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#1 uStart


uStart will provide you a new level of highly personalized start page that you can access from any of your favorite web browsers. After this platform, you will be no more required to go for the RSS feed, bookmark, or visit favorite websites separately. It is just like your own personal internet where you can set what you want to see over the internet.

Let this platform find out about your interest and preferences, and enjoy access to your favorite websites and content over the internet directly. It features various types of search features, emails system, RSS feed system, and much more. Now check what you can add to your own homepage; there are many widgets available in the shape of Google Drive, your daily horoscope, sport, movies, economy information, Twitter account, your stocks, and much more.


#2 YourPort


YourPort is the new way of molding the world of the internet. Now you can use the internet as you want by simply using the personalized homepage system. Using this online homepage, you can arrange and organize your entire favorite web-based data at a centralized platform. After visiting a website, you can move to your homepage created on this platform to access your favorite web-based content. Three main functions included are worth exploring: add bookmarker, add sites, and share tabs.

You can add unlimited ports to your own home page. The exceptional about YourPort is that it requires no account to start with. All you require is to add bookmarks or add sites, and “Port it” button will add that to your own home page. For the simplicity of the users, YourPort supports the various keyboard shortcuts as well. YourPort is one of the best and simplest ways to enjoy the online homepage system for free.

#3 AllMyFaves


AllMyFaves is a personal home page provider for those who want to enjoy visual bookmarking and direct visitors to their favorite website from a centralized platform. It allows you to bookmark and organize all of your favorite website addresses in a smarter visual way and discover them from anywhere. It is one of the best homepage managers for delivering unlimited and ultimate directory and widget for its users. Email videos streaming & sharing platforms, maps, search engines, references websites, news portal, weather, jobs portal, and much more; all are arranged at this central platform.

To start with AllMyFaves, you will be first required to create an account and go to your account settings and create your own home page. Now you are simply required to open a specific page or set of pages to add them to your directory. The best thing here is that you can even set a personal homepage for your kids to educate them with a safe web browsing experience.


#4 Start


Start that is an online bookmark manager that completely reshapes your web browsers’ start page. You can have a personalized homepage where you will get all the important bookmarks right in front of you along with RSS feeds. The best part about this tool is that it is user-friendly, providing an easy navigation interface.

This is a free of cost platform with an ad-free paid version as well, and its online sync feature combines a whole team. In other words, it is a smart method to share important content and websites with all of your team members without going into trouble with file transfer. As for the basic version, all the functions are limited, but for the premium one, you have access to this tool’s complete functionality.

#5 Gritwire


Gritwire is a perfect platform for webmasters or those who uses the world of web regularly. For the information of the readers, Gritwire bends more towards the RSS feed system rather than personalized homepage system. It, however, features some elements of start or homepage internet using system but tends to be based more on the RSS feed. Only one thing is required to start with Gritwire, and that is the creation of a free account to get instant access to all services of the Gritwire. The numbers of widgets are very limited that contains only seven widgets that are SpeedFeeds, QuickLinks, Friends, Wikis, PodCasts, Inbox and Weather. The numbers of widgets are limited because it is not a special start page or personalized home page service but you can still enjoy this for that purpose. When it comes to the RSS feed system, then this platform is surely much featured rich that will allow you to add as many links as you want. You can even configure it as you want. The best above all it is a free service that you can access from your favorite web browsers.


0 is a web-based platform that will hold all of your favorite websites at a centralized platform. It is like an RSS feed and bookmarking system, but it is entirely different from these two most popular time-saving services. It is a homepage service provider where you can set your own world of internet. Using the homepage created by this platform, you can store all of your web links on the main page so that you can access them quickly anytime and anywhere next time.

As deploys the elegant naming structures, you will get a more in-depth analysis of this robust and simple homepage platform. There are many advantages of using this tool, like having your own personalized homepage, you can hold all of your favorite links and other informational data at a central place. Right at the personal dashboard of yours at, you can add new websites, your favorite blogs, forums, and all those things that you regularly visit on the internet.

#7 Dash Dashboards


Dash Dashboards is a different type of homepage system. Instead of delivering the ready-to-use start page or homepage system, it delivers the online dashboard to its users to create their own homepage or dashboard for websites or businesses. It is free to use and develop, dashboard that provides you all those tools and functions that assist you in forming a customizable homepage. After creating the dashboard, you can then manage all of your internet activities from a central platform. You can add any web pages, links, address, widgets, and much more as you want.

Its three main advantages are built, connect and share. In the build section, you will be provided with the tools to create a unique dashboard with an endless freeform canvas. Then comes the connecting section that contains several widgets. You can add widgets that connect to popular services or custom data sources. Then there is another important feature by the name of share that will allow you to share your dashboard with all of its settings with others.

#8 Awesome HQ


Awesome HQ is a homepage based dashboard system for all type of online activities. Awesome HQ is surely the best and perfect one replacement for the traditional way of visiting websites. You can access the online dashboard of Awesome HQ from its official website and either by of extension available for Google Chrome. This platform is the complete solution for all things either it is about custom shortcuts, applications, widgets or anything among them. The best about Awesome HQ is that it will deliver you with the best customizable options so that you can craft your dashboard as you think suitable. The customized interface of Awesome HQ will remain accessible from both mobile and desktop environment. Awesome HQ is the perfect replacement of the iGoogle. Being a cross-platform dashboard, Awesome HQ can be accessed from any old and modern day web browser. However, its extension is currently available for the Google Chrome only. Use Awesome HQ and enjoy the web surfing with a new experience.

#9 Symbaloo


This online platform is a mixture of bookmarking, RSS feed, and an online homepage system. That means on a centralized dashboard of Symbaloo, you are going to play with all these areas of functionalities. Symbaloo is free to use website where you can add as many sites as you can.

There is a proper widget section so that you can get instant access to your favorite addresses over the internet. The free version of Symbaloo comes with limited features and functions. However, it is the Pro version of Symbaloo that will deliver you the best options and access to all of its features.

#10 Combobox


Combobox is a brand new and unique level of homepage system entirely different from the rest of the homepage services while delivering the same services. In order to access the Combobox, you will be first required to enable the JavaScript. The first good quality of Combobox is its main interface where everything is arranged in the order. Each activity at Combobox has its own section. In addition to going with the default setting of each section, you can make changes by adding your own content as well. For the simplicity of the users, the basic options available at the Combobox are notes, site search system, weather widget, calendar, bookmarks, RSS feeds, currency rate exchange and Yandex.Dictionaries. You can even categorise your bookmarks as well to get an instant access next time. The layout of widgets on each tab is also configurable. You can easily configure them from the tab settings area. Every widget available at Combobox has a setting button to set the specific parameters of each section.

#11 Schmedley


Schmedley is little new in the world of personalized web page service. By using this online service, you can easily customize your search page as per your own demand. By having a personal dashboard in the name of the personalized homepage you can customize your search system, adding sticky notes, adding the link to favorite websites for an instant access, access to the almost all services of Google, RSS feed system and much more. In short, Schmedley will work as your own private internet where you can set preferences for what you really want to visit. Instead of visiting your common services separately on your favorite webs browser you can add them in the personalized homepage of Schmedley to access them anytime. The best about Schmedley is that it itself can be accessed from any web browser because of being a cross web browser service. You are not bound to go with the default setting of Schmedley. You can add as many tabs or desktop as you want. The other good thing about Schmedley is its widget library that contains a lot of widgets regarding weather, social media platforms, live sports, stock market position, etc.

#12 iGoogle Portal


iGoogle Portal is an entirely independent personalizing homepage platform. Just after the closure of iGoogle, this platform stepped into the market. Like most homepage-based websites, it also allows its users to personalize their homepage. You will be provided with a highly configurable dashboard where you can enjoy the addition of photos, a news bar, a weather widget, and a lot of informational stuff.

It is like an RSS feed system where you get all your favorite news in one place. However, the main difference is that whatever you regularly search on the internet will become part of this platform. Next time, you can access them from your own personalized homepage dashboard at iGoogle Portal. You can add RSS, add gadgets,s and change themes also. Google Custom Search option is available on the main page to assist you.

#13 iGoogle


iGoogle, formally known as Google Personalized Homepage, was a customizable Ajax-based start page or personal web portal launched by Google back in May 2005. In the simplest words, it is a start page that enables you to have access to different websites, news feeds, and widgets under one roof.

This page includes different webpages that you have already visited or are interested in visiting, RSS feeds, widgets, search bars, and drag and drop as a means to manage stuff conveniently on your pages, and much more. As it has been discontinued, so right now, the Google search engine has replaced it with a bit of change.

#14 igHome


igHome is a personal web-based dashboard allowing you to craft your own web browser and perform searching as you want. For the past many years, it has been working as a good replacement for the iGoogle. The exceptional about it is that you can import data on this platform if you have any iGoogle stored data. There are a complete gadget list and personalized system to make you able to set your dashboard just like as you want.

On the main page, you will be provided with Google Search Bar to do the searching. Dozens of other gadgets are also part of igHome so that you can make necessary changes as per your own requirement. igHome will deliver you a real web searching experience by offering a special type of web-based browsing system.

#15 Protopage


Protopage is an RSS feed-based platform that is now a free personalized start pages system. Its working is still based on the RSS feed and reading system. It will store your favorite site’s link over the internet, sticky notes, bookmarks, and much more. The exception here is that you can share your data and settings with others and enjoy them. Like most personalized homepage providers, it will also offer you a special personal home page.

You can access that start page from any PC, tablet, and even smartphone. From that personal start page, you can monitor the news from your desired sources, headlines, access to your favorite websites, and much more. You can add widgets like stock exchange position, current temperature in your area, notes, the addition of new tabs, and much more. Protopage provides you an option to either keep your homepage public or private. In the public option, you can share your settings and data with other users as well.

#16 Netvibes


Netvibes is a platform that allows you to have full control of your news and information right from a dashboard. You will be given full command and control over your personal homepage through available widgets and options. First of all, this dashboard is measuring your social media and digital media campaign and advertisement performance. You can make the right decisions at the right time by clicking your selected markets, brands, events, topics, and much more.

This dashboard can be used for everything, including social media advertisement management for similar purposes. This personalized dashboard is currently available for personal usage, agencies, and enterprises. Obviously, there will be differences in each user’s services subject to the limitation of his area of work. There will be a proper feed, search, and widget system so that you can get access to as many services as you really want.

My Yahoo Reviews

Arthur Kelly
written on January 7, 2020

It is a Yahoo product, and I want the website to stop showing the ads. It is the biggest search engine next to Google, but it is providing so many irritating ads, and it has made my life a living hell. I recently use this platform with an adblocker, and I was satisfied with the function, but I do not want to add more extensions to my browser. This platform has decided to show popup ads that carry the virus. You are already getting so much traffic why bother with the ads?

written on December 17, 2019

It is one of the most used and biggest giants – Yahoo search engines I have ever seen. Unlike the Yahoo platform itself, it customizes as a homepage system where you will experience a new level of Internet surfing. If you think that it is a product of, you are right. It is a search engine dedicated to providing different types of information to the user. I have to say that all the Yahoo products are interlinked with each other from one platform. You can jump to another without knowing like if you are reviewing weather reports or celebrity news, you can directly jump to a new section and out of the weather platform.

written on November 27, 2019

Weather news, today news is located at the top with headlines, and in the celebrity section, you get the latest gossip going around the entertainment world. You also get location wise weather reports, and right below it, you will get a scoreboard which will tell you what trending games are playing around your continent. It is a whole page with different integrated modules that are top searched and mostly used by professional and normal users. Everyone will search for celebrity gossip everyone will search for today’s update, and news and everyone in the business market will search for the business or stock reports. This module of Yahoo covers everything.

written on November 14, 2019

With the remarkable interface which has done it again, it has provided several modules write on one page that you are directly linked to all the products of The interface is intuitive and gives a fast response to the user. And this is what I like a fast response, limited content, and smart platform. The website has heard my requirements, and they have given me a special dedicated platform to experience a new level of web surfing if you want to get amazed come to this platform.