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MoreMotion XML Editor

MoreMotion XML Editor is a free and handy XML editor to develop XSL, XML and Ajax powered web applications. MoreMotion XML Editor is the part of MoreMotion Application Studio that itself is a rapid web application development program based on the MoreMotion AG… read more

13 MoreMotion XML Editor Alternatives & Similar Software


1. EditiX

EditiX is the name of a quality generated XML editor and XSLT editor for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems. The functions of EditiX are not limited to editing of XML and XSLT only. It can even perform the Visual Schema editing, XQuery Editor, working and XSLT debugger fort all three major operating systems. For those designers, web authors, apps makers and programmers who want to take advantage of DocBook, XSD Schema, and XSLT/FO in a single all in one editor will surely get the benefit by using the EditiX. One of the biggest advantages of using EditiX are the functionalities that it is offering to its users in shape of a redefined IDE that assist them with smart entry helpers. It has real-time XPath location and syntax error detection system whose requirement can be best understood by the genuine programmers and developers. It will provide you with the context syntax popup supporting DTD, schema and RelatxNG. It even support for the multiple templates and project management. In short you are going to enjoy the real time features and functions in the EditiX. Some leading features of the EditiX are availability of multiple editor, powerful XPath builder/DocBook transformation, template support, open XML format editor, fully customizable environment, XMLK differencing, open document editor and much more.


2. Oxygen XML Editor

Oxygen XML Editor it a multi-platform tool for XML editing. Being one of the leading and advanced level of XML editor, Oxygen XML Editor delivers the most state of the art helpful tool for XML editing and other advanced level of editing tools. For its availability of multiple purpose along with multiple helping tools, Oxygen XML Editor is said to be the advanced and the complete solution for XML authoring and development. It has the solution is shape of XML Editor, XML Author, XML Web Author, XML Developer and Web Help. Means from simple editing to authoring and developing, Oxygen XML Editor has the solution for all requirements of the developers and programmers. All these tools are available in a single suite of Oxygen XML Editor. The basic purpose of all these tools is to assit the users to perform their creating, editing and publishing of XML documents in a very user friendly environment. The best thing about Oxygen XML Editor is that it can be used in conjunction with rest of the XML based technologies as it includes a wide range of developing and editing tools. The features and technologies that you will enjoy in the Oxygen XML Editor are XML IDE, XML Validation, XML Schema modeling, intelligent XML editing, XSL/XSLT support, single source XML publishing, XQuery support, XPath support, native XML and relational databases, etc.


3. XMLSpy XML editor

It is a universal level of XML editor that support for the XML editing, viewing and debugging. Based on the state of the art XML based technologies, XMLSpy XML editor delivers the unsurpassed compliance with the innovative industry standards from XQuery to XSLT and WSDL to Open XML and XBRL. The best about XMLSpy XML editor is that it is listed among this few XML editors that have the ability to generate the chart based XML data also. The advanced functionality in XMLSpy XML editor is coupled with user friendly views and entry helpers, wizards and debuggers that are designed to make its users able to create, edit and optimize the XML based apps. Have a glance on the all features that are arranged in XMLSpy XML editor XML validator with Smart Fix error correction, built-in XML document templates, powerful conversion utilities, intelligent XPath auto-completion, HTML editor/CSS editor, SQL database integration, SQL database integration, Java and COM APIs, powerful conversion utilities and much more. The view system of XMLSpy XML editor is very outclass. The list of available views in the XMLSpy XML editor are XML editor views, XML editor grid view, XML schema view, WSDL view, XBRL view, authentic view, browser view, JSON schema view, intelligent XML editing and much more.


4. XMLmind XML Editor

XMLmind XML Editor is best known for delivering the highly extensible XML editor that is used to create documents conforming to create the custom schema. It is a strictly validating, DocBook editor, DITA editor, XHTML editor, WYSIWYG, XML editor and much more are the leading functionalities of the XMLmind XML Editor. Being an extensible XML editor, XMLmind XML Editor may also be used to create documents conforming to own custom schema. XMLmind XML Editor is generally designed for the technical writers who need to author large, complex, modular and documents. The three synchronized views system of the same document, XMLmind XML Editor make the users’ able views all editing fully editable. The list of available functions and features in the XMLmind XML Editor are tag view, source view, DITA bookmap, DITA task, editing of MathML equation found in a DocBook 5 document, XHTML 5 controls any ruby elements when the Emulate Web Browser CSS has been selected, form controls embedded in a styled view, DITA map tutorial-book.ditmap opened in a Navigation Pane and three topic which are reference in this map, the browse file system, the comparing tools to show the differences existing between doc.xml and docB.xml displayed side by side, editing a spreadsheet formula inserted in an XHTML document and much more.


5. XML Notepad

XML Notepad is an open source XML editor based on the some features of the Notepad, however, at the same time is very different from the simple text editor as well. The exceptional about XML Notepad is that it delivers a user friendly interface for editing and browsing for XML documents. Some of the handy features that you are going in the XML Notepad are tree view synchronized with Node Text View for quick editing of node names & values, incremental search system in both tree and text views, support for unlimited cut/copy/paste, drag and drop feature for easy manipulation of the tree, configurable fonts and colors via the options dialog, best performance on large XML documents, loading of a 3MB document in about one second, integrated XML diff tool, support for XInclude, go to definition to navigate includes and XSD schema information, support for custom editors for data Time, date, data types and much more. XML Notepad is the provider of intelligence based expected elements and attributes and enumerated simple type values. Handy nudge tool bar buttons of XML Notepad provide the quick movement of nodes up and down the tree. Dynamic help from XSD annotations is also the part of this XML editor. The free version of XML Notepad is available for up to Windows Vista version of the Windows operating systems.


6. Essential XML Editor

Essential XML Editor is the name of a lightweight tool for the text-based XML document editing. There is integration of the XML wellformedness tester, DTD validator and Saxon SXLT processor and much more are also integrated in the Essential XML Editor. That are the special features of the Essential XML Editor that may be used for free of charge. Essential XML Editor is the pack of advanced features like plugin for third party Relax NG, and W3C XML Schema validators. Essential XML Editor is particularly designed for the Windows operating systems and available for up to Windows 7 versions only. In term of features and functions, Essential XML Editor is really the powerhouse containing the features about color coded text based Unicode editor, supports XML, document saving in UTF-8, integrated in DTD validator, line bookmarks, unlimited undo/redo, search/replace system, reload, shortcuts for every command, detailed page setup, print preview dialogs, plugin for the Saxon XSLT processor, external hex editor can be associated via preferences, automatic update notification, loading of multiple format documents and much more. The premium version of Essential XML Editor contains the most advanced features for the premium users only. The main screenshot shows the main user interface of the Essential XML Editor after checking a document for well-formedness.


7. FontoXML

FontoXML is a web based XML editor for the subject matter experts and occasional content contributors who are looking for an autoring solutions to create structured and highly intelligent content. FontoXML support for the structured authoring super intuitive to create structured and highly intelligent content. FontoXML has sub divided its way of functioning into three main areas that are authoring solutions, web-based XML editor and FontoXML add-ons. The authoring solutions assist the occasional authors who have no knowledge of XML to create structured and intelligent content. The web based XML editor adapts to any XML schema and CMS infrastructure. A wide range of add-ons and extensions are the part of FontoXML that can be integrated using the APIs or web services of the FontoXML. FontoXML will deliver you the benefits in shape of structured content, easy integration and continuous improvement. The implementing system of FontoXML doesn’t not require an investment in CMS or repositories. The real time features and functions of the FontoXML are the availability of large amount of add-ons, real-time validation, copy and paste system, WYSIWYG, structure & source view, easy integration with E-CMS/DAM, configuring templates, dashboard with user analytics, localization of the user interface, making notes and comments, change tracking, spell checking, support for large documents, etc.


8. Xmplify XML Editor

Xmplify XML Editor is a the name of a professional level of XML editor designed for the Mac OS X operating systems with XML schema based auto completion, DTD, and automatic document validation. Xmplify XML Editor delivers the one of the best editing environments to its users making them able to enjoy the support of XSLT, XPath and HTML preview and much more. Being an application for the Mac OS X, this application provides an outline view of the document that shows its structure and automatically keeps the outline up to the date to reflect the latest edits. In term of features and functionalities, Xmplify XML Editor is much featured rich. Some of the advanced level of features of the Xmplify XML Editor are fully XML-aware editing environment, automatic document verification, auto-completion system, node documentation system, automatic schema derivation, navigate quickly to element definitions, XSL transformations, web preview, powerful searching by both XPath and Regular Expression and much more. Xmplify XML Editor is being used by a multiple range of education and research institutions, individuals and business persons. If the documents you are using specified a DTD or XML Schema, Xmplify XML Editor will automatically use that to verify your document’s content. The verification results are automatically kept up to date as you edit the document. The auto-complete system of this program will make you able to get the intelligent auto-completion suggestions.


9. XRay XML Editor

XRay XML Editor is an advanced and real time XML editor for validating the XML files. Just after starting the XRay XML Editor, it will start listing the errors to make you able to check by yourself either the documents you are editing or using are correct or not. The best part of this XML editor is that you don’t need to parse your file as it will be constantly parsed by the XRay XML Editor when you will create it. If you have no prior knowledge of XML editing or you are unfamiliar with the way to parsing or validating then XRay XML Editor can work as your personal assistant to check the XRay in different formats. XRay is basically an integrated feature in the XRay XML Editor that support for the W3C Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation. This function of XRay XML Editor delivers the real-time transformation of XML structures, including the HTML using XSLT. For the assistance of the users of XRay XML Editor there is an integrated HTML views for quick development of XML based web pages. One of the best features of the XRay XML Editor is its real-time schema validation function that is designed to identify and displays and errors as the users type. You can term it the immediate feedback providing system of the XRay XML Editor.


10. Peter’s XML Editor

Peter’s XML Editor is a highly advanced XML editor offering two basic requirements of syntax highlighting and customizable source view. It support for the code-template and auto-complete system. It has the ability to add, edit and delete attributes, elements, text, CDATA, etc. This unique level of XML editor support for the editing based in a syntax highlighting or tree view source. It delivers a wide range of features and functions to its users in which most common are viewing XML as a DOM tree, validation system, and various other features and functions that will make you able to easily edit the XML files. There is a proper comprehensive file help system in the Peter’s XML Editor as well. The tool provides a range of feature in an intuitive easy to use environment. Peter’s XML Editor is currently available for the Windows XP versions. One of the best things about Peter’s XML Editor is its user friendly interface that will make you able to easily navigate from one to other options of the Peter’s XML Editor.


11. XMLQuire

XMLQuire is a free XML editor that will provide you the new editing experience. The best part of this XML editor is that it delivers an easy to use interface to its developers, programmers and designers. It is the name of a fully automated and entirely separate from XML content. It doesn’t require formatting tabs and spaces at all. By double clocking on the XMLQuire Location bar, it will automatically launch the integrated the XPath Editor that feature the full auto completion and an entirely unique predicated by predicate trace capability. The two main products of the XMLQuire are XPath Editor and XML Editor. Both delivers the two different set of features and functions to the developers and programmers. It is entirely different from the rest of the XML editor because al XML indentation is virtual and handled entirely by the editor, no tab or space characters are used. You will always explore a versatile integrated XPath editor that includes powerful trace features and an expression management systems. The main advantages of using XMLQuire are the indentation automatically updated as you type; indentation is preserved with word-wrap on, the integrity of required whitespace content is maintained, switchable indentation, consistent indentation, hardcopy painting, simplicity, etc. The main features of the XMLQuire are a portable application, full documentation system, syntax highlighting, auto completion system, DTD caching, schema validation, drag and drop in multiple files, remove files from the list, alphabetically sorted list, etc.


12. XPontus XML Editor

XPontus XML Editor is a simple and easy to use XML editor for the text editing. It is expert in performing validation, XSL transformation, DTD/schema generation, code completion, code formatting, etc. The latest version of XPontus XML Editor is integrated with a plugin based system to solve the some limitation issues. For its distinguishing features and functions, XPontus XML Editor is said to be one of the best alternatives to the leading enterprise level of XML editors. It will deliver you a new level of features that will make you able to enjoy the fully bloated XML IDE. The main advantages of using XPontus XML Editor are the functions that are fully integrated XML editor, integration of easily in popular IDES like Netbeans and Eclipse and integration for the other application requiring XML needs. The main highlighted features and functions of the XPontus XML Editor are nodularity, code completion, XPath support, syntax highlighting, XSL transformations, best validation system, code structure browser, code indentation, file system abstractions, schema generation/conversion, documentation generator, multiple installers, and platform interoperability. As XPontus XML Editor itself is written in the Java so it is capable of running on almost all leading operating systems and devices like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and UNIX based operating systems.


13. iXedit – XML Editor

iXedit – XML Editor is an all-in-one XML editor, authoring and coding tool for enjoying the simple working of the tedious process. It will make you able to speed up your XML coding for syntax highlighting, auto completion and templates for XML and scripting languages. By using the iXedit – XML Editor you will get those ultra-modern tools that will speed up your XML coding process. It support for the enhanced auto completion and template support, not only for XML but also for widely used scripting languages like PHP, ASP, Java and JavaScript. The definitions of the iXedit – XML Editor are used for validating the XML document. In addition, the definitions used by the iXedit – XML Editor during editing process so that the possible XML names conveniently pop-up and are ready for use. This feature of iXedit – XML Editor minimizes mistyping, save time, efficient working, and various other useful tools. The best part of iXedit – XML Editor is that it provide the functions of import and export in formats of Excel, databases and complex text files. The main highlighted features and functions of the iXedit – XML Editor are well formedness checking, DTD validation, part by part editing, user templates, XSLT processing, DTD based auto completion, XSLT processing and export and import to other formats.

More About MoreMotion XML Editor

MoreMotion XML Editor is a free and handy XML editor to develop XSL, XML and Ajax powered web applications. MoreMotion XML Editor is the part of MoreMotion Application Studio that itself is a rapid web application development program based on the MoreMotion AG. With the rational approaches that MoreMotion XML Editor provide to the application development, it has an accepted superiority to other IDEs and web based application development issues. If you are running with a legacy system with hundreds of pages to get renewed with a new approach then MoreMotion XML Editor is surely a right tool for you. The main advantage of using MoreMotion XML Editor is that it has a very use friendly interface that even makes the beginners able to enjoy the simple XML editing. Some main highlighted features and functions of the MoreMotion XML Editor are syntax highlighting, automatic tag closing, various encoding options, Pretty format, XML verification, etc. With the help of MoreMotion XML Editor you can easily edit the XML files commonly used in the MoreMotion projects or by another program. All those projects with the extension of .mm can be fully compiled in the MoreMotion XML Editor. One of the best things about MoreMotion XML Editor is that contains the system for a customizable keyboard shortcuts that the users can customized as per their own requirements. The users can define the new keyboard shortcuts as well.