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Mouse Jiggler is a small size of a software solution designed to simulate small movements of the mouse and prevent screensavers from popping up when you are not in the front of your computer. The service doesn’t require any setup, so you can start using it soon as you download it to your computer… read more
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14 Mouse Jiggler Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Caffeine for Windows

Caffeine for Windows is a free and portable window tool that can prevent your computer from going into sleep mode. It keeps a computer from locking-up or falling asleep by regularly simulating keystrokes. The solution prevents your screensaver from kicking in without your having to disable the screensaver itself.

It’s handy for times when you do not want a screensaver but also don’t want to change or modify your desktop setting. Caffeine for Windows is a lightweight computer program that comes with a simple interface with just on/off switch without any extra features. Caffeine is a useful application for those who’d like their computer to stay awake.


2. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is a basic device which keeps PC from restarting or killing. It counteracts screen savers, standby modes, or shutdown and restart. This was made on account of PC Technicians while chipping away at frameworks. It keeps a specific framework up and running at all times, guaranteeing projects and administrations are continued running. This was made because of System Admins to keep basic servers up and running. To the extent post-assignment activities are concerned, Amphetamine can be told to send an email to at least one SMTP accounts, run a program or execute a script, ensure that all administrations from a predefined rundown are begun, or begin programs just if the administrations you show are not officially running. These programmed assignments are activated when the PC client endeavors to close down or reboot the machine. The preset rundown can be redone by expelling any administration from the rundown or including new ones from a second rundown with right now running administrations. With regards to the SMTP design, it’s likewise important to enter the sender email address, username and watchword, SMPT server, port number, subject, and at least one collector. These settings can be checked by sending a test email. In conclusion, the device can be set to auto-run at Windows startup. Obviously, it had a negligible effect on PC execution in the tests, utilizing low CPU and RAM. It noiselessly kept running out of sight without hanging, smashing or inciting blunder discoursed. To close, Amphetamine encourages an easy to use interface for forestalling PC shutdown and setting post-undertaking activities.


3. Insomnia

Insomnia is a simple REST API client with cookie management, code generation, environment variables, and authentication for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It is an all-in-one solution and offers payload, Specify URL, header, and authorization. With the help of this solution, you can view all the responsive details, view status code, cookies, and more.

There is also an option that enables you to organize everything and create workspaces or folders, drag and drop requests as well as easily import and export data. To make it a comprehensive solution, it offers advanced authentication helps, request chaining help, and templating that help get things done faster.


4. Sleep Preventer

If you do not want your PC or the laptop to fall asleep and make your way to the settings again and again to wake the PC, then using the sleep preventer is the best option for you. It is a simple and easy tool to start using it right now. This tool is perfect meant for the users of the Window who do not want to disable their PC and make it rush into the sleep mode. This is the light in weight software or the tool that does not require any sort of the installation. It is a user-friendly interface in terms of settings. All you have to do is to simply unzip with the downloaded archive and then you have to double click on the extension so you can bring the tool on the main window of your PC. Once it is launched, it will be creating an icon that will be present on top of the system settings. It will be running in your PC background without letting you know. It won’t be disturbing you at any time by giving ads notifications or any sort of pop up messages. You just have to click once, and it will start its process.


5. Caffeinated

Caffeinated is a clone of a comparative Mac OSX apparatus called Caffeine and stops your PC going into standby. The program utilizes a Windows system called SetThreadExecutionState which programming applications use to tell the working framework they are being used and keeps the PC sleeping. Despite the fact that it’s a convenient apparatus, there is a choice, to begin with, Windows furthermore a default span to keep the PC wakeful can be designed of 5 minutes to 5 hours or inconclusively. The .NET Framework 3.5 is required, and the creator says he has just tried Caffeinated on Windows 7. The whole program is packed in a single .exe record that can be dropped anyplace on the disk or put away on removable stockpiling units to run Caffeinated on any PC easily. It doesn’t add new passages to your framework registry and recollects your settings on exit without making or redesigning any documents. In any case, it’s not precisely standalone, since it needs.NET Framework to work appropriately. Despite the fact that it hasn’t got upgrades for quite a while, it worked efficiently on more current Windows models, without setting off the OS to hang crash or demonstrate errors. It exited a little impression on PC execution since it expended a low measure of CPU and memory. To wrap it up, Caffeinated conveys a basic and compelling answer for keeping your PC from entering rest mode, and anybody can consistently handle it.


6. Don’t Sleep

Don’t Sleep is a little, straightforward but then intense instrument and can keep a framework shutdown, standby, rest, log off Furthermore stop the screensaver or screen killing. Each alternative on Don’t Sleep is straight forward and if you need to keep the PC from going to standby for instance, simply ensure that the standby check box is checked and tap the enabled catch. There is likewise a configurable clock work that you can set when to naturally handicap the blocking or compel the PC to shut down or rest after time lapses. The options catch will permit you to setup a clock to begin blocking when the program begins, or the framework resumes from standby. A helpful expansion is the Mini-HTTP highlight which can be utilized to remotely design Don’t Sleep through a web program. You can empower it by tapping the Don’t Sleep menu bar and select “Empowering the Mini-HTTP to include.” Once empowered, you can get to the settings by writing http://IP.Address:8080/in any web program. It is likewise conceivable to utilize the login highlight to keep unapproved clients from getting to the Don’t Sleep settings. Don’t Sleep is an exceptionally valuable device which does the employment and takes next to no assets and is not exactly a 100K executable. It’s free, compact and deals with all Windows including both 32 and 64 bit.


7. NoDoze

Whether you’re downloading, changing over, smoldering, spilling, or playing out some other assignment that requires your PC to be conscious, at times the program being referred to doesn’t do it all alone. For those circumstances, this little application will keep your PC running for whatever length of time that its little window is open. NoDoze is a straightforward utility for Windows PC which mimics console or mouse action to keep the screensaver from actuating. Its action relies on upon at present running projects. You can utilize standard expressions or Windows special cases to pick when the screensaver is deactivated. NoDoze is a helpful and solid application intended to keep the screensaver from initiating in view of running procedures. The screensaver action can be quit utilizing Windows special cases, and also consistent expressions. What’s more, the application is compact, which implies you can run it from a removable drive without influencing the registry.


8. WinSleep

WinSleep is an available little app that keeps your computer asleep as a whole lot as viable throughout periods, which you can specify. It gives you an exact time-line design that shows when your laptop was once awake, asleep, or hibernating. A regular desktop uses 250 watts of electricity when awake, but just a few watts while asleep. Keeps your laptop asleep when not in use. Provides a particular time-line sketch displaying when your PC was once awake, sleeping, or hibernating, Provides convenient Sleep and Hibernate buttons for manual use when desired. Shows the contemporary CPU/Disk/Network usage percentages for your computer. Define a couple of sleep schedules (daily, weekly, or month-to-month time slot), every with a detailed sleep coverage with its very own CPU/disk/network usage limits. Helps prolong the existence of your computing device computer. It additionally helps to extend the life of your desktop computer. Your disk pressure is no longer spinning, the motherboard is not powered, a fan is not running, and your video display units are in standby mode. Provides handy Sleep and Hibernate buttons for guide use when desired. Shows the cutting-edge CPU/Disk/Network utilization percentages for your computer. It is compatible to work with only Windows 7, as well as Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.


9. Insomniate

Insomniate is a highly lightweight application that keeps your PC from going into Sleep/Standby mode. This is exceptionally helpful when you don’t have admittance to change your PC’s energy settings. Insomniate is a single compact executable which implies establishment is not required. It can be effectively expelled from your PC by simply erasing the downloaded record. A helpful capacity of this utility is that it incorporates a clock that permits you to decide for to what extent you need the PC to remain conscious. As it were, you essentially enter the quantity of hours, minutes, and seconds and after that begin the clock and you are finished. You can simply leave the PC to finish its errands while resting guaranteed that it doesn’t enter Standby mode. On the drawback, it doesn’t accompany a scheduler, so you can’t plan it to keep the PC conscious all the time, nor does it permit you to characterize interims. Another clever element of Insomniate is the way that it keeps running out of sight, without disturbing you from work or consuming up room in your taskbar or desktop. When you designed the already specified clock, you can minimize it, and it naturally goes to the framework plate until the time runs out. It doesn’t require a ton of assets, so the chances are that you may even overlook it is a right now running system. With everything taken into account, Insomniate can prove to be useful to all clients who are searching for a basic approach to counteract Sleep and Standby modes when they no longer work on their PCs.


10. NoSleep

NoSleep is a simple, free, and open-source Mac program that makes the closing of your MacBook lid possible without going to sleep mode. It is one of the best alternatives to Caffeine and offers all the same functions. The program is specially designed for those who’d like their computer to stay awake all the time.

You just need to activate it by clicking a menu bar icon or check a tick in the System Preferences and continue downloading the large file and watching movies over the network with the lid closed. The most exciting fact about this program is that it is an open-source solution that means you can change its functions without any limitation.


11. Ginseng

Ginseng is a lightweight computer app for Windows that will preserve your laptop wakeful when it is active. This is useful for the models of computers which have a screensaver policy that locks the computer after intervals of inactivity. Ginseng works similar to Caffeine but uses much less memory via being extraordinarily lightweight and using a distinctive technique of preserving the laptop alive. The software comes in a light-weight package, and can easily be carried around on a thumb drive. With no installation required, it is proper to go from the moment download is finished or done. It indicates up in the tray area, with an easy to pick out icon. Two coloration states are available to tell whether or not it is active or not. Interacting with the image makes it feasible to toggle the core natural state. Impact on the whole system resources is minimum, so it can run except interfering with any other activity. Ginseng comes available for leaving the laptop to deal with a challenge while away, except having to trade the strength plan, or disable the screensaver until the mission is done. Adding its shortcut to the Startup folder hence makes it run with Windows. For the instantaneous launch, a hotkey can additionally be assigned from the shortcut’s properties panel.


12. SleepLess

This application is utilized to keep the PC from going to rest without changing framework settings. Restless can permit or keep the site without moving rest or the lay down with the cover shut, while the show goes to rest or not. Furthermore, you can likewise decide to instantly enter the protected rest mode to save vitality. Moreover, the incorporated rest clock will permit you PC to go to rest after a specific era. On the off chance that you keep your Mac from going to rest, SleepLess consequently dispatches a little catch that dwells on your desktop and permits you to return the setting with a straightforward mouse click. Restless can turn out to be extremely helpful on the off chance that you have to change you vitality sparing settings much of the time to keep you Mac from going to rest amid presentations, or different exercises. Be that as it may, keeping up similar settings all the time can prompt to squandering vitality, or can bring about genuine overheating. Restless helps you to know about your present vitality sparing settings initially, and empowers you to change them simply.


13. Caffe1ne

Caffe1ne is a utility to keep your PC from locking, resting, or actuating screensaver after sit out of gear time dictated by different framework settings. Real impact works by mimicking that you’ve squeezed the SHIFT key once like clockwork. This program does not change sit without moving time settings, what might be helpful on the off chance that you need impact not long time, in light of the fact that in the wake of restarting OS or framework crash there is no alternatives to be spared. This sort of use can prove to be useful when you have to incidentally impair all these previously mentioned control administration capacities; rather than deactivating them each one in turn for a brief time interim, you can utilize Caffe1ne. The clear programming application scarcely utilizes CPU and framework memory, so it is not a worry to the PC’s assets. It has a decent reaction time and didn’t bring about us any issues all through the testing, for example, solidifying, slamming or appearing mistake discoursed. On account of its general straightforwardness, first-time clients may rapidly figure out how to function with this application. On the drawback, Caffe1ne has not been redesigned for quite a while.


14. StayAwake

StayAwake is a lightweight, intuitive, and speedy application you can use to prevent the computer from launching the screensaver or entering sleep mode by controlling it from the systray. There is no setup packed instead, the program packed in a single executable file that can be saved anywhere on the desk or copied to the USB drive to effortlessly run this program on a computer without previous installation.

The program doesn’t need DLLs or any other components to work correctly, nor does it add new entries to the system registry. To eliminate this program to your system, you just need to delete this execution File. StayAwake also introduces a simple system that allows you to create an icon on the system tray and facilities fast access to the options while giving you the possibility to carry on with your typical desktop activity without any interruptions. There is also a list of core features and tools that manage your variety of tasks.

More About Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler is a small size of a software solution designed to simulate small movements of the mouse and prevent screensavers from popping up when you are not in the front of your computer. The service doesn’t require any setup, so you can start using it soon as you download it to your computer.

Also, it doesn’t need any configuration; all you need to do it activate its functions and allow the app to do the rest. The main reason to design the software is that it monitors the mouse movement and detects that it has no used for a while; it moves the cursor back and forth. It is important to note that it does this all without changing the windows focus or rendering the mouse. Unlike most of the computer software, it also allows you to change its setting without any limitation.

Mouse Jiggler Reviews

Graham Tony
written on June 8, 2020

After reviewing the smart interface, I was not impressed because this software was only made to simulate a mouse pad instead of the real mouse, which gave the idea to the system that the user is still there, and it should not set the screensaver on the screen. It is the whole function of the software, and it does not do anything else. In my opinion, this software should come pre-define in the Windows OS.

Heathcliff Maia
written on February 12, 2020

If I am not wrong, this is the best software I have seen, which tricks the computer into thinking that the user is still there. The website is an open-source project archive developed by an organization known as Codeplex. They are providing the software which requires nothing but a .Net Framework to project the mouse, and it is pretty much all it does. And I am happy about it.

Thomas G.
written on December 23, 2019

When you are away from the computer, and you have set an hour until the screensaver appears, this platform will help you not appearing that screensaver and let the background apps work in their rhythm. It means this is a platform that will stimulate your mouse and trick the screensaver in thinking that the user is still logged onto the system, and you will not show the screensaver. It is a small size software, but it saves a lot of time.