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Moviebox is a mobile application that grants you free access to all its recourses. The Movies and The TV Shows are frequently updated, so you do not miss out anything. It runs on various devices including Android, iOS and Windows Phone and you can access it anytime anywhere… read more
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5 Moviebox Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android


1. Hubi

Hubi is a free and fast mobile app for streaming and downloading from the most popular streaming services. It contains hundreds of popular hosters that includes FileBox, 180Upload, MovPod, MovReel, VK, Vodu, and much more to deliver your favorite and latest stuff.

It offers an advanced search option that lets you get your favorite content on any hoster multiple qualities. Some most prominent features of this application are that fast streaming, unlimited download videos, playback clean UI, and story history.


2. MovieTube

MovieTube is an elegantly designed entertainment platform through which you can watch latest movies, TV shows, dramas, and episodes on your phone instantly. MovieTube is a Free Mobile Application where you can watch all the trending content across multiple countries, including Asia, China, Euro, Hong Kong, India United States, and Thailand, etc.

It contains thousands of movies that consist of multiple categories, such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Comedy, Crime, and Sci-Fi. MovieTube also offers an advanced search bar where you can find your favorite stuff by keywords, categories, or country.


3. is a free mobile app that enables you to watch the most beautiful and entertaining movies available on the internet. It is simple and easy to use the application through which you just need to place the name on the search bar or explore the categories to get your content. app offers all the latest and full-length trending videos. The great thing about this app is that it lets you directly share your favorite video on Instagram, Facebook, and all the other social sites.


4. Tv Portal

Tv Portal is a free to use mobile application that allows you to watch thousands of episodes from hundreds of different TV channels. It also allows you to watch and discover new and classic HD movies and enjoy its fast streaming. The application work in a similar manner to the most famous site and you can easily search lots of shows and gain access to the external links in order to watch them outside of the applications. As compared to all the other similar platforms it is quite fast and easy to use the app. Its recommendation system makes it more interesting and easy to use. Tv Portal is free to use the application but offers the upgrade to its premium version that is ad-free and offers more options to watch. The app offers prominent features such as a daily update with new stuff, fast streaming, user-friendly interface, different categories and much more. If you really want to enjoy your episodes on your mobile device then try it out, it is one of the best apps for you.


5. FilmOn

FilmOn is an internet-based television service provider that offers hundreds of free channels, live radio streaming, and free on-demand contents as well as live premium pay television and DVR hour subscriptions in order to watch and record programs in HQ. It licenses more than 600 additional channels with more than 90, 000 video-on-demand titles and its library includes the CineBXand Allied Film libraries. The best thing about this service is that it allows you to create your own live VOD channels and get real-time visitors around the world. The service is available to use on almost all the popular platforms, and you can enjoy its service without any limitation. FilmOn offers two different subscription plans such as Per Month plan and Per Year plans. Both plans offer the same services at different prices. Its core features include more than 600 live quality channels, 90000+ videos, access to broadcast TV channels and ads removal, etc. Overall, FilmOn is one of the best TV service providers as compared to others.

More About Moviebox

Moviebox is a mobile application that grants you free access to all its recourses. The Movies and The TV Shows are frequently updated, so you do not miss out anything. It runs on various devices including Android, iOS and Windows Phone and you can access it anytime anywhere. Just like its official website, the application also has lots of categories such as new, trending, most watch, TV shows and more. Each category on the app also consists of multiple options in order to deliver a complete experience. Moviebox app also has a search bar where you just need to place the name of the movie or TV show to filter and watch. The best thing is that it not require registration, you just need to download and install it into your device, find your favourite stuff and enjoy unlimited streaming. It includes lots of key features such as daily update, different categories, different resolution, watch and download unlimited content, cross-platform, push notification, user-friendly interface and completely free. Try it out, if you get the latest trend.

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