Netflix Profanity Filter


Netflix Profanity Filter Alternatives for Android

#1 Netflix VR


Netflix VR is an app that allows you to watch Netflix movies and Serials in Virtual Reality. It requires Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, or other compatible headsets to connect with, a VR compatible smartphone to display the content in VR. After you start the home screen, the environment is like you are sitting in a TV lounge with a big screen in front of you. The big screen is immersive and enhances your viewing experience. There are a bunch of movies that support VR and you will have a list to select from. No need for a separate subscription because the standard subscription offers this service.

It has some cons too. The picture on the screen is not as sharp as it should be. This depends on your headset but the quality of the VR app is not on par with the normal video. If you are not nitpicky, you can experiment with it for an immersive experience.