapons and more. You need to login by entering email and password, or you can also log in through the Steam account. The app also lets you create a new account, earn in-app points through completing surveys, and unlocking offers. You can redeem points as in-game weapons skins, games, and gift cards, etc.

The app comes with gift cards for many platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam, etc. It also contains skins for weapons, and search for a particular weapon by entering names. You can also filter weapons based on prices and view weapons in low to high or high to low order.

The app also has a chat feature through which you can ask questions from others and can also discuss. The interface contains a profile menu where you can edit data, verify email, and also verify your account to get prizes.

ClickLoot – Earn skins, games, and gift cards also shows purchases of gift cards, games, skins, and cryptocurrency in the profile menu. The leaderboard shows the weekly ranking, as well as coin players earned, and you can also see the ranking of last week.

#18 Battle Pass Helper for Battle Royale


Battle Pass Helper for Battle Royale provides you with tips about different challenges of battle pass. The interface contains a button to access challenges of season 1 and a button to access all challenges. After clicking season 1 or all challenges, you need to select the desired week. The app shows information about the first-week challenge such as loot boxes and important locations on the app.

You can also share challenges with friends through sharing options or can send the link of the app to others. It also brings information about challenges that are open water challenges and hidden letter location challenges.

The app also provides you with information about the location of the letter N on map and info about a lowdown challenge like the location of boats on the map. You can also get information about the hide and seek challenge and location of the letter I through a picture marking location.

It also enables you to get the location of letter T to complete word challenge as well as information about challenges such as trick shot mission, etc. The trick shot mission tips contain info about important locations.

#19 Undertale Amino


Undertale Amino is an app by Amino that allows you to learn new gaming strategies and find new teammates easily. The interface contains the best friends’ menu where you can see all your friends and an MTT news section that provides you with notifications. You can like a post, can comment on it, and also repost or share it on other social media platforms.

The interface also includes a new post option through which you can share a story, image, links, and can even start a poll, etc. The chat feature lets you have a chat with all members of the community, or you can also add friends to a favorite list.

Frisk Amino for Undertale app’s interface also includes a menu option that lets you access the judgment hall where you will get rewards or punishment for your behavior. You can also follow others, and the app will notify you of new posts.

The throne room includes best users in categories like most active in the last 24 hours and in the previous seven days. The room also contains ranked players in quizzes of all time and a hall of fame of best-reputed users of all time.

#20 Battle Pass Assistant for Battle Royale


Battle Pass Assistant for Battle Royale provides you with advice and tips to complete battle pass challenges in battle royal game mode. It brings tips about the battle pass of season 8, and you can easily zoom in to pictures. It also notifies you about new weekly challenges and other weekly updates.

The interface is very straight forward that contains information about challenges on a weekly basis. It also shows that when the next weekly challenge is available and you can download tips on your phone. The app also lets you share tips and the link of the app with friends through a share button at the bottom of the interface.

It shows locations of hidden sets of XPs of the map for the ninth week and all locations on the map for chaos challenge. It also brings info about dive challenge in battle royal mode and the location of letter E to complete the weekly challenge.

Battle Pass Assistant for Battle Royale also comes up with locations of chests and all the possible locations for doing the open water challenge. The app is free to use but contains ads, and you can easily find secret banners or stars through provided guidelines.

#21 Survive ARK Companion


Survive ARK Companion is a taming calculator for the Survival Ark game. The interface contains a taming calculator, a settings button, and many other menus. The menus include recipes of different dishes and their cooking time. The timer menu features a starve timer through which you can enter current food, maximum food, and can start a stopwatch.

It notifies you when the timer stops and can also start a narcotics timer. The breeding section includes a range of temperature, total time, and enter current stats of creatures to monitor breeding. The additional page contains the name, type, rideability, and other information of the creature.

The app also contains options to calculate the loot of raids, and you can track resources. It also provides a preview of different maps of the game like Island map, Valhalla map, and many others. You can also explore various in-game commands such as item commands, color commands, and commands for supply drops, etc.

Survive ARK Companion: ARK Survival Evolved app also features all achievements of gaming platforms like PC, Xbox, and PS4, etc. You can easily view charts of the abilities of creatures based on pickups, damage, effects, and more.

#22 Shop Of The Day by BenoitOutman


Shop Of The Day by BenoitOutman is a shop to search for items of Fortnite game, and you don’t need to open the game to view items. The app is very easy to use, which contains a subscription list that allows you to add your favorite items to a subscription list.

The setting menu includes options to change the language and get notifications of new arrivals. It features three sections of items named as Shop, upcoming items, and a list of all items. You can view details about items by clicking on the thumbnail of items.

It also shows the prices of items under the picture of an item, and you can easily subscribe to it by clicking a subscribe button. The upcoming sections contain information and pictures of items, which are not yet released. You can also add these items to your list and provides notification about these.

Shop Of The Day’s upcoming menu doesn’t feature the price of items, but it contains information about the working of items like harvesting tools, weapons, and wraps, etc. You can also search for specific items by entering the name of it.

#23 Dances & Emotes from Battle Royale


Dances & Emotes from Battle Royale lets you watch all emotes of Fortnite battle royal game, and you can easily set these on wallpaper. It allows you to search for your favorite emote or dance by entering the name or keyword of emoting.

You can view a dance or emote by clicking on it, and the app shows options to add it to the favorite list. You can also set dance or emote on wallpaper by clicking on set as wallpaper option. It shows the price and name of the dance or emotes at the top of the interface.

The interface includes an option to rate the app, a search option, and an option to access settings. You can receive push notifications by enabling it in settings and get sounds of emotes or dances at the wallpaper.

Dances & Emotes from Battle Royale brings a feature to sort dances by rarity, date, or by alphabet order. You can apply filters to your searches like Epic dances filter, rare filter, uncommon dance filter, and common dance filter.

#24 Codes for Borderlands 3


Codes for Borderlands 3 provides you with shift codes for Borderlands 3 game through which you can get pints, golden keys, and new skins. You can choose code from the left panel, copy it, and redeem prizes directly from the browser.

The interface of the app includes a panel on the left to access options such as Home, Codes, and How to, etc. You can tap on the VIP codes option to access VIP codes. It includes codes, type of code, points, date of code, and a button that takes you directly to redeem page.

The Shift codes menu includes Shift code, the prizes of codes, working on platforms, and an option to redeem codes. You can copy codes by tapping on a copy button and paste it on the browser.

The how-to section contains information about the working of the app and the criteria you need to meet to get prizes. The app also contains a tips and tricks section that brings info to duplicate stuff in the game. The app contains ads but it is free to use and you can use exploit to give weapons to others.

#25 XIM APEX Manager


XIM APEX Manager allows you to manage mouse and keyboard on Xbox, PS4, PC, etc. It enables you to search and select the game with a gaming platform. You can set the name of the configuration, the color of light of the device, and a key to load configuration.

You can also set aim sensitivity and set sensitivity by entering hip and aim down sight values. The app lets you set directional keys for movement of the character and it shows information on the device.

It features wireless phone configuration tools through which you can easily set up devices. The interface contains options to edit the sensitivity of the device, the option to select games based on consoles.

The app lets you set configuration and you can use that config in all of your games. It allows you to choose your favorite input device for gaming at any gaming console. XIM APEX Manager is a free-of-cost app that doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases.