My Movie Manager


My Movie Manager Alternatives for Android

#1 GrieeX


GrieeX is an extensive movie and TV show collection software application that is helping you out to manage and access shows that are present in the archive folder. The software covering all the needs of great enthusiasts and provides expediency of easy to use and understandable interface. GrieeX surfaces every bit of details of the movies and actors from its rich database, so one can quickly find the movie and TV shows. All need to input the movie name and let GrieeX do the rest of the work.

Via using the desktop software, you can export the movie list to the Android devices by making a backup of the list. There are multiple features to offer that include easy to use interface, movie trailers, batch processing, Filter search, dropbox backup, multiple file support, display general information, Metadata support, and more to add. Adding more, GrieeX is a suitable option because of the wide range of advantages, including sharing movies, ranking system support, and up-to-date IMDB information.