NHL 17


NHL 17 Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Super Blood Hockey


Super Blood Hockey is an Action, Pixel Art, Co-op, Single, and Multiplayer Hockey Simulation created and published by Loren Lemcke. It is an Arcade-style ice hockey game that allows the player to travel back to the time when sports games were all of the action. At the start, the player can customize his lineup and use superior skating, strategy, positioning, and violence to assert his dominance on the ice. The ultimate task of the player creates maximum points in a given amount of time to win the match.

During the gameplay, the player can eliminate the opposing team’s player by hitting the hockey sticks. Be careful because the opponent team also tries to kill his team members. Super Blood Hockey features multiple gameplay modes, lots of upgrades, fast-paced gameplay, and mind-melting chiptune soundtrack, etc. With fantastic pixel art graphics and great mechanics. Super Blood Hockey is one of the best games as compared to the other same genres.