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Need for Speed: Heat

Need for Speed Heat brought by EA is a Racing, Open World, Single-player and Multiplayer video game. It takes place within the Palm City that is a fictionalized version of the town of Florida and Miami. The proposed map involves diverse geography, including open field and mountainous areas… read more
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6 Need for Speed: Heat Alternatives & Similar Games for iOS


1. Asphalt 8: Airborn

Asphalt 8: Airborn is an immensely Addictive, quite thrilling and Adrenaline pumping Car Racing video game by Gameloft. Initially released for only iOS and Android platforms, the game recently was made available for Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry. With all the fun and thrill that it offers, Asphalt 8: Airborn features HDR rendering for better visuals and all the details during the game-play. Asphalt 8: Airborn offers a similar game-play to its predecessors and another thriller named as GT Racing 2 and lets you enjoy racing of amazingly realistic and challenging race tracks. All the amazing Flips, jumps, opponent dismissals, the ability to disable their vehicles and fast speed adds up a bit more spice to the game and makes it even more addictive as compared to a lot of other games of this specific genre. With realistic race cars, race tracks and destinations, multiple racing events, single and multiplayer support plus the challenging campaigns, Asphalt 8: Airborn offers great visuals, enhanced mechanics and vehicle handling system, super cool visuals and an immersive game-play to enjoy. For all those who haven’t tried it yet, you must try this game an touch the heights of pure entertainment and fun.


2. Burnout Crash

Burnout Crash is a Fabulous, Action, Racing, and Single-player driving video game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. The game provides you with three-game Modes, and six different intersections along with seven different vehicles.

The game offers you fantastic racing gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in top-down experience. You can start your career from zero level experience and can increase it by destroying the environment and vehicles. At the start, the game allows you to select your car and get into the game world where you must destroy everything that comes in front of you to earn cash.


3. Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway is an amazing, Action, Racing, Single-player and Driving video game developed and published by Pixelbite. The game provides you with action-packed gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in top-down experience.

In the game, you can control a car, and your primary task is to escape with your earned loot and face various sorts of difficulties. It consists of sixteen different levels, in which you must avoid and dodge oncoming traffics and rams pursuing car of police.


4. Racing Rivals

Racing Rivals is an Addictive Online Multiplayer Car Racing video game developed and published by Glu. The game is available to play on iOS and Android platforms only. It offers a real-time racing environment and allows the player to play against his friends or another player around the world. The game feature massive amount of unique vehicles and each vehicle of has its own powers. Choose one of them and get on the track to prove himself as best in the world. It offers a verity of modes such as tournaments, Risks your like and Open-world mode, etc. In each mode, the player aims to reach the finish line as far as possible to win the game. After winning the numbers of games, it allows the player to unlock new vehicles and tracks by using his experience points. Racing Rivals also include lots of key features such as multiple environments, unlock new cars, customization options, and upgrades, etc. With superb game setting and control, beautiful visual details and fantastic game mechanics. Racing Rivals is one of the best game for all racing lovers. Try it out.


5. Desert Joyride

Desert Joyride is an Addictive Vehicle-Combat Racing and Single-player video game developed by Ridgeline Mobile. The game takes place the massive wild desert where the player can control a unique vehicle and start his journey against the other vehicles to win the game. The game offers various vehicles each one has its own weapons and appearance. It allows the player to freely move in the game world defeat all the enemy vehicles and try to win the game in order to progress. Desert Joyride also allows the player to use his car and jump on the high mountain, hurtling through the desert valley and climbing on the rocky peak. There are series of racing in the game and each offer more challenging gameplay of the last one. Desert Joyride offer superb game setting, smooth controls, and excellent graphics. Try it out, if you want to enjoy the ultimate racing experience on your mobile device.


6. Split Second

Split Second is Racing, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Black Rock Studio and published by Microsoft Windows. It is an advanced style of racing game where the player can take part in a fictional reality television show that consists of a variety of events. Each event focusing on destructible environments triggered remotely by driver actions called power plays. Throughout the race, the player can create his power play meter by performing stunts including jump and mid-air overtakes etc. Split the Second feature multiple vehicles and each one has its own control, powers and speed and also allows the player to unlock new cars by using his virtual money. One of the most addictive things about this game is that it offers online and offline multiplayer in which the player plays against his friend or other players around the world to test his skills. Split Second also includes core features such as more than 15 different tracks, several modes, dynamic nature, and booster, unlock new tracks, smooth controls and stunning graphics. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this stunning game.

More About Need for Speed: Heat

Need for Speed Heat brought by EA is a Racing, Open World, Single-player and Multiplayer video game. It takes place within the Palm City that is a fictionalized version of the town of Florida and Miami. The proposed map involves diverse geography, including open field and mountainous areas. During the gameplay, the player can switch between day and night and take part in lots of sanctioned race events that reward the player with cash.

The earned money lets the player upgrade and maintains his cars and tracks. The player is capable of becoming a part of multiple illegal street races at night and receives different rewards. There are one hundred and twenty-seven cars, and the player must select one of them to proceed further.

During the game, the player needs to compete in various types of races to take down lots of rival drivers and struggle to reach the finish line first. There is a new social interaction element, named Autolog that offers a network to connect buddies for head-to-head races.

The game enables the player to drift his car and overcome multiple challenging turns while driving a vehicle. Need for Speed Heat offers some vital features, such as Drifting, Superb Controls, Haphazard Roads, Fabulous Visual Details, Interactive Gameplay, Soundtrack, Vehicular Combat field, and more.

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